I’m one of those girls that checks the reviews on just about everything I buy before I buy it.

If the reviewer didn’t like something I imagine in my head who they are – what unknown reason made them dislike it that they haven’t bothered to record.

If the person liked it – I imagine what the person is like. Is she like me? Does she run? Does she have children?

All these thoughts swirl in my head while figuring out if I would have the same opinion as the person who gave the review. Isn’t that what reviews are – opinions. We all know opinions are as different as each of us. So how can we trust one over the other?

We cling together when we find someone who agrees with us or shares the same thought process. Some of us are good at embracing differences – not letting our differing opinions taint our friendships and relationships. Others of us are terrible at it – if someone doesn’t like the same music, the same food, has different passions, is in a different political party – we can’t let that go – we simply think we can not be friends with them or associate with them [or read their blogs].

I do reviews on this blog of not only running related books but of any book that strikes my fancy. Why?

There is more to me than just running.

Reading is another one of my passions and though I have limited time in which to pursue all of my passions – reading and running are right up there at the top of the list.

When I started to read Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith – I fell in love with her story of grief and how it has shaped who she is today. I wondered though how I could in some way relate the book to running.

When I hit page 130 it hit me like a ton of bricks.


Inside I secretly loved this – I loved her book – the fact that at some point in her life she ran, made me happy.


Runner’s understand each other. Whether you are a runner today or you were one 20 years ago – you understand the feeling it gives you – it’s something that never leaves you.

I look forward to cross-country practice every day after school, and not just because of Henry.

I love running. After a day folded behind desks and dry-erase boards, sack lunches and confusing friendships, running feels like screaming.

I can feel my whole body open up, the muscles harden and swing with meaning. I love the feeling of sweat sliding down the new curve of my breasts, the hard pavement beaneath my feet.”

So the book….it’s about Claire’s life and how the grief she experienced from the loss of both of her parents at a young age shaped her into the person she is today. She goes through the book according to the 5 stages of grief – only they don’t happen in the order of her life. She experiences them in a non-linear way – meaning in one chapter she is in her 20’s and then in the next chapter she is back to being 18.

I don’t typically read books like this so I wasn’t sure if I as going to like it but found myself looking forward to the kids going to bed at night, so I could steal some moments to myself and read.

My parents are alive so I won’t say I understand Claire’s grief but what I did feel was this connection with her as she traveled through the ups and downs that have shaped her life.

She shares her story in moments – which I loved.

We all have moments that define us. That change us.

My review is that I LOVED this book and maybe just maybe you will to.

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 *This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Ironically, I don’t often read posts about book reviews since I can’t remember the last time I have really been able to sit down and read a book. But this one sounds like one I need to find and find the time to sit down and read. Thanks Dorothy.

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