1033Celebrating this little guy’s 3rd birthday!



I’m fairly certain that for the rest of my life – three times a year – I will ask myself – how is my baby X years old? It seems like a lifetime ago that I brought a newborn baby home to my house, yet it seems like it was just yesterday. Much like the marathon, the pain of childbirth is getting farther and farther from my mind. I know I’m done having babies, but seeing Colton turn three made me itch to bring home another little one. I wonder if that *itch* ever truly goes away? Maybe it’s also like the marathon? I don’t ever see the marathon *itch* ending. Thankfully I can run a couple a year and you don’t have to potty train a marathon.


Birthdays remind me how thankful I am for certain people in my family who always go above and beyond for my kids. As the oldest in my family it seriously melts my heart watching my brother and sister who I love with all my heart, love on my children with all of their heart. I could look at pictures of the 5 of them together all day long and have it make me smile.

My in-laws got Colton what certainly is his favorite present of the whole weekend – his own “digger truck.” He is obsessed with it and has been dumping piles of dirt all over our driveway all weekend. Is there anything better in life than seeing your kids truly happy? I’m glad I decided to skip the 50K and hang out with my family.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend filled with good runs and great races!

A thank you on this Veterans Day to all who have served our country. Freedom is certainly NOT free and I know that I enjoy this life because of the sacrifices of others so a heartfelt THANK YOU.


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  1. Adrienne Ramsey says:

    Oh my goodness, he is 3 already! So cute!

  2. It IS amazing how fast it does go – my ‘baby’ is a sophomore in high school! WHAT?!?!

    Oh, and congrats at being on the top of the Greatist list for influential fitness blogs:


  3. He’s adorable — happy birthday to your little guy!

  4. Happy Birthday Colton. My little boy turns four next week and I cannot believe this has happened so fast! I have no itching for a newborn, but I’d love a kitten instead :)

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