Wanted to share a fun giveaway with you all!!

Believe I Am Butterfly

Believe I Am is offering you the opportunity to win one of their Believe I Am butterfly necklaces. A couple of months ago I ordered one for myself after lusting over it for awhile. I literally wear it every other day and it’s become an important reminder to me to BELIEVE I AM…..whatever I need to believe on that day.

BIA Butterfly 2

Yesterday my littles were making me more than a little crazy. I think they like to gang up on me sometimes in some sort of make-mommy-insane type of game. Coffee, a smile and wearing my necklace were just what I needed to remind myself that I am doing the best I can as a mother and that some days are going to be smoother than others.

If you follow my adventures along on instagram you may notice that the BIA butterfly often appears in my pictures!

BIA Butterfly 3

Here is how you can win – visit the BIA blog here — http://www.believeiam.com/blogs/biablog/8252291-lean-in-to-win

Rules to enter: {must comment on BIA blog – not Mile Posts}

  • Name one fear you want to overcome or have already overcome in the comments below.
  • Follow us on facebook and leave a comment below letting us know you’re a fan
  • Tweet at @BelieveIAm and tell us one fear you would like to overcome
  • Tweet “I entered to win @BelieveIAm “I Am” #ButterflyBling necklace. Lean in to fear: http://bit.ly/14Qy6XK”
  • Go to www.believeiam.com and pin your favorite Believe I Am goods on Pinterest, then post a link to your pin in the comments below

You’ve got until midnight EST July 7th to enter to win!

BIA Butterfly 1

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  1. biggest fear on working on overcoming is doing what makes me happy and not what matters to anyone else. it’s hard for me to do do things for myself and not be concerned about others.

  2. also a fan on FB!!

  3. deb hall says:

    “I entered to win @BelieveIAm “I Am” #ButterflyBling necklace. Lean in to fear: http://bit.ly/14Qy6XK”

  4. Jennifer says:

    fan on FB!

  5. I really want to overcome my fear of using the down escalator. I used to be just fine using it. But int eh last few years it has freaked me out. I want to just do it!

    Also my husband and I are training for our first full marathon together! I really want to be smart about my training and just take it one day at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed.

  6. I follow Believe I am on Facebook.

  7. Cerissa C. says:

    I want to Believe I Am…enough. Believe that I enough of a mother, enough of a wife, enough of a friend, enough of a runner. I want to get over my fear of loving and accepting myself as I am…and what will happen once I get there.

  8. do we need to check with them on BIA for winners, or here? Love your sparkly headband by the way, I wish I could wear them like that!! (curly hair is not your friend with that style…it’s more poof than cute!)

  9. Jenny O says:

    I was afraid of my first marathon – but I surpassed that fear with flying colours. Now I am working on conquering my fear of open water swimming and will be competing in my first triathlon in 2 weeks!

  10. Be sure to comment on the BIA blog – comments here down count as an entry! Thanks :)

  11. Check back with BIA :) not here!

  12. Comments here don’t count – so be sure to head over to the BIA blog and enter this great comment!!

  13. I want to overcome my fear of feeling uncomfortable so I can push myself to a PR on tomorrow’s 5k!

  14. Just went to the BIA blog and posted. Oops!

  15. My biggest fear is I won’t develop patience before I become a mother.

  16. I am following on facebook.

  17. My current fear is my first marathon I am signed up for in December. The idea of running over 13.1 is scary!

  18. I see i am supposed to go over to bia….will do!

  19. My biggest fear is failing as a mother to my son, and not achieving all my goals that I wan to accomplish, running md career wise.

  20. This is a very pretty butterfly necklace. Nice clicks too.

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