As if this week/month/year couldn’t get any better….

Guess whose name is on the main page of ???

Oh and what makes it even cooler? My good friend is on there too!

We LOVE Marathons

I haven’t yet mentioned that not only did I come first with a PR BUT my friend [and mommy of Miles’s best friend] came in 2nd with a PR also!! YAY for running mommies!!!

Thank you for everyone who has been voting today!! I’ve moved into fourth place in Fitness Magazines Best Running Blog. I STILL need about a 230498230498 more votes – so if you have 2 minutes I’d REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU FOREVER if you voted for me!


  1. Print that out and frame that sucker!!! You’re awesome, Dorothy :)

  2. I hope they update the snippet on Fitness and say “dropped her time down to a 3:11”!!!

  3. What are you wearing… used books for sale? Interested in learning how people stay warm before a cold-morning start. That shirt looks awesome!

  4. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    I’m wearing an old t-shirt I didn’t care about! I have a short sleeve underneath it as well. I slit the top and the bottom so I can literally rip off the shirt right before the start or even during the first couple of miles. Whenever I have a shirt/sweatshirt/etc I don’t like I throw it into a bin labelled as throw away clothes and I use them to keep warm before races!

  5. What do they do with throw away clothes? Are they donated to charity? If so, I think that’s awesome. Then I wouldn’t mind doing that so much. But I’ve never seen anything like that here in Europe. @ Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal:

  6. @ Maureen @ Go Iron Mo:
    I was just about to say the same thing!! 3:11 woot woot!! Go Dorothy!

  7. What an awesome accomplishment and super speedy time… and super inspiring story. Keep improving; I can’t wait to read about how fast you get!
    I think I have a similar running improvement “story” and HOPE that my training will pay off and I can get as fast as you in 2012 :) You help inspire me to push myself, THANK YOU!

  8. Michelle says:

    CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! You are amazing and all of the hard work totally paid off! You can do anything you put your heart to. How many people can say they won 2 marathons??? And how many people can say they are friends with someone who has won 2 marathons???? hahah Total Bragging Rights my dear friend :-)

  9. Mollyberries says:

    I hope you printed that off and framed it! You are amazing!

  10. Totally Awesome!! That’s really cool you and your friend got 1st and 2nd!! Yay for running mamas!!

    I also tried to vote but for some reason everytime I go to “log in” it says it has an unknown error and then I log in at the top of the page but then it says that I can’t vote till March 1st…it’s past March 1st! So I don’t know, sorry :( I tried

  11. That’s so awesome! Congrats! Inpirational moms rock.

  12. How fun! So neat to see yours AND a friend’s name on there…love that. 😀

  13. You are definitely celebrity status now!

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