As with any marathon, you know how to prepare better once you have actually completed the race. I’m 4 days out from running Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon for the 2nd time and completing my 26th marathon overall. These are my top 5 tips for making Vegas your best marathon yet!


Don’t party too hard before the race: Last year I found myself skipping down the strip after 1 am. I was in full on silly mode thanks to one {or possibly five} too many drinks. I had a blast but woke up the next day – HURTING. I spent a good portion of the morning Saturday in bed and an even larger portion of the day just feeling crappy. When it hit me on Saturday that I was running 26.2 miles in less than 24 hours I was questioning my judgement from the night before and seriously wondering how I was going to make it through 26.2 miles. My time suffered, but that wasn’t even the major issue. Who wants to finish a marathon and not feel great. NOT ME. I felt so tired and worn out after the race that I didn’t take advantage of all the awesome activities that happen Sunday night. This year I will be saving my extreme partying – Vegas style – for Sunday night :) and enjoying a rather large buffet breakfast Monday morning. Save {most of} the partying for POST race.

Wear flats: Some of you may heed my hard learned advice and save your partying for after the race, and some of you won’t. It is Vegas after all?!?! If you do go out – think about wearing flats instead of heels. Your legs will thank you come race day that you didn’t stand or walk around for hours in those super cute – they went with my outfit – heels.

Vegas 1

Don’t overdress: Vegas is unique – it starts in the middle of the day – meaning that instead of it warming up like most marathons do, it will actually cool down over the course of the afternoon/night. If you overdress you will sweat too much in the beginning of the race, which will not only dehydrate you faster and cause other problems, but will leave you much colder later in the evening when the sun goes down. My suggestion is if you are worried about getting cold later on, tie a shirt around your waist to put on later. Another good option is to wear arm warmers around your wrists and pull them up when you start to feel chilly.

Wear reflective gear: I knew this race was at night, but I never considered how dark it was going to be. Rock N Roll did a really great job of having flood lights in particularly dark areas, but as the sun sets, the course gets VERY dark and it’s up to you to be prepared. This year I plan on wearing reflective gear and brining a little Nathan light with me. If you are really concered and don’t like to run in the dark, I suggest wearing a headlamp and turning it on once the sun goes down.

Start slow: This is my advice for just about every marathon BUT it’s very important in this marathon. You start out running down the strip with crowds. The excitement is infectious and it’s easy to get going too fast. Last year not only did I make the mistake of partying too hard, overdressing for the weather, and not wearing anything reflective – I also started out at a 7:xx pace – by the middle of the race my legs were toast and by the later miles I was walking. I distinctly remember feeling like I was a bug heading towards the lights of Vegas. I could see where I wanted to get to but it felt OH so far away. If you want to have fun during this race and even MORE fun after the race, the key is to start extra slow. If you don’t feel like you are running TOO slow then you are most likely running TOO fast.

All this being said – IT’S VEGAS BABY. Have fun, smile, high five some little kids, dress in a costume or wear a sparkle skirt. Enjoy a beer, or five. It’s not about the time on the clock – it’s about the experience. Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon is a marathon you won’t soon forget!

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Will you be running the Vegas Marathon, Half Marathon, or Half of a Half? Tips? Thoughts? Questions?


  1. It was dark and freezing at the start the year I ran the half. Nonetheless, I ran in shorts and a tank because I always like to show as much skin as possible when on The Strip 😉 JK, that’s pretty much what I always wear to race. The fueling thing is tricky for that later start and really messes up a lot of people. Hope you have a great run :)

  2. I was actually going to go to Vegas as a weekend trip. It would have been awesome to catch the race, I definitely have to experience The Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas one day! Good luck!

  3. This made me laugh. Your comments and blog are hilarious! Though I will admit I never know if you like me or hate me – lol :)

  4. I’m the first to tell the meanies to STFU. I hate no one (except the headmistress at my daughter’s school). I think you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Doesn’t make you safe from my snark, though 😉 but know that it’s never mean-spirited.

  5. It’s okay :) sometimes I need to be called out on stuff {so if and when you do I’ll laugh like I did at the target shopping cart video?!?! Hilarious – pretty sure that is how I use to look and feel pushing the triple ;)} – I def go back and read old posts and cringe – but hey that’s all part of the process right?!

  6. Ahhhh, I’d love to do this race someday. I run so much better when I run at night. However… the allure of Vegas would be REALLY hard to resist, I’d definitely need to plan to be there a few days after so I didn’t feel like I had to party before. :)

  7. Oh, and HAVE A GREAT RACE!!!! :)

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