B & A Marathon is not so far off. I’m back up to speed with the long runs but not with mileage or speed work. I’m not too concerned with mileage this training cycle, because frankly I just don’t feel like running 70+ miles a week right now. When it warms up maybe this will change or maybe not. I am admittedly all over the place with this training cycle and I am OK with it. This is marathon #24 and sometimes you have to do what you have to do to not get burnt out and keep loving marathons, because yes I love them and YES I want to love them for forever.

What I do know for sure is that I want to pick up the pace on the hard runs and really get in some good tempos.

Headed to the gym this morning to do the tempo since it seems easier to run faster with the added pressure of being in a packed gym. [I don’t mind admitting that one bit – added pressure can be good sometimes]

One mile warm up – around a 7:30 average

Four miles at 6:35 pace

No cool down because I immediately got off the treadmill and walked to the spin room, where class was about to begin.

The teacher said that today was LEG day. We wouldn’t worry about RPM we would really be pushing ourselves on the gears and try to go higher than we have ever gone before. It was more of a strength workout for our legs. GRRREEEAATTT I thought. The day I decide to do my first tempo in months is the day that the teacher decides to work legs. 10 minutes into this killer spin class I wanted to cry, or walk out, or both.

A quick little mental pep talk, where I told myself it was OK not to push as hard as the teacher said, if need be, and I was back to my new-found-spin-loving-self.

I didn’t slack off in the workout at all. I did everything just as she said to do. I walked out of spin feeling utterly happy and utterly exhausted.

I’m pretty sure doing a tempo run followed by a spin class is NOT a good idea. I may or may not ever do that again.

I think for the next tempo run I need to pick up the pace a bit, but for today I was more concerned with running 4 miles of tempo rather than hitting goal pace range.


I say my warm up was around a 7:30 pace because it’s important when doing treadmill speed work not to cheat yourself. The end goal is your race, not how fast you did a specific workout. Be honest with yourself during training so you don’t finish your goal race and wonder why you didn’t hit your goal pace.

I started the 6:35 pace in the first warm up mile to ensure that I was indeed running 6:35 miles for every single mile. The last mile I picked up the pace down to 6:20 to ensure that I really did average 6:35 for all 4 miles. Another great way to make sure is to carry a stop watch with you and hit lap when you get to the mile so you can record what you ran.

Other ways you can cheat yourself on the treadmill are by stopping and resting during a tempo run. A tempo run is a run where you DO NOT STOP during the fast part. If you stop mid run and rest then you are doing a tempo interval. If you are doing intervals you need to be running faster than the pace you hold for a tempo run. [note: not all coaches agree on this].  You can also cheat yourself by resting too long in between intervals if you are doing tempo intervals vs a tempo run. I don’t really like tempo intervals, if I am going to stop then I would rather be doing a track workout variation on the treadmill.

So that was my day. I have a date tonight with my rumble roller because my legs are toast.


Note: I have been running marathons since 2003, and I am a running coach, but I may not be your coach. Be informed. Make educated decisions on what advice you listen to when it comes to what you read on the internet.


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  1. Well said, my lovely running ldbf:) you are rockin’ the workouts, whether you feel like it or not. amazing tempo too!

  2. “The end goal is your race, not how fast you did a specific workout. Be honest with yourself during training…” This is SUCH good advice! I am constantly having to fight the little voice in my head that tells me to push harder when my body is telling me that I need to slow down that day. Thanks for the training tips!

  3. Dang… you got one heck of a workout. Nicely done D.

  4. I did my first tempo run of my training cycle today too! I was so thrilled. It’s very short, as it was my first one and for a half marathon, but I ran 15 minutes at 7:58. That’s HUGE for me! I’m so excited! Congrats on your huge tempo + your spin class. You’re pretty amazing!

  5. Thank you for confirming this. I workout with a group of runners that stop all the time. I give them the stink eye quite often and they try to convince me that stopping is OK. I try to tell them, If you can’t finish your tempo at your given pace then lower your race goal time a little bit. That went over real well… now I’m doing my tempo runs solo. Have a good week Dorothy!

  6. Love the advice on here! I am a slower runner and dying to break 2 hours at a half this May. I know I can do it if I am HONEST with myself and don’t hop off that darn dreadmil when the going gets tough.

    Killer workout. Happy Wednesday :)

  7. Story of my life!

  8. Ooh, I love love love spin, but that is one hard workout after a speedy tempo- nicely done! I often end up combining an interval run with the night I teach spin, but do the run in the am and spin in the pm. Feels so good and then my body is happy for something lighter the following day.

  9. For someone only a couple of years of running do you recommend spinning? I’m afraid that I’ll just be too sore from it and I won’t recover fast enough to run on my running days. (I’m also about 6 yrs older than you).

    With 3 kiddos do you stay pretty healthy? I’m always catching my kids’ colds or some kind of bug they bring home from school and I’ll end up missing workouts here and there.

  10. Dorothy I’m in need of new sports bras and shorts for the spring/summer. Could you PLEASE PLEASE recommend your favorite Saucony ones?? I need a sports bra that covers up the “headlights” the best : /. I’m very small chested (A – barely!) but after having kids the nips are huge! – sorry too much info!

    As far as shorts – my thighs aren’t tiny – and I struggle with shorts that ride up.

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