Before I moved to Leesburg and made my way to the end of the W & OD Trail I was always curious what the end would look like. Here are pictures I took on a run last week!

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The W & OD Trail is 45 miles long, so as you can imagine different parts of the trail are very different. If you live locally and have never made your way to the Leesburg to Purcellville section, I highly recommend it. It is the most shaded section of the trail and is especially nice during the summer when everything is green, and the temperature feels cooler than if you were out baking in the sun. It’s fairly hilly as the W & OD goes but nothing unmanageable.

The pictures below are from last fall.


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At the end of the trail there is a water fountain that is on during the summer and fall, as well as bathrooms that are usually open year round. The one time the bathroom was closed I went to the local cycling shop and they were very nice and let me use their restroom! If you need to tack on some extra miles at the end, I’ve headed right down the hill and ran around in some local neighborhoods. If you head left into town you have to mostly run on sidewalks, but it is fun to see the town on foot if you have never been there.

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