How cute is this shirt?!? I of course HAD to order one for little Miles! If you want one for your little runner man – they are on sale online at Baby Gap.

This morning my mom came over and watched the kids for me so I could run alone. The plan was to do a fartlek. HA. I pretty much decided in the first two minutes of the run there was no way I could attempt a speed workout. One because the humidity was ridiculous and two because literally the next run post racing is horrible for me. I usually wonder how on earth I ran whatever distance I did and how on earth did I manage anything under a ten minute pace. I don’t know if this is normal or if it’s just me but it’s so darn discouraging. I’m pumped up after a race! Then I give myself a day of rest, sometimes two and expect to go out for a run and feel this same excited feeling. NOPE. It hits me like a ton of bricks every time.
I’ve also decided that I bet the reason most people say they don’t like running is because they have never run more than three miles. Why do I say this? Because the first three miles of just about every run I go on are not fun. Seriously I always feel out of breath – I always think about cutting my run short – then I get to the fourth mile and the magic starts – I no longer am out of breath and feel like I could run forever(if I had the time) Does this happen to anyone else??


  1. Karen and Kevin says:

    Kate got that shirt for Carson and it is adorable. Yes I remember Kevin always used to tell me (back in my 3 mile days) that I had to run more than that or I would never get over the hump. So true! Also, yes it has been so stinking humid and gross… I start speed training tonight and I'm really not looking forward to the heat, yuck!

  2. runaroundtheblog says:

    I love this shirt! Do you think they still have them???

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