In 7 days we will be moving – going on an adventure is what we have been telling the kids. I find myself day dreaming all too often of our new house, especially the backyard. There are many things I will miss about where we are now, but I feel like the phrase onward and upward is fitting.

It is OKAY to miss things and also to MOVE ON. The beauty of life is that we all don’t have to like the same people, places, or races.

Here is a peak at where I will be blogging from in a week. I seriously CAN’T WAIT!!!


A friendly reminder you can vote once a day every day! Thank you for taking the time to help me DREAM BIG.


  1. That is beautiful! Love the flowers!

  2. Thank you!! The flowers are my favorite :) Our backyard now has NO flowers at all – so it is going to be a nice change!!!

  3. Those hydrangeas are amazing! I can’t wait to plant some in my front yard. Are you staying with the same geographical area?

  4. What a calming and peaceful backyard! So happy for you:)

  5. Heaven! Your kids are going to love their new adventure!

  6. Beautiful!! Those hydrangea are amazing!

  7. What a gorgeous backyard! All the work of moving will be worth it once you get settled in and can relax in that peaceful environment.

  8. WOW! Love the new backyard. I would have to run before I went out back every day. Otherwise, I might never move from the patio to get a run in! Sounds like a great adventure–enjoy!

  9. LOVE the new backyard! i know y’all will make such good use of that space! the flowers are amazing!!! excited for your new adventure!

  10. all i can focus on is the built-in grill….mmmmm

  11. Your yard looks so amazing – peaceful, beautiful, practical, fun, relaxing!! :) Looks like someone has put some love into it for you!!

  12. This is gorgeous! You guys will be so happy in that garden!

  13. Dot hater says:

    Get a grip woman! You are the biggest tool! HOpe you dont win cover model; that would be horrible! Stupid ugly bitch

  14. Anonymous says:

    If you hate me so much why do you return week after week to harrass me? You have a choice NOT to read my blog if you don’t like me.

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. This backyard looks like vacation!! What a great place to escape! So happy for you!!

  16. Is this really necessary? If this is really bothering you so much, why even reading and commenting on this blog?

  17. Thank you Christine :) Hope you are having a great week!

  18. So exciting Dorothy! What a fun change. I hope it goes so smoothly.

  19. It looks beautiful Dorothy – congrats to you and your family. Good luck with the move!
    Ps: I’m voting every day over here in France! Fingers crossed.

  20. Rene' Whiteley says:

    That is beautiful Dorothy. It looks like a relaxing oasis! I am going to have to be jealous for a few minutes;) As for the hater…..really is that necessary. I don’t want to read those words and I am sure that Dorothy or the other readers don’t either. YUK!!!!

  21. that’s great. we live in a house we really don’t like- so seeing that you found your perfect home is so inspiring

  22. Thank you :) I told my husband our house now is just a house and this new place feels like our home! I can see us living here till we are old :) Have a great weekend!!

  23. Thank you :) :) I’m so so excited!

  24. Thank you for voting :) :) Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  25. Thank you pretty lady!! Congrats on another marathon :) :)

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