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For those of you who love instagram {or are addicted like me}, the post is basically a list of popular running hashtags and why you should use them {to make new friends!}.

Long gone are the days when it was something hush hush if you happened to meet a friend or a significant other online. I have met some of my very best friends through this blog!

My dad even met his wife on and they have been married for 10+ years! The internet is obviously here to stay and so is meeting people online.

Last week I went running with a girl was looking at my pictures and realized I lived in her old hometown. She lives in NYC but was home for the weekend, so we met up. Another friend of mine happened to buy an I Run This Body shirt {new t-shirts, tanks, and long sleeves will be arriving early September for those of you who care ;)} from me and when I went to ship it I realized she lived about a mile away. I emailed and offered to drop off the shirt or told her she was welcome to come pick it up and I would refund the shipping cost. When we got chatting we realized our kids go to the same school and she literally drove past me every morning waiting at the bus stop when she was taking her daughter to school.

The world is small and social media makes it feel even smaller!

All that being said, if you are struggling to find someone to run with or just like chatting with like mind runners and are tired of boring your significant other, family or friends with the details of your run – join instagram and jump in! Who knows who you will meet :)

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