If you have a free moment today check out this youtube video from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Together we can make a difference!

“With firsthand knowledge of just how far parents of children with cancer would go to find a cure for their child, the Foundation will challenge supporters across the country to collectively walk or run 1 million miles during the month of September as part of The Million Mile Run.

The brainchild of Foundation Co-Executive Director, Jay Scott, a running enthusiast, The Million Mile Run will invite ambitious individuals, as well as teams, to pledge to walk/run 100 miles and contribute to the one million mile goal during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September). Drawing from the inspiration of Foundation creator Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who set out to raise $1 million through lemonade stands in 2004, Jay Scott feels that through combined efforts, reaching one million miles in just thirty days is attainable.”



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  1. What a great foundation and a great cause!

  2. Love to see this initiative coming from the amazing folks at Alex’s Lemonade Stand — such a great cause.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this to your blog & bringing it attention! God has put it on my heart lately to fund raise & bring awareness to Childhood Cancer through the radio station. Did you know that 7 kids a day lose their lives to cancer? 36 kids a day are diagnosed with cancer. LESS than 4% of funding from the National Cancer Institute goes towards Childhood Cancer research and the last known treatment for children was created back in the 1980’s. Most children develop secondary cancers from the treatments that are available…that or their little bodies can not handle the chemo & radiation…it compromises their immune systems and some random illness ends up ending their lives. It utterly breaks my heart! These children deserve a voice, a fighting chance and a future. Ok, I am not off my soap box. Xoxo.

  4. Thanks for sharing! We are team “Mother Runners & Others” and can’t wait until September 1 to start logging miles to raise awareness for childhood cancer!

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