If you are like me – starting ten days out from a marathon you start to stalk weather.com. Instead of stalking the weather this weekend I’ve been getting my information direct from the source!

Today’s “guest” on Mile Posts is….. alexliggitt

The Running Weatherman aka Alex Liggitt of ABC 7 in DC — Here is his weather forecast for the races on Sunday!!


Sunday, November 17 – 4:30pm – Las Vegas, NV

Mostly Clear and Comfortable

High: 63   Sunset: 4:31pm

3PM 5PM 7PM 9PM 11PM
63 60 57 55 52

Wednesday Update

Forecast Grade: B+

Confidence Level: 80%

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Sunday will feature a few clouds as an area of low pressure departs the area  through the day. Conditions will be great for the race Sunday afternoon and  evening as temperatures start out in the lower 60s and drop into the 50s  throughout the race. Winds could be a little breezy at times but at this point I  would only expect an occasional breeze to 15 mph.

There is now more consistency in the models, which is great as no rain is  expected and temperatures will be comfortable. The biggest question will still  be the winds but for now they just look like they will be breezy at times.


You can find him on his blog at http://www.runningweatherman.com/ or on twitter at https://twitter.com/runningwxman/


If you are running one of the Rock N Roll races this weekend in Vegas be sure to hashtag any social media pictures you post with #stripatnight


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