Where do you blog when you blog?

In the *blogging world* there are all sorts of 20 question posts, tag this person, tag that person. Do you ever wonder though where the person sits when blogging? I do.

I blog in two places. When my children are napping or sleeping I sit at my desk my husband built me in the corner of our bedroom that has now officially become *my office*

When my little people are awake and want to play, I sit at the train table in our playroom, which is actually just a giant room that should technically be the formal dining room and living room. Pretty sure it gets used more now than it ever would as something formal.

Where do you blog when you blog? Leave a link to your post below!


  1. Amanda@runninghood says:

    oh Gosh Dorothy, tell me your house doesn't always look like this??! ha ha. Like your desk for example…please tell me you cleaned it for the sake of this post and it doesn't always look this neat!! :) I blog anywhere I can. Mostly standing up in the kitchen.

  2. Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen says:

    I love your desk!!! I blog everywhere!!! I technically have a "desk" that is in an "office" at home…but I'd say I only blog from there 30-40% of the time. The rest is anywhere…advantages of my laptop and borrowing my husband's iPad :)

  3. Jessica (30SomethingMotherRunner) says:

    I usually blog at my kitchen counter, on the couch or down in the boys playroom–that's why I love my netbook!

  4. Tara Burner says:

    wow after seeing your desk I'm afraid to ever show mine! I blog stuck at my desk via my PC since laptop died and I hate using ipad to blog, though do use it for twitter, FB, emails! So for me..stuck at my desk…blogging

  5. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Amanda – you seriously made me laugh – I cleaned my desk for this post http://www.mile-posts.com/2011/08/im-overwhelmed-breaking-down-tasks-into.html – I currently have a 3 ft pile of laundry next to my desk that needs folding – ugh. The life of a mom!

  6. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    I blog on my couch..at naptime when I can FOCUS and not have toddler hands grabbing at me! 😉

  7. super cute desk area. i love all of that nuun!

    xo christine

  8. I blog in our family with the whole gang OR after the kids have gone to bed, while my hubby is at work, in bed. :)
    ps–just got 3 new pairs of shoes this week! (Yes, 3! Boston is my excuse!) I'm loving them ALL! Thanks for the recommendations.

  9. That Pink Girl says:

    Your office space is really cute – thanks for sharing! This would be a good idea for a link up…see where everyone blogs!
    I'm trying to put together an office space that is comfortable and lends itself to creativity. Right now it's usually the sofa!

  10. 2chickschallenge says:

    I love all your nuun all lined up!! You know you are a runner when…

  11. You have a VERY tidy desk :-)
    I'll put some pics together and let you know ….. it's not going to be pretty!!!

  12. Mandi Runs says:

    Here is where I blog! Thanks for the great idea! I hope this spreads!!


  13. Love it!! I have almost done this post before and kept forgettnig… I will have to do it next week now! :)

  14. Jessica (Pace of Me) says:

    OK so I did my post on this today. Here is a link!



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