As of today I’m down 7 pounds, which is half a pound less than yesterday. I am working on cutting out all the extra salt I use, and I credit that to the .5 drop in one day. Water weight.

Here is a before picture from this summer.

Some of you may look at this picture and see nothing wrong with it, I see a girl who doesn’t look like me. I see a girl smiling on the outside, but not on the inside. I turned in this picture and hugged Eric tight in an attempt to hide half my body from the camera.

Weight Gain

It has not been an easy road back but it’s my road, and one worth traveling. I hope that by sharing my struggles with weight and by being transparent I can help someone else.

The girl in this mirror is one who has worked hard to lose 7lbs of the physical weight, in a healthy and sustainable way. A girl who is working even harder to get back to a place where she is happy with the person she is.

Weight Loss

So that’s that.

7 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot but it is when you are 5 foot 5 and you are losing fat and gaining muscle. I may want to see the number drop on the scale – but I’m more concerned with the shape my body takes than dropping all 15 of the pounds I gained.

It’s sad and crazy to me that at one point in the past 8 years I was 18 pounds less than I am now. I can remember thinking gosh, if I could only lose this baby weight. I’m glad I’m no longer think it’s about the number on the scale because I certainly do not need to lose 18 pounds.

I’m a fan of having a scale, but only if you are not a slave to it.

Tomorrow I’ll chat about some of the changes I’ve made. Hint: it’s not eat less and run more, that’s not sustainable long term. I want long term, not get in shape for a little bit because I have an event coming up. I want forever results, and forever results require commitment and work.


  1. Colleen D. says:

    Thank you for this post. As a mom of 4 I am having trouble losing 20 lbs of baby weight. As a mom of 3, I was 5’5 at 115 and a 3:14 marathoner and 1:30 half-marathoner. Being a mom of 4 is a blessing. Trying to find the time to run is even more of a challenge. At 6 months postpartum, ready to shed some pregnancy weight and get back into running again. Thanks again for your insightfulness.

  2. you look great. so true about not being a slave to the scale!

  3. Thank you Kristin!

  4. Hey Colleen – I don’t know your whole story but here is something that helps me. Comparing myself to who I was before I had kids. I lost a lot of weight after each baby because I was training for marathons and nursing at the same time, so I got lower than I even was in highschool – which is probably a weight that my body did not want to be at or a number that was sustainable long term – so it’s not a good bench mark. It was much harder for me losing the extra pounds after the 3rd baby so I can only imagine it’s even harder after the 4th. 6 months is still early so even though you are having trouble now, don’t be hard on yourself! Being a mommy is hard :)

  5. Love your transparency in a world that hides struggle and puts on a front. I’ve gained about 25 lbs within the past 5 years (from 25 to 30 yrs old); granted, my low weight wasn’t necessarily a healthy place for me. I would like to lose 15 and be healthy and happy where I am! Stress and opening a business with my husband played roles in the gain — now I want to lose before having babies. Too much to work for? We will see!

  6. Krystin C. says:

    As always, thank you for sharing. I am sure most of us mommas can relate to looking at a picture and thinking ugh ok take one more, look down, turn sideways. Its hard to love the bodies we all have but this helps us all learn to try! We all need to love ourselves a little more and work hard to make the changes we want to see, which does not mean eating less and working out more! XoXo

  7. You are definitely someone for other runners to look up to, because you don’t look emaciated, but a good kind of healthy. I have always had a small frame and marathon training always keeps me on the low end of what I should weigh. Now that my fall marathon has been completed, I hope to put on a few pounds and get back to a comfortable weight

  8. You look great!! I don’t keep a scale, because it’s too easy for me to focus on the number. I just go by the way my clothes fit and how I feel when I run:)

  9. Totally get this! I do have to say I really like the picture of you and Eric but I still get it with these extra few pounds of baby weight I’m trying to lose. I’m trying to let my pants be the guide but I feel like I’m rotating the same pants and I really only had one pair of shorts post baby to wear so lots of repeat outfits.
    Sounds like you are on the right track :)

  10. I admire you for being so transparent! I recently lost 7lbs and 2% body fat- it’s made a HUGE difference in how I look. I’m hoping that it will also help my running performance.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes all you need is to know you’re not alone. I’ve been trying to cut out extra salt and sugar myself to lose about 5-10 pounds that “somehow” crept onto my 5’7″ frame. People tell me I don’t need it but it’s exhausting to lie to yourself that it’s because of stress at work or post-marathon “train gain” or that I really am doing the best I can with my food choices when I know deep down I can do better. Can’t wait to hear what you did to lose 7…I need some new tips!

  12. You look amazin and very fit. no shame to say you feel better now.

  13. You look beautiful, as always! Keep smiling :) :) xoxo

  14. I can totally relate. I didn’t necessarily diet, but started FOCUSING on what I was putting in my mouth instead of aimlessly eating, and shed 8 lbs over a few weeks myself. On a small frame, 8 lbs makes a MASSIVE difference, I feel so much better! Congrats to you!

  15. I’d like to lose a few lbs. 7 sounds like a good #, but I’m not in a rush. I got married a year and a half ago and dropped something like 60 lbs to look my best on my wedding day, and I looked great, but I wasn’t at a weight I could maintain without being super strict and I didn’t like that. So I let myself gain a few lbs. and I let myself be okay with that. Working towards finding better balance and prioritizing running more and the weight will come off, in time.

  16. Thank you for sharing this. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that goes through this. Most people can’t relate to a weight struggle and the effect it can have on you as a whole, unless you’re morbidly obese, so it’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way from time to time. I have been working hard to eat healthier and be more active to slim down and it’s been working. I’m interested to read your tips, because I would like this to be a forever change.

  17. Boy can I relate to this. I’m 5’2″ and when I put on 10 lbs last winter people started asking if I was pregnant.

  18. Andrea Barber says:

    Dang it! It didn’t post my whole comment! What I meant to say is this… I’m 5’2″ and when I put on 10 lbs. last winter people started asking if I was pregnant. Being in the public eye, this was especially depressing. Some of it was poor eating choices, and part of it was a medication that made me gain weight. My clothes didn’t fit right, my running pace slowed and became more labored. I HATED feeling like I wasn’t in control of my own body.

    This is why I love your shirts so much. I took back control of my own body – I make better eating choices now and I’m no longer on that medication. My running has improved. My overall mental and physical health has improved. *I* run this body. Not a craving, not a pill, not a scale…but ME. Your shirt is a lot more than a cute addition to my wardrobe – it’s a life mantra.

    P.S. You look beautiful at any weight.

  19. Dorothy, your honesty the past couple of days has been so refreshing, (and not easy to do, I’m sure!) You are beautiful in both of these photos. Your husband and your children love and adore you at either of these weights – and any in between. I COMPLETELY understand the internal struggle. Thank you for sharing your story.

    (You’re not alone. At the insistence of my OB I had an IUD put in last January. I gained 12 lbs. in TWO MONTHS! When they refused to remove it I took matters into my own hands and removed it myself. It’s been eight months and I’m still battling the last few pounds. I understand how disheartening it is, but know you’re not along in this struggle. Sending hugs and prayers for strength and inner peace! – Lisa)

  20. Looking good friend-interested to see what you have been up to.

  21. You look great in both pictures!

    I look forward to the next post on what worked for you. I’m 6 months PP and I still have 7 lbs to lose (plus another 10 after that). I seem to be in a plateau and I want out!

  22. I am starting Sunday on a new workout and food regimen. Running is no longer cutting it and now I am just maintaining or doing the yo-yo number. I am going to cut out all salt myself and add more protein and a more clean diet. Hopefully I can see results on my body. Thank you for this post.

  23. Thank you for sharing this!
    I’ve gained some weight over the past year, having dealt with injuries and continuing to eat like I was still training for a marathon. I can totally relate to not feeling like yourself even if your body looks normal to everyone else. I’m struggling to lose the extra fluff, especially now that I’m in a boot for a stress fracture. Looking forward to your follow up post!

  24. Like everyone else, I appreciate the honesty in this post. 2014 had been a pretty crappy year for me, and I found myself 10 lbs heavier than I’ve ever been. After 3 kids, I had always been able to maintain my weight after pregnancies, but now that on the other side of the 30’s, my body doesn’t respond the way it used. I’ve always been called “the skinny one” in my circle, and now I’m not that person anymore. It’s hard to let go the idea of our “old” selves. I’ve probably been able to lose about half the weight fr more regular exercise and a conscious diet, but it hasn’t been easy and I’m not quiet happy with my body yet. But I’m working on it. Both the body and mind.

  25. I appreciate your honesty, transparency, etc., etc., but it makes me kind of sad (mad, even) that your weight is something you need to explain. However, I completely get what you mean about your body feeling off when your weight is off. I hope posts like this will encourage solidarity (we’re all fighting battles with ourselves), and I also hope people who are judging you for YOUR OWN BODY will shut the f* up. You’re a cool lady and such an inspiration. :) xo.

  26. Awesome post! I’m glad you’re doing it in a sustained way (of course you look gorgeous both before and after!) I find, despite how much training i do, having a desk job that gives me free lunches really makes it difficult to keep weight off :(

  27. This hits so close to home. I’m almost three weeks postpartum with my 5th. My last pregnancy was twins and they are 4.5. I was my lowest weight ever, a year after I had them. I nursed them for 15 months, so I attribute that to running & nursing. I’m back to the gym, cross training & lifting weights (no running yet). The hardest part this time around is fitting in the time to workout. It’s always a priority with me. I have always had body image issues. Not bulimic or anorexic, but I plan my life around when I can exercise & run and I always watch what I eat. It’s such a mental challenge. I’m 39 now, and I know it’s going to be much harder to shed the weight this time around. I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow:)!!

  28. Congrats on the 7 lb loss! I am excited to read about the healthy way that you lost the weight.

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