Happy 4th of July from my family to yours! Hope you all are enjoying the day and spending it with people you love.


Thank you to everyone who has been voting for me in the Women’s Running Magazine Cover Model Contest. I seriously feel loved and blessed that so many people have been willing to take the time to vote. I wanted to say an extra special thank you to Pavement Runner who made me the awesome blog slider up on my blog, asking people for their vote!!


  1. we love the PAVEMENT RUNNER huh?
    he’s so so supportive….

  2. Just voted again. You are in the lead! Do they re-start the percentages every day? Or is it cumulative?

  3. Thank you!! It is cumulative over the course of the contest :) Voting ends in August!

  4. Love ya guys right back.. or ladies, or super athletes, or super stroller pusher runners… off to vote!

  5. Your kiddos are so cute. Looks like they did a kids’ run on the 4th?

  6. Thanks Katie!! They did a kids dash and LOVED it. Bonus that the race was free – I find it semi annoying when they charge for races for 5 years olds 😉 Hope you had a happy/fun 4th!

  7. I can leave comments again. For some reason I had some issues the last couple of weeks. I keep voting for you and happy to see you are in the lead!

  8. Thanks for voting Christine! Do you think your comments were going to spam or was it just not letting you comment at all? :) Happy Friday!

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