Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon 2014 did not disappoint. In fact, 2014 proved to be bigger and better than 2013 and 2012!


This year was crazier schedule wise for me than the previous two years. This year I had the honor of being one of the guest speakers at the expo. I honestly have a hard time putting in to words what speaking meant to me, so I won’t. It was cool and a dream come true and we will leave it at that.


I was happy to have Danny {} helping facilitate the question and answer part of the clinic!


Once Eric and I got to Vegas Friday, it was straight to the hotel to drop our bags. We headed to the expo, and after a minor – where the heck is the expo – snafu – we made it there with no time to spare. I hung out in the Mazda booth and chatted it up for a couple of hours and then tried to calm the butterflies in my stomach before my 30 minute expo clinic.


blurry BUT this girl ran her 1st marathon at Vegas this year!! YAY :)

After I spoke, we headed back to the hotel to rush to get ready for the VIP party.


The VIP party was better than ever. This year Aloe Blacc was the musical guest. The party is held at Hyde at the Bellagio, if you have ever been there you can attest to the fact that it’s not a huge place. It felt like a small private concert. It was awesome and I’m pretty sure I acted like a 14 year old fan girl. My smile was pretty much out of control the entire night. 2580

Vegas VIP Party Large Pic

Eric and I accidentally made a good decision and did NOT go out to clubs with everyone after the party was winding down. By the time we made it back to the hotel I had already been up for 25 hours. It was a fantastic night and I would do it all over again if I could.


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Saturday we again headed to the expo. I spent some time in the Mazda booth before giving my expo clinic. The clinic went well, or so Eric told me. He usually tells me when I messed something up or could improve, so I will trust him that it went well.


Sunday I had a breakfast with people from Competitor and Mazda at 11:30. It wasn’t exactly what I would have chosen to do before running a marathon, but I’m learning to be more easy going and it’s working for me. The food was fantastic, and the company was even better. I had been told we were having sushi and it was a pleasant surprise that we didn’t. Love sushi – but not before running for 4 hours.

The pre-race concert and VIP area sponsored by Patron Roca, were beyond awesome {feel free to count how many times I say awesome in this post, really there is no other word for the entire weekend so I will abuse it}.

The entire weekend was the best. Hopefully the pictures do it justice. If you are thinking about running this race, DO IT.

2657 2664 2654 2648 2646 2641 2713

I was completely calm about the marathon, up until an hour before the start time. I had a chest cold {or something of the sort?!? and yes I should have gone to a doctor but the one and only time I ran a marathon on antibiotics is the one and only time I have had to be convinced not to walk off mid race} and though I knew I would be running an typically easier for me pace {I was using RNR Vegas as a long run before RNR San Antonio & Honolulu Marathon with my Saucony #26strong cadet}, I started to freak that the wind, combined with the lower than normal for Vegas temperature would turn this race in to a suffer-fest and I wouldn’t finish. I didn’t want to overdress, sweat too much and then catch a chill as the race cooled down, but I also didn’t want to freeze. My mom talked me off a ledge from running with a jacket on, and I asked her to say a prayer that I would finish. Seems silly now but I really started to panic that I didn’t have 26.2 miles in me.

My mind has been calmer lately. I can say I’m in a good place and really mean it.

I have never understood how people could run a marathon and not have this epic battle in their mind. How could they run and not have these amazing highs and these crazy soul searching lows. Turns out when your mind is a bit more normal, you can run a marathon and it can just be a marathon.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get my Timex to beep and vibrate each mile {and yes I searched online and had a twitter friend helping me}. It randomly stopped doing it one day and I haven’t been able to get it back. It didn’t matter until that day because for the most part I’ve been carrying my phone and logging my runs on It just meant that I didn’t know my split pace per mile which probably was a good thing, or I may have pushed it harder in the beginning and hit a wall at the end and had an overall crappy race.

I decided to push when I felt good and to back off when I didn’t feel good. I ran the race exactly how I run my long runs.

The time on my watch is a little screwed up at the end because it looses signal when I go under bridges {it’s an older watch and probably needs a software update}. I stopped at port-o-pottys and walked through most of the water stops from mile 10 or so on when my legs started to feel tired. In previous marathons I would have freaked and overanalyzed how I felt. Instead it was simply, it’s been a long weekend, your legs are tired, move on, keep running.

  • mile 1: 8:29
  • mile 2: 7:58
  • mile 3: 7:56
  • mile 4: 7:48
  • mile 5: 7:41
  • mile 6: 7:58
  • mile 7: 7:46
  • mile 8: 7:44
  • mile 9: 7:37
  • mile 10: 9:12
  • mile 11: 8:43
  • mile 12: 7:59
  • mile 13: 8:02
  • mile 14: 8:32
  • mile 15: 8:07
  • mile 16: 9:22
  • mile 17: 8:18
  • mile 18: 7:58
  • mile 19: 8:09
  • mile 20: 8:44
  • mile 21: 8:28
  • mile 22: 9:11
  • mile 23: 9:26
  • mile 24: 9:17
  • mile 25: 9:13
  • mile 26: 9:03
  • Finish time: 3:38:58 – 8:22 average – 48th female out of 1,277

I’m really proud of this run. I needed to get out of my head for a marathon and just run. I’m tired of overanalyzing every detail of my life during marathons. Now I fully get how people can run a marathon and it’s just a marathon. It was the marathon I needed to run for ME.

Vegas Running 4

I was worried about the weather, but honestly the temperature turned out to be next to perfect. At one point I was even wishing I hadn’t worn a beanie because my hair was drenched in sweat. The race was a little windy, but no windier than it has been in past years. The course wasn’t as dark and there was more music, as well as more light experiences to run through. I really would love to race-race this race, but at the same time, there is too much fun to be had in Vegas to ever make this a target marathon. That being said, it is one of my absolute favorites and I hope to run it every year.

Vegas Running 8

Running makes me happy and the more I run the more I realize this is what I need out of running. It fills me up when I “run happy”. Don’t get me wrong, it felt awesome last year placing in the top 10 and having a fast for me time, but I’d venture to say that this marathon was more fulfilling because I just ran. There was no mental math, there was no wanting to quit, there was no epic battle, there was no worrying what anyone else around me was running, it was me – JUST F*CKING RUNNING and I loved that.



An 8 for marathon #28. Eric said the picture made no sense. HA. It made sense to me and that’s what matters.


Post race Eric and I hung out at the VIP party at Serendipity till it was pretty much Andrea, Sean and I left not wanting to hobble back in the freezing cold. Thankfully Dan Cruz, the Competitor PR guy, came to pick up Andrea and Sean because they truly are VIPs and Eric and I got to tag along. The ride back to the hotel was epic {that may be the first time I’ve used that word on this blog.ever.}. Both of them are the nicest of people and I feel like Andrea and I were friends in another life, if I believed in such things :) Giving her a giant hug before the race was one of the highlights of the day.


Back at the Wynn. Chatting about all the races we want to run.


Marathons are the absolute best when you <3 the people you are with.


Monday Eric and I went to the Wynn/Encore Buffet because it’s totally ok to stuff your face after a marathon right? Then I did a little retail therapy on my own {which was basically me buying gifts for my kids because I’m a total mom}. We had a 6am flight Tuesday so we pretty much didn’t sleep the night before, when in Vegas…..

2626 2625 2620 2584 2701 2697

Did you run Rock N Roll Vegas? Thoughts?

I don’t blog on Mile Posts daily, but you can find me on instagram oversharing pictures of my running and fitness journey…



Disclaimer: I ran Rock N Roll Vegas as part of a partnership with Rock N Roll and Mazda – you can read about the partnership here


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  1. I was hoping you’d post your recap. It sounds like you’ve rediscovered that *feeling* that running gives you—and I love that as a runner, this is something that we do over and over again. :) Huzzah!

    I too, ran RnR Vegas and decided last minute to bump up to the full rather than the half. It was so awesome, the out and and back hybrid course really allows you to shut your brain off for the last 10 miles and just coast home. Hills and all. It was a bonus for me that the temps were so chilly as I’m a midwestern girl and am wistful about fall running temps. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This race always looks like so much fun! It’s definitely on my to-do list.

  3. I grinned like a fool reading this entire recap. : ) So so so SO FUN!! A highlight for me was definitely FINALLY meeting you and getting to hang out, even if it was too brief. Let’s do it again! XO

  4. Aww, I just read this and–wow. Just what I needed! As always, so inspiring. I just want to f*cking run! Yes! At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about. Being present and enjoying it. You are such a rockstar! Thank you for your words and your story.


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