Not long ago I wrote a blog post for Women’s Running talking about running and yoga titled, So You Think You’ll Never Be A Runner

When I wrote the post I hadn’t yet flown during what is becoming my yoga practice.

In trying to do crow I had fallen flat on my face more times than I could count. I believed in my head that I was too weak to do anything that required some sort of upper body strength.

We all have goals right? Or things that we say we want to do, be or become – but saying is easy and doing is not. Doing takes effort, saying does not. We can talk the talk all day long, but until we walk the walk, or run the run, it means nothing. I started running the run.

Crow Pose 2

Throughout this process of learning to “run” my super cool Ashtangi friend has been such an encouragement. Having her tell me that I can make yoga something that is mine, really helps me. Sidenote: I’ve never seen someone bend their back as far back as she can.

You don’t have to be good at yoga to start to practice she tells me. Do people only become runners because they are good at it? NO. You have to start somewhere. 2015 is my somewhere.

One night after an hour of yoga in the basement with quite possibly one of the strangest instructional yoga DVD’s ever, I decided to give crow another try. I was in my bathroom getting ready for bed, when I figured what the heck. Try again. If you fail again, no loss. Only this time, I started floating, and lifted my legs higher and higher. When I sat down in front of my mirror I literally had a grin on my face that would rival the Cheshire Cat. I felt some of that magic I feel at the end of a marathon.

The doubt demons quickly started to whisper in my ear. Did you really just do that? Maybe it was a one time thing. So I tried again and stayed up longer. The thing about those stupid demons it the more I brush them off and prove things to myself, the less they taunt me.

I may have looked like a crow with broken wings, but I was a crow nonetheless.

How did I fly? I stopped being afraid. I stopped thinking I was going to fall forward or topple and I believed that the only thing stopping me from doing it was my mind. I approached it differently than I had before and I have approached it that way ever since and have been able to do it anywhere. In the parking lot before a run {to show my mom}, all alone in my basement, in my backyard {so Chloe can document it for me}. I also stopped being afraid of how it looked, or what judgement someone would place on me if I was excited about something that looked less than perfect.

Learning To Fly

Am I ever going to be a Rebecca Pacheco? Not likely. That’s okay. I love running from the very core of my being but that doesn’t mean I’m ever going to be Shalane either. You don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it or love it.

I hope you do the thing that you think you can’t do. The thing that scares you. The thing that you are no good at. The thing that you are afraid of.

Take the leap and learn to fly.

xoxo Dorothy

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