It has rained, actually poured for two days straight in the DC area. Roads near me were closed because of high water and I’ve gotten multiple flood warning alerts on my phone. I’m a fan of rain, BIG fan. Here’s a couple of reasons why…..

1. Rain is cleansing to me. I like to think of all the junk being washed away and making room for new things like flowers. I also imagine this in my own life, water is cleansing – physically, spiritually, emotionally yada yada yada

2. Rain gives me a chance to slow down and not feel bad about it. On a bright sunny day I better be getting things accomplished or I’m annoyed at myself. Rain? Well I don’t feel so bad curling up on the couch snuggling with the littles and putting my to-do list aside for the day.

3. Rain helps things grow. You know the adage – April showers bring May flowers. Well I love flowers and trees of all kinds and I love how pretty everything looks the day after it rains.


I don’t like the type of rain that happened on Tuesday and Wednesday for one reason and one reason only – the damn smell of worms and the worm carnage all over the roads and trails.

There aren’t many things in hate in life. My mom taught me from a young age that hate was a powerful word and I should always try to use strongly dislike in it’s place, but hell if I don’t HATE the smell of worms.

Yesterday while navigating puddles in an outdoor shopping area, I had to cover my nose because of the smell of worms. As I gagged I literally noticed hundred of worms dying on the sidewalks. UGH.

On this mornings 7 miler there were dead and dying worms everywhere but thankfully the powerful scent of flowers and trees blooming overtook it.

Worm Run

Please tell me I am not the only crazy person who can’t stand the smell? I literally spent 20 minutes yesterday googling why they smell so bad when it rains.

Worms 1

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  1. Carrie says:

    I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed worms had a smell, but there were certainly a lot of them on my run in the pouring rain this morning!

  2. I miss the rain! I know that people would give anything to live here in SoCal– I’m not complaining, but I wish it rained more than two days a year here. It was 101 today and it’s only May. I am dying here. I miss running Manassas battlefield, miss the trees, birds and critters– I might even miss the worm smell.

  3. My college campus used to be notorious for the dead worm smell after a hard rain. I don’t think I’ve ever really focused on that smell until then, but once you smell it you can never forget it! Yucky!

  4. I always liked it when there were a lot of worms on the sidewalks after a long rain. I was also the kind of kid who would pick up worms and rescue them by putting them back in the grass though (actually, I did that last week…). Growing up, I remember seeing a lot of dried-out worms on the sidewalks, but I haven’t noticed that in a long time now. I wonder if it is because everyone used sprinklers to water their lawns where I used to live, but where I live now that is much less common.

  5. I live in DC (hi!!) so I know exactly what you are talking about with the weather. Worms gross the hell out of me and I really, really do NOT like the smell of them either. I completely love running in the rain, but I try not to step on them when doing so…YUCK.

  6. Where I live worms aren’t the problem, as they appear mainly on hiking trails. But on the streets we have fat slugs that I think are an absolutely menace as they can be downright slimy once stepped upon!

  7. I agree and I’m fairly certain that if you can’t smell it you think those that can are crazy. But the struggle is real 😉 xo

  8. I never knew worms had such a distinct smell! Here in San Diego we don’t have a ton of worms, but snails are all over the place. I love San Diego but I do miss running in the rain!

  9. I have noticed there are 2 kinds of “after rain” smells. One I really like, petrichor, which smells almost somewhat dusty. Caused from rain on very dry ground. Then there is the smell I HATE! The dead worm smell. I have not been able to find a term, or a reason for it. All I know is that I cannot stand it!!

  10. Thank God I found you! Now I know I’m not the only one. I dry-heaved all the way to work this morning from the smell of post-rain dead worms all over the driveway and parking lot. I try to hold my breath but it never works! Yuck and double yuck. Next time someone looks at me like I’m crazy when I complain about the dead worm smell, I’m sending them here. ^_~

  11. Write another one in for a worm-smeller! I hope someone will link us to a science-y article one day that will confirm this. For now, I feel validated by my dog fanatically rubbing herself all over the dead worms… that tells me they probably stink something strong

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