Saturday’s 13 miler was the type of run that makes you remember each and every reason why you fell in love with running in the first place.

It was not easy and it certainly was not fast but it was beautiful and it was OUTSIDE. After spending what feels like weeks upon weeks on the treadmill it felt great to be outside. Instead of stressing about everything I was missing at home or everything I should be doing, I let go, something I’ve been doing a lot of lately. wod trail 1

The section of the W & OD from Leesburg out to the trails end in Purcellville was icy and snowy in parts. The trees that give shade in the summer also keep the path from getting full sun and melting like the portions from Leesburg towards Falls Church and beyond.

wod trail 3

If you live in this area and have never run on the W&OD from Leesburg out towards Purcellville I highly recommend it. It is worth the drive – though I would wait till it’s green again for your first run. It has less runners and more cyclists and I find that it’s more peaceful than other sections {though there really isn’t a part I don’t love of the trail}.

wod trail 2

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  1. i’ve stayed outside over these past couple weeks of snow, and really really appreciated this weekend’s sunnier, less snowy streets! being out — even in the cold/snow — makes me so much happier than being indoors on a treadmill.
    mary @ minutes per mile recently posted..artistically soggy run and a 30-layer cakeMy Profile

  2. I am new to the area and will definitely give this place a try soon! Thank you for the introduction to new trails to run!
    Jenn@Mark My Miles! recently posted..Maniac Monday #1 (Promo Code included)My Profile

  3. Looks like a great trail! Even with the chill in the air, nothing beats an outdoor run to start the day :)
    Chasing 42 recently posted..My Strength-Training CommitmentMy Profile

  4. Looks beautiful! I haven’t been able to run outside in SO long and I cant’ wait to do it again!
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..Monday Mindless FactsMy Profile

  5. Looks like the trail I ran on yesterday!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..I’ve got the music in me…My Profile

  6. That’s definitely my favorite part of the trail, too; and I always love running under that stone bridge at Clark’s Gap. Loved seeing your pictures. I haven’t been out that way since the summer.
    Debbie @ DebRuns recently posted..Week In Review – Picture VersionMy Profile

  7. I’ve also spent WEEKS on the treadmill and was finally able to run outside on Saturday. I was hoping to do my long run outside yesterday, too, but by the time I was about to go out the door it had started pouring! I can’t wait for spring to be here!
    Lis @ 26.2×2 recently posted..First Week of February Giveaway & Final ZYM ReviewMy Profile

  8. Gorgeous scenery! The dark stone in the bridge looks exactly like the dark stone our house is made from.
    Erik recently posted..Doing stuff to keep me outta trouble :)My Profile

  9. This looks like a lovely place to run. Georgia had a few days of snow a few weeks ago (and the snarled traffic to go with it), but it was not as picturesque as these photos. The sun seemed to keep the major roads visible enough for any ice spots, but its usually the shady areas that are suspicious. A buddy of mine put on his pair of Montrail Bajada trail shoes and ran along the grass to avoid the icy roads altogether – it was a strenuous but strong workout.

    Happy Running,


  10. Ahhh I miss this trail. I used to start in Ashburn and run either towards Leesburg or Reston.
    Christine recently posted..Ch-Ch-Changes – My Career and Life in GeneralMy Profile

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