It’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged. I’ve been writing a lot just not on here.

Life has been a bit hectic to say the very least. There are a lot of things I want to talk about here but now is not the time. Maybe the time will come, maybe it won’t.

As a blogger I consider myself someone who overshares on the Internet. I do however try to keep many things to myself. I don’t talk about my kids all that much and I don’t talk about my personal life other than my own inner thoughts as they [mostly] relate to running. I don’t want my kids to grow up one day and be embarrassed that their life was chronicled on the Internet. I on the other hand don’t mind talking about my life if it in some small way can make a difference in the life of someone.

I’ve thought about quitting blogging many times – more times that I care to admit. Whether it was from a mean comment that stung, or way too many hours of my week being spent on all it takes to maintain this blog. What keeps me coming back week after week are the comments and friendships I’ve made that have LITERALLY changed my life.

After my last post on my revised goals I was humbled by the emails I received and moved by your comments. It got me thinking. I don’t just want to run #theextrapointtwo this year. I want to DO the extra point two as it relates to everything in my life.

I want to go farther. I don’t just want to DREAM BIG – I want to THINK BIG. I want to act rather than just talk.


*Every single run that I have managed to go on in 2013 has had an extra point two on the end of it.


So rather than write a long drawn out post about ways that I could go the extra point two this year or ways I plan on doing it. I’d love to hear from you. What are your suggestions? Or what are ways that you think you could put this simple idea into practice in your life?

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  1. i’m a big advocate of joy. take that extra time to seek joy, not only for yourself, but for others. joy comes in SO MANY forms for each individual, and i think that’s what makes it so beautiful.

    take that time in the morning for yourself if you want it. pursue a goal (running related or not) that’s truly going to bring you joy, not just solely for the purpose of chasing a goal…

    tell that girl in the locker room you like her sweater instead of just thinking it in your head. buy someone a cup of coffee.

    when i break the concept of joy into simple ideas like that, i find it a lot less intimidating, and the simplicity of it makes it a lot more attractive.

    i think actively pursuing and choosing joy, in all forms, is part of that .2 :)

  2. I plan to put this into action when it comes to being a father, a dad, a husband.

    I’ve found myself saying “no” to some things, when it comes to my family, because I said “yes” to something else, something inconsequential in the long run (yes, that includes running).

    Father/Dad/Husband first, everything else is second. The extra point two belongs to them.

    Does that make sense? In my head, I swear it does…

  3. One thing I am always working on is being a better mom to my 2 kids. By being better that means stopping whatever it is I am doing, looking at them when the talk to me, saying yes to them more (even though I *know* I’ll be the one putting the couch cushions back after fort building), reviewing the letters of the alphabet with my daughter who will be a kindergartner this year, and also helping my 6 year old son read, and helping him more when he struggles. I could go on and on. I HATE yelling. I was yelled at A LOT as a kid and after swearing up and down I’d never do it to my kids, I am. It’s GOTTA STOP. I hope some of this makes sense. :) Have a wonderful day!

  4. i love the idea of “paying it forward.” Do something kind for someone that doesn’t expect it and hope that they can spread the love on as well. I’m sure you already do this type of thing being that extremely kind/nice person you are! Have a great day!

  5. I like the idea of showing kindness on the run. Sometimes that means greeting people with a smile or a wave, stopping to talk to folks, or even giving people plenty of room on the path. There are many friendly runners out there. They inspire me!

  6. 26 Acts of Kindness in honor of the Newtown shooting victims. Everytime I perform an act of kindness, I think of those poor innocent children and their families. Whether it’s an act of kindness for a stranger, friend or family member, especially my children, I remind myself of the shooting victims, especially the First graders. These acts can be anything from giving up my seat on the subway to helping a friend prepare for first baby to reading “Humphrey’s Farm Adventure” one more time to my two year old. I want to honor their lives and make this world a better & safer place for our future generations to grow up in. With acts of kindness, we can make a difference and teach our children to care and love one another, regardless of everything else. As parents, we need to do more. We need to raise our children with good morals and values. This will change the world. By going the extra .2 with acts of kindness, we can show the parents of the shooting victims that their children did not die in vain. Their children made a difference in this world…they made it a better place to live in.

  7. I love that you’re doing this project–such a great idea! I started to practice yoga shortly after I really committed to running, and I’ve found that a lot of the things that I learn in yoga class go really well with running and with life as well. In some of the classes I attend, we’re asked to set an intention before class, and I like to try to extend this idea into my runs (e.g. what do I want to get out of my run today?) and with my life (e.g. what do I want to get out of my life today?). I’m not sure if this will help, but I find that it helps me to stay focused on what’s really important. Good luck! I’m looking forward to reading about how your Extra .2 goes. :)

  8. love it! I love the idea – dream big and think big. I’m trying to think big, I’m not sure exactly what that means for me yet, or where that will take me, but I think just being more aware, like you are, that there is bigger thinking, will lead to bigger things. I’m excited for you:) BIG things:)

  9. I think its wonderful that you are thinking this way and inspiring others to do the same. The possibilites are endless. I try to do the extra .2 in my relationships with my children, husband, friends and strangers. I try to ask myself “what would I want” “what would I need”. Although, blogging and running are a huge part of my life, the center of my life are my people, for without them, none of it means a thing. I rely a great deal on my girlfriends because strangely, or maybe not so much, my husband and children don’t always understand. I nurture the relationships I have with the few girlfriends I have that know every dark and ugly secret I have and, still love me and listen to me like that darkness is “no big deal and, safe with me”. I have gone off on a tangent, forgive me. What does this have to do with the extra .2? When one of my friends is in need, I don’t just sit there and say “I’m so sorry” I take action and help them in the most compassionate way I can, I think this is an extra .2 and, maybe even an extra few miles if they need it. Geeze, what a long comment, I can be wordy. #theextrapointtwo

  10. sending you happy thoughts. I talk about you every week with my running mom group. I actually brag about you :) You would be happy to hear that I ran a mile in under 8 min the other day. :)

  11. For me going the extra .2 involves taking time to STOP each morning and make a conscious decision to a) Live life with a thankful heart, b) Be a blessing to others and c) Honour God through my life that day. If I don’t pause and do that, I find that life tends to “run me over” and that I just race along, often with a negative attitude. I’m also trying to keep those three things in mind as each day goes along – and find that with that attitude it’s easier to spot opportunities to make a difference. A work in progress, though 😉 . x

  12. I don’t have the audience that you do but I can relate to your feelings. I probably spend too much time on mine, and for what? I’m over-sharing to small audience, but it is fun. Maybe it’ll turn into something, maybe it won’t. Even if I don’t physically run an extra .2 for every run, the writing about the run is a symbolic .2. The workout’s not over until I recorded, usually in more detail than it deserves.

  13. When you add blogging into being a mother, a wife, and a runner it does make it hard to keep it all in balance at times. But my extra 0.2 will always go to my daughter first even if that means getting to the gym for my run 20 minutes later because I held her a bit longer. She is more important than a run and a race.

    I also give an extra 0.2 to my husband with daily sweet texts. He may not get as happy about receiving them but I know I am taking those few seconds to send him a nice message during a perhaps tough work day. Giving is important.

    Smile. Smile at anyone and everyone even the people who you stop for so they can cross the road. And imagine the smiles you give when you stop for the same family twice. It just makes me feel good being nice.

    Prayer/Meditation/Song whatever….do a little something to ease your mind each day. I end each day with story, song, and prayer with my daughter. It is a special moment we look forward to every night.

  14. Keep blogging and dreaming big, D!!!

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