A couple of months ago I found out I had won an award for my twitter feed in the Best of RunWashington awards. The editor emailed me for pictures and when I sent back nothing usable he asked if he could schedule a photo shoot for me. The photographer arrived to my house on a sunny afternoon and informed me he had some great ideas for pictures but that he was open to my suggestions.

Run Washington Photo 1

I said well you are welcome to take pictures anywhere but here are some nice flowers or oh over here is the trail, blah blah blah.

Ummmm well I was thinking maybe tweeting and running – that is what your twitter feed is about right?

Well I don’t tweet and run {giggling}. I don’t use my phone at all really when running and I certainly don’t think I would ever attempt to do anything other than maybe take a picture while running.

This was the day I learned NOT TO EVER make NEVER WILL I EVER statements because truly you just don’t know.

He took some pictures around my driveway and yard and away he went.

Not long after Fitness Magazine asked me if I would be interested in manning their instagram account on Boston Marathon Monday.

Ummmm yes? Is that even a question?

Then I found out that they wanted pictures DURING the race. Wait what?

I didn’t want to seem like a party pooper and say oh NO WAY I do not tweet and run much less use instagram filters and post pictures. So I said SURE no problem.

Boston 2014 3

I wasn’t in marathon shape {read: I didn’t train properly due to life circumstances} and frankly knew I would be lucky to make it to the finish line in one piece so it seemed like not only the perfect year because of the epic race it was going to be, but because really what did I have to lose. I could stop and take pictures, soak in the moment, the time on the clock meant nothing to me, it was simply about being there and finishing. I knew I would be REALLY excited to have awesome on course pictures of Boston 2014. So I ran with my phone and tweeted, texted, and posted to instagram.

Every time I click through the pictures on my phone, I smile. I’m happy that I wasn’t wrapped up in myself for this race. I’ve run Boston 4 times and 3 times it’s crushed my heart, but not this year. I’ll be back Boston, one day I’ll be in shape and one day your downhills and your uphills will work for me and not against me.

Boston 2014 1

I posted my pictures my the race on the Mile Posts facebook page. If you are interested in checking them out you can visit here — https://www.facebook.com/irunthisbody


  1. What an amazing experience with them!

  2. Danielle says:

    Such a great race!! I had a similar experience where I just wanted to enjoy the race, and I loved every minute! Great photos too! You look so happy :-) that is infectious! Congrats!

  3. It was such a great day– loved following you- the pictures were so fun. It’s nice not to run for time every now and again, isn’t it? Hope you’re enjoying summer vacation!

  4. The pictures are so much fun though. I don’t take too many pictures during a run, but I like to mark a special occasion or a nice sunrise every once in a while with a Instagram pic. Sometimes it’s too beautiful not to share.

  5. I thought you tweeted while you ran too and I wondered how you did that without bumping into someone! LOL

  6. Loved this! As much as I love racing, it’s truly fun to take it easy along the course taking pictures and making memories every step of the way. I’ve done both, and have to say I’m never disappointed when I relax and enjoy the race.

  7. Krystin C. says:

    I loved following along, you made a could have been not so fun (life happened instead of intense training and hilly course) into a fun positive event for you and all of us!! Great job Dorothy! Never say Never :)

  8. David Martin says:

    Hahaha tha’ts such a funny story. Were you ever worried about dropping your phone? Sometimes I feel like I get really weak while jogging.

  9. Awesome race! Fun pictures too! Too bad I wasn’t able to go with my bad knee that forced me to be just on the sidelines.

  10. What an amazing opportunity!! So glad you got a chance to do this!

  11. You’ve got good and fun articles here. It’s nice to see you having fun running and taking pictures. That’s quite hard huh? Breathing heavily then taking pics! lol!


  12. Not everyone gets this chance, actually, not everyone even thinks to do this! Guilty.
    Seriously though, the picture with the crushed drink cups (with the guy in green) is a really good photo. Ive been into photography for a year or so and really look at things differently now.

  13. Awesome race! Fun footage too! unhealthy|regrettable|unfortunate} I wasn’t able to go along with my bad knee that forced ME to be simply on the sidelines.

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