Today is Day 13 of Whole 30 and I will admit I “cheated” by weighing myself.

I 100% understand why you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself during this program. Day 1 you take photos, measurements, and weigh yourself and you aren’t supposed to do it again for remainder of the 30 days.

BUT….this morning I felt like things were sort of shifting in a positive direction, so it wouldn’t hurt to give myself a little extra motivation by seeing a lower number on the scale…..because surely there was NO WAY the number was going to be higher.

Scales lie. I know this already.

I wanted mine to speak the truth to me this morning.

It didn’t.


I’m up 2 lbs. Okay YES 2 pounds is nothing, but when you are impatient you don’t like seeing the numbers go in a direction you don’t want them to. It’s unlikely the 2 pounds are solid body fat. They are more likely water retention or something of the sort…..which is exactly why they say NOT to weigh yourself when doing Whole 30. Scales don’t tell the whole story.

This article 5 Reasons To Break Up With Your Scale – is a good read.

As I looked in the mirror after my treadmill run, I thought to myself it was REALLY stupid to let a number in any way, shape or form affect how I feel about myself today.

I looked again at myself in a more positive light and I noticed a change. A change only I would notice, but a change nonetheless.

I’ve been working on my rear. HA. That sounds hilarious to type out, but seriously from behind I looked like SpongeBob SquarePants. I was reminded of this yesterday when I was uploading some pictures for a post. While I don’t need to look like Kim K from behind {I’m not trying to break the internet or anything}, I did decide last year I wouldn’t mind if I was a little more shapely in that area……so I started to work on it.


I haven’t really noticed a difference….until today.


Spongbob 2


With each passing day I learn that if I focus on all the things I don’t like, whether those things are about my body, or about life, or about other people – I’m going to only see those things. I have to change my perspective to only focus on the positive. Like most things, I guess that’s part of growing up…..


Doing Whole 30? How is it going? Have you cheated and weighed yourself?


  1. I got rid of our scale. It’s too easy for me to focus on the number. It sounds like you’re doing great!!!

  2. I have yet to break free from my scale completely (mean totally get rid of it)…although I have very seriously considered it. But I am way better than I used to be about letting the number affect me. The truth is that I am about 10-15 pounds heavier than I was not too very long ago (before I started running races), but the other truth is that I am stronger and healthier…and that is way more important than that number :)…the number means NOTHING, remind yourself of that and so will I!

  3. I’m not doing Whole30 precisely but I’m back (day 2) on a paleo/whole30 type plan after 2 weeks of post-race/season and holiday indulgence where I included GF grain, dairy and many sweet treats in my diet. I’ve covered my scale with a towel and am fighting myself not to get on it. I really want the number for some reason (maybe b/c my hubs says he doesn’t think I’ve gained as much as I think, or to have a starting point) but I think/know that the water gain alone (never mind the fat gain) the scale would show would likely send me into a spiral of self-loathing, depression and anger that would get me nowhere. I’d do the same things no matter what the scale says (back on plan, severely limiting calories) and I’d only risk going way too low on calories in an effort to make the number move. It took me a while and very disciplined eating and training to get to numbers I liked AND where I performed well at my races and training, and I’m quite afraid I’ve blown 2 years of hard work with 2 weeks of eating. It’s really hard, especially now being in Boston training. I need to fuel my training, which will ramp up, and my recovery, but I need to get to racing weight also.

    Good luck to us all!

  4. Good for you for changing your perspective and focusing on the positive!! I cheated over the weekend and weighed myself – down 3.5 pounds – only to cheat again and step on my scale this morning to have it moved up 1 pound… guess it’s progress, but I really need to break up with my scale! I think I might put it away for the remained of the Whole 30! I’m on day 9 and feeling pretty great! :)

  5. I stopped weighing myself over a year ago, I got tired of this fixation that I had on the number. This year I want to see the difference in the measurements of my body. I am working on toning up.

  6. yes, perspective is so important!

  7. I stopped weighing myself when I was eating paleo. But I have gone back to eating non paleo. After seeing the number go up at a recent dr apt. I’ve decided to weigh weekly so I can catch it before it gets too high. I too let the number ruin or make my day. Right or wrong. Good luck…ur doing great on the whole 30!!

  8. Krystin C. says:

    I so so so agree. I hardly ever (maybe twice a year) weigh myself. It puts me in a bad place in life, in running, in being a good mom! I have to ignore it and go with how I feel. Glad that your workouts have helped with your “rear”. :) PS if you need any I gotta a little extra back there you can have! ha ha!

  9. I have a really unhealthy relationship with scales and while we still have one, I haven’t stepped on it for probably 2 years. I let that # hold way too much power over me. I don’t even let the nurse at the doctor tell me the #. I’m healthy, I fit in my clothes, and (for the most part) like how I look in the mirror and that’s really all that matters.

  10. I am on day 9 of my 3rd Whole30 (the 2nd one wasn’t very successful). Before I started day one, I made a point of not weighing myself, because I thought that if I didn’t know the number I started on, I wouldn’t be tempted to weigh myself during the Whole30 to compare. Instead, I’ve been noticing that my “puffiness” has really decreased and my gut feels sooo much better. No more bloating and generally feeling yucky. I am still waiting for energy levels to get better–especially during workouts. Overall, I am trying to focus on how I feel and how my clothes are fitting. I know that sometimes during the second week people can feel bloated, but I haven’t encountered this yet.

  11. I usually only weigh myself during “monster month” of marathon training, mainly to monitor fluid intake and loss. Started Whole 30 on New Years Eve and while I have had some “come to Jesus” (and let him take me to Taco Bell) been doing well. Had a treadmill run at the packed gym the other night and I thought something was wrong with the treadmill as it was seeming more effortless than previous sessions. So a little victory :) I do wonder if hormones and birth control can affect weight loss in younger people. I have never used anything hormonal and have sailed through menopause without anything. Never had big problems when needing to lose weight and certainly not genetically blessed with a high metabolism. Any thoughts or research on this you may know of?

  12. I don’t even own a scale! Never have! I usually have no idea how much I weigh unless I’m at the doctor. As long as I feel good and my clothes fit I know I’m doing all right :) I think women especially experience more weight fluctuations (even at various times of the month) so I don’t think it’s really that helpful to check the scale every day. I do understand people who are trying to lose weight definitely need to track their numbers but for most active, healthy, fit people I don’t think it has much use.

  13. Not doing whole 30, but I went from blissful holiday ignorance to reality crashing down last week. Sucks, because it changes my whole mood (not just the scale but my clothes feeling tight, etc). I know I’m the only one who notices but it doesn’t make a difference when I feel so BLEH right now about my shrunken clothes!

    However, I know now from experience it takes me about 3-4 weeks to see changes. It’s only been about 1. I’m trying to be patient and take it as data, and a starting place, not as something to get upset over. 😛

  14. I was truly just about to weigh myself (day 9 of whole 30) and I’m so glad I read this because now I’m not going to weigh myself! So tempting, though.

  15. I’m not doing any diet because I fail miserably at that stuff. I am up 5 lbs from what I was before MCM. I know I’m not overweight and I know it’s silly to be worried about 5 lbs but its driving me nuts. I weigh everyday and I wish I could stop worrying about that # cuz again I don’t think I’m overweight. I think I weigh because I don’t want it to ever get higher again. Thanks for the article, I’ll be reading it momentarily. :)

  16. We’re on day 28 of Whole 30 and I did weigh myself about a week ago. I also was disappointed but I think it’s because I just FEEL so different. After that I haven’t touched the scale once! As long as my pants fit better (they do) then I don’t care what the scale says!

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