Youth is wasted on the young.

I’ve heard this before many times but when my grandmother said it to me this morning it really stuck. I have been DEAD tired lately. I don’t know if it’s my body catching up from a year of sleepless nights or if it’s running in the heat in the morning pushing two kids in the stroller or if this is just simply what it feels like to be the mom of two kids under 3? All I know is that no matter how many cups of coffee I down a day I still feel like I’m running on empty and look forward to when I go to sleep at night. Am I wishing my life away? I hope not – even though it sure feels like that sometimes?.

A woman stopped me in a store today. She is a preschool teacher and the mother of two teen boys – one of whom just got his drivers license yesterday. She lamented that she missed her preschool students and that she longs for the days when her children were the age of my children. My immediate thought is that this woman MUST be insane. Why would anyone want to be dealing with what I am dealing with now? Does she not see my children grabbing anything and everything they can get their hands on and either throwing it in the cart, on the floor or at each other?? She must have noticed my eye roll and said at least at this age they are in your sight at all times – you do not worry about them as much because they are with you 24/7 – they need you for everything. Ummm yeah lady they NEED me for EVERYTHING. It was in that moment that I realized how right my grandmother was. Being young and physically capable of taking care of two other humans – being able to push almost 100 lbs every day for miles is something that I should not take for granite. I should not wish the time away. In a couple of short years I’m sure my children will be too large to push on runs – yet too little to go running with me(this is assuming they will even want to be runners). What then will I do? Probably stop some over tired mom and tell her that she is blessed – that little kids are the best – that I wish mine were still young?!

I make a promise in this moment to not let my youth be wasted. To stop and smell the flowers once in a while and to not be in such a hurry in life. To remember that running and life are not about the destination but about the journey along the way. To occasionally try to remember that even though life is hard with little kids I am blessed to have them. Blessed to be able to show them the sport I love so much first hand!

That all being said I did not run this morning because I was so tired(despite getting 9 hours of sleep) and was hoping for another cool dark day. No such luck – it’s hot as heck and I am trying to keep up my motivation so I can push myself to get out the door tonight once the kids are in bed.


  1. Karen and Kevin says:

    We forget that one day (soon) those little kids will be in some sort of school, and if we're lucky enough to be at home or have flexible work schedules we can run sans kids at another time than o-dark thirty! You're a great mom :)

  2. runnerinsight says:

    Youre doing great! : ) Just believe in yourself!

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