I’m excited to announce that I am part of an expanded partnership between Mazda USA and Rock N Roll Marathon! I will be the Tastemaker at four Rock N Roll races this year and will be at the expo where you can share your stories of how running has been a game changer in your life!! {Full press release here — http://www.mazdausamedia.com/index.php?s=31626&item=125900#assets_112 }

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If you want to win an entry to this weekend’s race comment below with your story of how running has been a #gamechanger in your life. Winner’s will be announced tomorrow 7/17/14 {entry is free – winners chosen randomly}


Thank you as always for all your support and love! xo Dorothy

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Want to win a beautiful necklace from Lagos, one of my favorite jewelry brands? They are giving away a Voyage necklace to one lucky lady – details here – http://www.lagos.com/escapeinstyle


  1. does winner get free flight and board too? JK, I know the answer to that.

    Anyway, running has almost fully cured my depression and gave me confidence that I never had before.

  2. Running has taken me places I never thought I could go mentally. I love that my kids see me push myself & succeed.

  3. This month marks my two year anniversary of starting to run again after a year-long injury. Before my injury, I hated running and did it only to burn off alcohol/college lifestyle calories. In the past two years, I have fallen in love with running – I go everyday before work as my me-time. It still amazes me that 10-milers are pretty standard for me now; I love it.

  4. I think that running has helped me believe that I am the #gamechanger. I run to believe in myself. To exceed my own, others, and my body’s expectations of what I can do. I may have Crohn’s Disease, but I am Susie. Running has helped me reclaim that.

  5. I’m already planning to run on Sunday! Hopefully I can say “hi” to you at the expo :)

  6. Running has helped me realize I can push myself further than I thought!

  7. Running has been an escape from the every day demands of being a mom. It also helped me lose all of my post-baby weight. Twice.

  8. I am a mom of two and work full time. Running is my “me” It gives me peace and focuses me. It makes me feel strong.

  9. Caroline Porter says:

    Running has changed my life in so many ways. I hated team sports as a kid, because I have always suffered from some social anxiety, and the competition scared me away. When I discovered running in college, it gave me so much confidence. I finally believed that I could actually set and reach goals and started to compete against myself! That confidence has transferred over into so many aspects of my life. I am genuinely proud to tell people that I’m a runner.

  10. It saved me from myself and my addiction.

  11. Congrats that sounds like of a lot of fun! Maybe you will be at RnR USA again too!

  12. Running gave me structure and confidence. It taught me discipline. It healed depression and fear and loneliness. It ha become my escape and my freedom.

  13. Kristi L says:

    Running has been a #gamechanger in my life as it has allowed me to give time back to myself. As a busy mom you often get caught up in taking care of everyone else and forget about yourself. I now make time for me and also have the added benefits of living a healthier life and getting natural stress relief from running. :)

  14. Running is making me happy to enjoy a nice sunny day. I love to run in everyday morning and prepare myself for hole day….. .what ever this is a nice article and I wish my best to win the lucky necklace .. :)

  15. Alexander says:

    Yes I wanna go, put my name in the list lol!!!.best ejuice

  16. I would of gone and joined marathon, but was busy. Running is very important, keeps stress level down and keeps you healthy. Keep up the good work


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