I never really gave you the *details* on my filming post.

So here goes…..

Saucony has this ad campaign and it’s called FIND YOUR STRONG. I’m sort of in love with it.

I’m a big marketing geek and love ad campaigns – as a teen I covered my walls in magazine ads because yes I love a good ad campaign. When I say cover I literally mean cover – I’ll be digging up old photos to prove this.

A good campaign should make you forget it’s advertising. It should elicit emotion from you and get you excited about the product. I can tell you that I wanted to start drinking Absolute Vodka from age 13 because their ads were so darn cool so I figured their vodka might be too. [not to worry though I didn’t start drinking their vodka at 13 – waited till I was in college for that one]

There have been many running company ad campaigns that I’ve liked.

I mean RUN HAPPY. Come on people – it’s cute! BUT you know what – It doesn’t make me cry. It doesn’t get at the core of who I am. Yes I like to RUN HAPPY and yes there are days I need to tell myself to get out there and JUST DO IT. Still other days I think about my LOVE/HATE relationship with running but NOTHING gets at my core like the FIND YOUR STRONG campaign.

Finding your strong is something that so many of us can relate to. It doesn’t have to happen just during running.

For me when I find my strong in running I can find it in other areas of my life – it’s the circle of my life. Running makes me a better/happier person and being a better/happier person makes me a better/stronger runner.

Finding my strong doesn’t mean one thing in my running life either – it means many, many things and can change on a daily basis.

Finding my strong yesterday was about being okay with running in the mid 8:30’s for a recovery run and trusting that I don’t always have to push myself hard to find my strong.

Finding my strong today will be managing to fit in WAY too many things including taking my mom to the airport, store visits to promote my LOVE of Saucony, playing with little people, trying to find colors for my blog redesign/branding, working on training plans for the ladies I coach, hopefully fitting in a run, and playing with little people who are on spring break. Not sure how I will make it work since there seem to never be enough hours in the day but I plan on digging deep and FINDING MY STRONG. Being overwhelmed won’t break me – it will spur me on. If I can run 20 miles pushing my 44lb 5 year old in a stroller – what can’t I do?


But back to my story…..

I got asked if I would share MY STORY of how I FIND MY STRONG.

Of course I said yes even though I wasn’t sure I had a story.

So I packed my big girl bags and headed to NYC to stay at the Ganesvoort Hotel in the Meat Packing District.

The hotel was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

I couldn’t stop smiling and taking pictures the entire time I was there. I felt like me. I felt happy.

Waking up in NYC is one of the best feelings.

I went to college in New Jersey and always imagined that one day I would take a leap and move to NYC. It didn’t happen. Part of me will always wonder what if and part of me will forever be trying to convince my husband to move – maybe not to NYC but I want to move and move bad. More on this later….

Thursday they told me to be prepared to run ALL day. I remarked there was nothing else in the world I’d rather do.

Turns out running all day is actually really hard. 7+ hours of filming  will be condensed down into 4 minutes or less.

Running next to a film crew is hard – when they are going 6 miles an hour in a van – it’s easy going – when they happen to speed up to 8-10 miles in a matter of seconds – it’s hard. I have no idea how many miles I ran but I can tell you it was harder than a marathon. NOT EXAGGERATING. I felt more tired than running B & A Marathon. My abs were cramping by the end of the day. Jessie from Saucony asked me what pace I thought I was running when we were filming in a cute little town – I giggled – I bet I’m barely running a 10 minute pace right now – I’m so tired. Just thinking about it now makes me tired. When you see me running in this video – I am running – when you hear my voice and it’s breathless – it’s because I am out of breathe. The whole thing is REAL and it’s ME unfiltered.

Thursday night I was exhausted but really wanted to walk around the city a bit….I wanted to reflect and just soak in the moment of a day I didn’t want to end.

Walking around that night – alone – I felt happy. I believed in what I *preach*


DREAMS can and do come true. I am not stopping at this dream. I’m dreaming even bigger.

To say I am excited for you to see my video is an understatement…..

The goal of my blog is NOT for you to think I am some running stroller super human mom – it’s to realize that I am just like you.

That my first half marathon was a 1:58 and that at once point going under sub 4 in the marathon seemed like something that was a distant dream that might never happen. That I used to have what I am now calling a *soft* body. If you want 6 pack abs go out and get them…..who cares if your stomach has been stretched to heck by 3 kids – go after what you want with all your heart and it will happen.

I want YOU to believe in the beauty of your dreams.

If you don’t believe in yourself how can anyone else? What you think and feel about yourself projects outward – you can’t fake who you are for your whole life. Eventually people see through it. If you want people to see you as a confident, happy person then you MUST become confident and happy.

I want you to read this blog – my journal of sorts – and decide TODAY is the day. TODAY I will find my strong.



What is your strong? Who is your strong? How do you #findyourstrong? Visit www.saucony.com on facebook and tell everyone how you FIND YOUR STRONG.


Have I told you lately how much I LOVE saucony? Cause I do :)


  1. Really, really great post! Looking forward to seeing the video!

  2. Ahh – so awesome!!!!! Congrats!

  3. I am SO very happy for you!! Love your story, love your trials, love your message. Can’t wait til we can find our strong in a race together!

  4. The filming shots look great; can’t wait to see the video! You’re such an inspiration with your running story. I always thought I was destined to be slow but you’ve inspired me to step it up and get my butt in gear! No excuses :)

  5. Congrats on getting to be part of such a great campaign and you looked great running too. This campaign really resonated with me because in addition to being a ad nerd myself, it was in my Sauconys that I went from not being able to run a mile to finishing a marathon.

    It reminds us that we are always stronger than we think. Congrats on doing such cool work and good luck in Boston.

  6. You are very inspiring and I can’t wait to see your video!!

  7. You continue to inspire and amaze. This is a wonderful post and I can’t wait to see your video.

    On a funny side note, I used to decorate my room with magazine ads, too! I still love flipping through fashion magazines and other niche periodicals simply to view the ads… it’s no secret I love the running-focused ones in Runner’s World and other running mags. Perhaps this is why I ended up working in marketing?

  8. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Thanks Heather!!! :)

  9. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    I love this Heather!! You should share it on the Saucony facebook page :) :)

  10. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    You are so sweet!! I can’t wait to meet and race together too – although I think you may have to drag me – not sure I can keep up with your speedy self :)

  11. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Thank you Kristy!! Good Luck at Boston :)

  12. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Thanks Corey :) I got a sneak peak of it and I can’t wait to show it off – hehe.

  13. I’m new to running. I’ve only been running for a year now. I completed my first half marathon in February in 2:19. I love reading your blog and was especially inspired by this post because I have thought that there are some people who can run in the 7’s and some people who will always struggle just to get below 10 (like me!). To see that you ran your first half in 1:58 and that you’re now a 3:11 marathoner who can run 20 miles while pushing your 5 year old has me feel like maybe a sub 1:50 half marathon one day isn’t totally unreachable!

  14. you’re so cute i just want to pick you up, put you in my pocket, and carry you around all day so that some of your grace and enjoyment for life seeps into me.

  15. I’m crying now. Talk about eliciting emotion 😛 Sheesh…

    You really are an inspirational figure, Dorothy. Coming back to your words always helps me when the going gets tough. Wanting to believe, needing to believe… my husband and I were just talking about this last night.

    “…go after what you want with all your heart and it will happen.” Yes. I need to take these words seriously to heart starting now. Thank you, as always, for doing what you do and for being you :)

  16. Love reading your story, can’t wait to see the video :-)

  17. Oh what a great post, dorothy! That is such a cool opportunity and hard to believe it was hard than the marathon! WOW. I hope I can see this thing when it’s done. I love your grit and determination, L.O.V.E. it! My strong lately is pushing myself to the limit at Crossfit — letting the beat of the music get me amped up and doing one more box jump or one more kettle bell swing even when I think I can’t. You rock!

  18. I’ve been reading your blog for so long now that when I read this, I just feel overwhelming happiness for my “friend”. I certainly hope we have a chance to meet up in Boston, but I imagine that Saucony is going to keep you very busy! Know that I’ll be thinking of you while I’m there! Love this story and can’t wait to see the full deal!

  19. I just saw the video! Inspiring!

  20. As always your post is AMAZING!! If I were to say what my strong is I would say it is that I am a survivor. 20 years ago I was brutally raped by a guy friend of mine. I was in the hospital for days after and had to go through some rehab to help injuries. After that I had YEARS of severe depression and PTSD. A counsellor introduced me to running in my later teens, like 18ish, and that was one thing that always got me through the dark times. Running was never, and still is never, about competition for me. It is about a spiritual bond with the earth God created and a way of thanking him for helping me stand on it. As a Registered Nurse of many years I know the survival rate for those who are traumatically raped is low, but I survived and I strived. Now 20 years later I talk openly about it to many and help others. I also am in a career I am passionate about and I got back to my love for running 2 1/2 years ago. Now I run to raise money for children who have cancer. I feel God blessed me with these legs to run with and I am going to use them for good. So that is my strong!!

  21. Beautiful, Dorothy. You have a way of writing that seeps right into the heart and “sole” of your readers. (Yes, I had to make that pun :)). I have been brought to tears by your words on more than one occasion. Something that you said after B&A that has resonated with me since is; “You may find yourself in the situation where you are the only person who believes in the beauty of your dream. That is okay.” Your write powerful words that affect people more than you may ever fully realize. Thank you for sharing you gift, talent, and love with all of us.

  22. That was a a really great post! Thanks for sharing what’s on your mind (and heart). Can’t wait to see the video.

  23. Love, love, love this post! And you definitely have “a story”…I can’t wait to see it come to life on the Saucony ads!

  24. Congratulations! This post is awesome and what an inspiration! I am trying to go after it and qualify for Boston at the VT City Marathon this May. My focus and total attitude about racing and running has changed since I had my kids and had severe post partum depression. YOur message is empowering for all women! Can’t wait to hear more!!!!

  25. So awesome Dorothy!!!! So very awesome!! I just watched the video and got chills and tears. “Find Your Strong” has resonated with me as well. It got me through miles of runs and miles driven across the state to say goodbye to my brother. Such an awesome and inspiring ad campaign for sure!

  26. Sonicka says:

    I began reading your blog recently and always find it inspiring. The first time I read a post I thought, “wait, people who are fast find running hard too?” I thought that there were fast people who flew through runs, and slow people like me who fight for every mile. It’s motivating to know many runners fight for every mile sometimes, no matter how fast they go. I’m training for my second half marathon, and your posts motivate me to find my strong!

  27. You inspire me daily!!! I can’t wait to see your video. I’ve been putting in the mileage the last two weeks and haven’t stopped. Feeling great. If I had to think about who is my strong … I would say it is my mom. We started running together at 13. My first trail run was at 16 and she ran her first marathon when I was 18 … I was AMAZED. I find my strong every single time I take my first step out the door. Once I am out there is nothing holding me back. After a bad car accident I honestly had so much anxiety about little things … running cured that for me. Running lets me live. Keeps me healthy. And, gives me the best sense of purpose. Keep on inspiring people Dorothy. Much LOVE!!!!!

  28. great post Dorothy!!! I love this!so inpsiring! I believe in dreams too!

    Is it crazy that I dream of being on the cover of runners world some day? lol..I know it’s crazy, but it’s MY dream so who cares!

    I am dreaming big for Boston…I’m not afraid to put it out there, I’m going after that 3:12!!!
    see you soon!!

  29. This is as dream come true for you! How exciting. Thanks so much for letting us take a peak!

  30. This is so inspiring! Can’t wait to hear about Boston! You’re awesome and inspire me to keep running!

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