Not long after the end of my parents 20 year marriage, I graduated from college.

The end of college seemed small in comparison to the end of the family I had known my whole life.

When I moved home I lived with my mom in a tiny two bedroom apartment.

I could touch the walls on either side of my room while sitting in my bed. Though tiny it was a space where I was free to be me. Yes I missed my family with 4 kids and 1 dog all living under the same roof but I felt more comfortable being surrounded by less conflict.

It was a growing period for her and some of her new found inner strength rubbed off on me.

While living with her she would incessantly play the U2 song, Stuck In A Moment……

The other day when I was writing about my health issues that have been making me a little bit crazy for the past 6 months or so, I was stuck in moment I felt I couldn’t get out of.

I was forgetting that my mind is my biggest enemy.

That night when I went to bed, I said to my husband, tomorrow is operation get healthy.

I decided rather than falling into the all to easy downward spiral of focusing on the negative I was going to take action and be positive.

When my husband got up at o’dark thirty to get ready for work, I got up.

I got on the treadmill and ran on feel. I finished 5 miles 7:55 average and hopped off the treadmill at 7 am to get the littles ready for their day.

You have a choice every single day. You can be an active participant in your life and try to improve what you don’t like OR you can whine about it, complain, tear others down, or think about all the ways that your life sucks.

My life doesn’t suck. Far from it. Even when I was at the lowest point in my life, overweight and depressed, I still didn’t think my life sucked.

I woke up early again the next day and got on the treadmill. Ran what felt comfortable and ended up again with 5 miles at 7:55 pace by 7 am.

Went to the ENT Doctor who was one of the nicest, most helpful DR’s I have ever seen. I felt positive that there are concrete steps I can take to feel better.

Woke up early again this morning – ran an easy 3 miles on the treadmill – got the littles ready for the day in time for all four of us to be out of the house by 7:30 am.

Getting stuck in a moment is a choice you have…….YOU can get out of it.

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Do you find it hard to get out of a moment you are stuck in? What are your ways for pulling yourself up and moving forward?


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  1. LOVE!

  2. Thank you :) :) xo

  3. It makes me SO happy to hear this after the last few posts being a little less cheerful. I have felt stuck before and know how bad of a feeling that is. Glad to know things are turning around :)

  4. I definitely struggle with this. I find that doing little things, like you did, like getting up early and getting stuff done helps break out of that stuck place. Hope things continue to get better for you!

  5. This is such a timely post for me! It really hit home and is so SO true. This week has been a whiny one. Time to stop whining and start acting. THANK YOU!

  6. Jacinthe says:

    You run this body girl! And this mind! Dream big Dorothy xox

  7. YES! There she is!! Let your inner light shine baby!

  8. Ah “DREAM BIG” is not only a hashtag that I frequently use for social media and my business, but I have been using it for myself in 2013, to keep moving forward, to push myself out of those “stuck in a moment” situations. It isn’t easy, it is hard, sometimes saddening, but like you said, life is good and our lives are great. That helps me get out of those moments. I am very grateful!

  9. Kristen says:

    This is so true! I think we all have those “stuck in the moment” kind of days. I know that if I allow the negative thoughts to take over, I find myself “stuck” even longer. It is not always easy but I have found that it starts with one step in a positive direction. Like you said, “Take action and be positive”! Thank you for this message! One thing that brings a smile to my face is to remember that our God is bigger than whatever it is that we are going through!

  10. glad you are making positive choices to make a positive attitude!

  11. So happy to hear you’re taking control!

  12. J @ semplicemente j ... says:

    Feeling stuck myself. Timely post for me … Time to get “un-stuck”. :)

  13. It’s definitely all about taking control of how you want your life to pan out. Well done for the taking control and being positive. :)

  14. I love this post. I’ve been there, and sometimes a good ol’ fashioned pulling of the bootstraps and choosing a different outlook and reality is the way to go. I’m happy for you!

  15. I feel for your ENT problems! I just had sinus surgery last week after suffering from chronic problems for years. It’s hard to be forced to rest! I hope you get your health issues worked out.
    Be strong with what you are given- life is good.

  16. LOVE this post, you are right, but sometimes it feels soo difficult. You are an inspiration!

  17. I had nasal surgery several years ago to remove a blockage.
    The best way I have found to get myself out of a funk is to run and listen to music.
    Running outside in the country with fresh air, sunshine and music seems to work the best.

  18. “I was forgetting that my mind is my biggest enemy.” <—– You remind me SO much of Kara Goucher sometimes! You are stronger and better than you even know! Question: Do you always hit the treadmill for early morning runs or do you ever venture out into the darkness? I'm thinking of taking up early morning runs, but don't have a treadmill at home and am a bit worried about safety …. advice?

  19. Great post and very timely for me too. I was in a car accident almost two weeks ago. My car was totaled, I was hit from behind and bed rested with a neck sprain. I have a race coming up this weekend and was totally hating life and wondering why I ever run. It took a week and half to get back to running but with just one step outside, I was out of my moment.

  20. I really love this post and your underlying message. I recently got a fortune in a fortune cookie that said “You are the master of every situation.” I have it hanging in my office and look at it often. I call what you’re experiencing trying to be my own superhero. It is the small victories every day that make a big difference. Simply fitting everything in, or waking up early to run, or getting laundry folded and dinner on the table on time, etc. Hope you get some more answers from the ENT. xo

  21. Amen! You have the best attitude. We all need to take this road far more often than we do. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  22. Love this post! If my life is the sum of the choices I make, I choose to be happy and positive. Sometimes easier said than done, but that’s okay… we’re works in progress anyway. 😉

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