Sunday am I snuck out to run 4 quick miles before watching the finish of the NYC marathon. I ran around the historic town and discovered a new to me street I haven’t run on. I happened to find some AMAZING houses that should we ever move again, I totally want to move in to. I have a fascination with houses and keep the Zillow app on my phone just for fun. I totally now “get” why my grandmother use to go on those house tour things.

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I’m under the weather which is zero fun. I wanted to do a long run this weekend but there was just no way that was happening. Saturday turned in to a rest day and on Sunday I had every intention of slogging along on a short run but ended up running faster than expected {8:09, 7:48, 7:38, 7:43}.
My dad, his wife, and my brother all came over Sunday afternoon to hang out. Lately they have been coming over more, for no reason at all, and I really love it. We sit around on the couch and chat, or just enjoy being next to each other. It makes me feel like it’s Thanksgiving or something. I truly enjoy my alone time, what little of it I have, but more so enjoy having a house full of family and friends. I’m lucky that my dad is only about a 40 minute drive away.

I gained weight over the summer {some reasons I felt were out of my control and others that were certainly in my control – either way the result was 15 unwanted pounds} and have been working hard to get rid of it. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and was miserable in the way it was making me feel. For the past two months the top google search getting people to my blog has been whether or not I have gained weight. I wanted to whine about it and I did – but there is a point in life that you have to get to – where you accept that no one can get you out of any situation you are in besides you. Sure you can have a helping hand or people who support you but ultimately it’s up to you to change your life and have it be one you want to live. This applies to something minor like weight gain, or something huge like a crappy job. I was mad that people wanted to know about my weight gain, but when I really analyzed my feelings it was misplaced anger at myself for letting ME get this way.

I’ve been working on building strength, something I haven’t focused on in-I-don’t-even-know how long. I think being 6.5lbs lighter {hooray!} than I have been and really working on strengthening my core and stabilizing muscles is improving my running form, which is helping to make certain paces feel easier.

I still have no clue how I was ever in shape enough to run a 3:11/3:13 but I am looking forward to getting back there next year. I didn’t run a 20 miler last weekend because of our schedule, and I’m totally okay with that. I know my body knows how to run marathons – when the goal is to finish I’m less worried about runs I miss and try focus on the runs I do get in. I don’t have short term visions when it comes to running. I don’t have one giant be-all-end all goal that I am trying to go for. I want to be a runner for life, so it’s easy to keep the big running picture in perspective. My mom ran a 3:34 at Marine Corps Marathon just a couple of weeks ago, so I am fairly certain that if I stay healthy I’ll be doing this running thing for a long time to come. Oh and did I mention that she was the first 52 year old female to finish and was 2nd in her age group. NBD. 😉

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  1. Wow! Congrats to your mom! And how awesome that you have the genes to continue running fast in your future.
    Don’t beat yourself up about the lbs. it’s great that you found the inner focus to make some changes and are already seeing results. I’m really trying to learn that my aches and pains and all over icky is from not having a complete health and exercise routine. Running is just one part of that but if I don’t strength train, stretch and eat better i will continue to struggle and my body will continue to fight me every mile.

  2. I clicked on this link because it’s what I’m going through ! I’ve never blogged about my weight because no one gives sympathy to a thin runner! After running my first marathon my body needed to rest , it told me that clearly. In result I gained back all the weight I had worked hard to lose over the past year and a half. I’m back on a training plan and weight is coming off slowly but I’m accepting that maybe my body likes to keep a few extra lbs. If I am eating healthy, and running and eating enough to fuel my running, this just might be it for me. I met you in Denver and I though dang! She has a nice figure, if I keep running my legs might look like that too;) you’re a beautiful woman and maybe your readers click on weight links because they themselves are struggling . Have a beautiful day !

  3. I am so with you on the weight gain thing. I gained a bit of weight over the past two years and I’ve learned that I can make every excuse in the book and it does absolutely nothing to change what my body looks or feels like. The only thing that really makes anything better is working hard and being consistent. But at the same time I don’t want my life to become about those last 8 pounds, so I try and just be consistent and not stress too much and let the weight take care of itself as I focus on being healthy!

  4. That’s really impressive about your mom! I’m 52 and I could only dream of running that fast! I was happy with my 4:17 at Chicago this year! What’s her secret weapon? Sounds genetic, since you are such an amazing runner as well!

  5. You look fantastic! Great idea to build strength. I need to focus on that more than running.

  6. Congrats to your mom, that’s an amazing time!! Weight gain…. well… it happens. Women’s bodies are very fluid, they change all the time. My husband has been the exact same size (EXACT. SAME. SIZE.) for the 10 years that I’ve known him, while I have 60 pounds that has come and gone, and 10 that seem to come and go with the seasons. It is what it is! Way to go with the strength training though. It will help with weight management and running power, and is just so healthy for you in so many ways. Have a great week!

  7. Hey Dorothy,
    I love the honesty that you put out here. I remember reading some posts of yours back from the spring/summer and even last year about trying out different foods, eating a ton of almonds, etc, and wondered if you ever posted a wrap-up post of where you landed on all those issues. I was doing a mental recap of all my running years and how my weight has gone up and down during those times (I’m on the +15 side of that up and down right now!). I realized the past two years I have really been following social media and the newest craze of doing paleo/whole30/elimination diets and wondered as a runner if it was really appropriate for me. Pounding the healthy fats and avoiding the starchy carbs only works for me when I’m not running! Since August I said “enough!” and I have made a conscious effort to avoid social media posts about what to eat/diets to try, and return to just eating a well rounded diet without cutting out any specific food groups. I feel fantastic and finally my running is back to normal. I can tell my weight is finally coming down albeit slowly. The dairy/gluten intolerances that I thought I had for 2+ years seem to be more stress related than anything, although I do moderate both of those just so that I don’t go overboard. Anyways, I’d just be curious to find out what your thoughts are on this and if you ever had any resolution with your nutritionist about your food intolerances. I’m sorry you feel bummed but I’m proud of you for writing bravely about it! Keep up the good work :).

  8. Congrats to your Mom…so awesome!
    Thanks for your honesty about weight gain. I put on weight while training for Chicago (constant hunger) and I’m working to get back to my regular weight.
    Also, I LOVE all of my I Run This Body gear!!

  9. We as women beat ourselves up over our weight our while lives it feels like. You’re this adorable teeny tiny woman. My guess is that if people thought you may have gained weight (I certainly hadn’t noticed) then it probably made you more relate-able to them. I am turning 40 this month (hugely depressing). I am always comparing myself to these adorable young runners on blogs. I have to remind myself I’ve got a good 10+ years on most of them. It’s hard not to compare ourselves though. I’m working on dropping the 20 lbs I added on after losing a good chunk of weight after my 4th and last child was born almost 4 years ago. It’s not because I think I’m fat, more because of how I fit in my clothes. You wear your weight well. Congrats on the 6 lb loss!! I’m sure they were hard earned pounds. :o)

  10. I was glad to read your comment, Emily! I often consider giving the paleo diet a shot because it is saturating social media and hard to avoid but then I wonder if it would work for me as a marathon runner. I think what you’ve found is likely what I would quickly discover — that a well rounded, balanced diet is the way to go. :)

  11. YOU LOOK F*ING FANTASTIC and I can’t believe people are that interested in your weight that they’re actually GOOGLING it. Give me a break! You are a running machine, you look amazing and you kick ass. Obviously feeling good is the most important thing but 15 lbs either way and you’re still perfect.


  12. Congrats to your mom! That’s amazing! I’ve got a solid 15lbs of baby weight that has been hanging on for five months and won’t budge, breastfeeding and all! I definitely have my moments (Like when I think about our upcoming tropical vacation in January which necessitates a bathing suit), but I’ve come to the conclusion that I will do what I can. Stressing isn’t going to help with the cause! You do you girl.

  13. It makes me sad that people have the time to worry/gossip and Google about whether anyone gains weight – you, other bloggers, celebrities. What the heck does it matter? I do my best not to participate in those things, such as not clicking on the stories on People are wondering about how people look (Unless it’s unhealthy). Weight fluctuates, life happens, carbs/sugar taste good.

    Congrats on finding a place where you are feeling strong and building a tougher body and confidence!

  14. Krystin C. says:

    I have never onced looked at you and wondered if you gained weight… seriously people get a life! You are a real person who has real things happen to them just like the rest of us and I appreciate that you choose to share with us and are honest! I love ya DB, even though we only had 1 sweaty middle of the night hug! Take Care and start feeling better ASAP!

  15. This is actually the first blog post I have ever read through the comments section on and it’s good to know that others feel the same way. I don’t like obsessing over weight and do find it easier to blame weight gain on life circumstances, instead of just sucking it up and getting back to the gym. I’m doing better about it now and have started to feel more comfortable in my own skin again.

  16. woah, your mom is amazing! thanks for such an honest and authentic post.

  17. 52 year old with a 3:34? amazing. Really glad she is able to do that. Most could not dream of that at any age. A lot of inspiration in this post – the times, the running the family, all of it.

  18. I’ve been dealing with the same thing!! Ugg!! I just have to put blinders on and plug my ears so I don’t hear any of the paleo, grain free stuff. Just the mere mention of it sends me in a tailspin of disordered eating/thinking, and that’s a path I don’t want to go down again.

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