It’s no secret that I love nuun. It’s the only hydration drink I use before and after running. I don’t drink any other sports drink. Just nuun and water for this girl {and an obscene amount of caffeinated beverages}

I have become more and more obsessed with nuun since I ran Hood To Coast last year…..

I would have to openly say that it borders on an addiction. With a plethora of flavors you are sure to find one that suits you!

I love nuun so much I made my own custom NUUN zip up

Here is your chance to win a four pack of Strawberry Lemonde because a girl {or guy} can’t find their strong if they are NOT hydrated.

Don’t know what nuun is? Check out this post —

Tell me how you FIND YOUR STRONG and HYDRATE ON.


That’s all you have to do to enter.

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  1. I’ve used nuun for hydration since I read about it on YOUR blog! 😀

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  6. Nuun is on my desk at work, in my car and with me every major race as part of my prep routine. Keeps hydration level balanced when the heat gets crazy in the NC! Love love love Nuun!!

  7. I find my strong one mile at a time! I have used Nuun since I heard about it last fall following the Nuun HTC Team’s tweets!

  8. I find my strong each time I take the first step of a run. Mother nature, my body, and my mind all test me just to see what I am capable of and I push as far as I can just to see what strength I am capable of having. For hydration, I use a palm holder water bottle that’s extremely lightweight and convenient.

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  13. I tweeted: I just entered @MilePosts giveaway for @nuunhydration – you should too! #findyourstrongandhydrateon @saucony

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  15. And finally, I find my strong through my son. I want him to look at me and see a strong woman who has conquered a lot to be a good mother to him.

  16. Melissa (@StatOfLims) says:

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    (But the link you posted goes to Sparkly Soul who I also follow!) :)

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  19. Melissa (@StatOfLims) says:
  20. Can you believe I have NEVER tried nuun? I am dying to because I have heard SO many good things!

  21. I followed you on facebook! I would love some nuun, its so much better than the sugary calorie laden sports drinks!

  22. I have to admit I never tried nuun and would love to win, so I know what everybody is talking about!

  23. I follow you on twitter

  24. I find my strong through my desire to accomplish something new every day.

    And I almost want to get a twitter account so I can enter this more times…but I also find my strong through the simple peace of avoiding social media, not having a smart phone and leaving my cell phone at home most of the time. :)

  25. I’m now following you, I run this body and Saucony and already follow Nuun and I’m now like #995 on Facebook. I’ve heard so much about Nuun that I finally got some and absolutely love it.

  26. I find my strong by remembering why I started, how far I’ve come, and where I want to go … and hydrate with plenty of nuun! 😀

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  31. I was just told about Nuun from one of the men at the bike shop where I purchased my bike. I have been in search of something that would give me what I needed without being super sweet and sugary. The guy gave me some of his because they didn’t have any in the store. I tried it and now LOVE it!! I won’t try anything else! This is my one and only!

  32. I find my strong by lifting heavy & wearing pink (!) in a weight room full of meathead guys! I’ve never tried nuun – hope I win!

  33. I find my strong by pushing through hard workouts – like the 6-mile tempo run I just finished.

  34. I find my strong by accomplishing little goals each and every day that remind me how strong and powerful I am. We all have superpowers, we just have to discover them! (By the way, I found nuun because of you and LOVE it!)

  35. Every Friday night, as I prepare for Saturday’s long run, I down at least one glass of water with nuun. As I drink it, I envision myself on the run – where I’ll go, how I’ll feel, what I’ll do when doubt starts to creep in, and how I’ll stay strong in the moment. This process has really helped me stay strong as I make the shift from casual runner to long distance runner. I notice a difference in my runs when I don’t take the time to prepare physically and mentally the night before!

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  39. I find my strong by stepping out for a run, by reading running blogs, and by being the best person I can be. I find my strong by reminding myself to believe in who I am.

  40. I find my strong thinking about how overweight I used to be. I find my strong by thinking about my kids, and how I want them to be active and eat right, so they don’t have to go through what I did. I find my strong in my wife, who is my biggest fan (usually… ha!).

    I hydrate as I can. Usually coffee and Gatorade Pro before a run, water and Gatorade Pro during a run, and then some sort of protein based drink afterwards.

    I have been wanting to try this nuun stuff (just have not actually seen it for sale @ any of the places I frequent).

  41. I follow you and nuun hydration on twitter!

  42. I find my strong when I put in the miles and hit my paces. I normally just drink water but I would love to try nuun…especially the strawberry lemonade flavor. :)

  43. I think nuun is yummy!
    And I follow you on twitter!! :)

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  48. I just started using nuun and I love it! It is the only thing I can drink during runs and now I swear by it. All of my best runs involved hydrating with nuun

  49. I find my strong and hydrate on with water, but someone stole my water bottle just as I returned from my first 20 miler this weekend! Grrr.. would love to try some nuun!

  50. I find my strong by just knowing and realizing that my health and fitness is in my hands and no one elses. I also run for my family and kids, so I’m around long enough to enjoy life and theirs. I just discovered Nuun and am obsessed! Love the fizzzzzzzzz! :o)

  51. I find my strong by never giving up, and I hydrate on by, despite looking like a nerd, wearing my fuel belt to ensure water is always available!

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  57. My thoughtful husband gave me nuun in my stocking this year at Christmas! I’d never tried it before but now love it! Plus at the time my daughter ( 2yo) was saying that “Mama nun!” So its perfect. Nuun helps keep me hydrate all day long!

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  62. I find my strong by constantly challenging myself to get better and surrounding myself with people who motivate and support me. I love to hydrate with plain H20 or Nuun flavored water as well as sparkling water. You have to keep the water interesting! :)

  63. I’ve always wanted to try nuun, but haven’t found it in stores (and forget to order it online). I drink tons of water, so something with a little more oomph would be great as I continue training for my first half marathon!

  64. I just started drinking NUUN last week because I am ALWAYS thirsty despite drinking an insane amount of water. 5 NUUN filled days later and I am fully hydrated despite running each day and an alcoholic bevarage or two. I’ve never not been thirsty so this is awesome!

  65. I find my strong by believing in myself. I discovered nuun last year and would love to try this new to me flavor!

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  71. Never tried Nuun but would love to as I find my strong again training for MCM ’12! xo

  72. I would love to try nuun. I find my strong by pushing hard in the gym and on the trail everyday. I think to myself, “Am I tougher than yesterday?” If I want to be then I better work!

  73. I follow you on twitter!

  74. I bought Nuun on a whim once, because had it cheap on one of their Schwaggle deals. I almost had a heart attack when I thought I had lost my Nuun bottle – Nuun and water are my go to hydration staples! I also don’t drink any other sports drink. :)

    I find my strong by approaching each workout with a fresh attitude, no matter what happened in the previous workout. Every day is a new day, and you cannot let the previous day’s workout affect you if it was less than stellar.

  75. I have been dying to try nuun! I currently just down lots of h2o! :)

  76. I am learning to find my strong by starting in a training group- Running 101. I love the support, the encouragement, and seeing in one group how many different types of runner are out there.
    I would love to up my hydration capabilities by trying some Nunn!
    and I follow all those on twitter! @saucony @mileposts @irunthisbody @nuunhydration

  77. I find my strong one mile at a time. I would love to try hydrating with nuun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I follow @mileposts on Twitter.

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  80. I just started using nuun and I love it, it hydrates and doesn’t leave the sticky dry mouth that most sports drinks do! I find my strong everytime I put one foot on the road (or trail!) and start running, I find the strong woman inside me that I never thought possible.

  81. I find my strong and hydrate on with Nuun, citrus flavor — love the weird slightly salty flavor for summertime long runs!

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  87. I hydrate with a water bottle that never leaves my side during the day, and Nuun tablets during/after runs. I had to break the nuun with my teeth to fit it into the opening of a plastic bottle this weekend, and the fizzing in my mouth was quite the experience.

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  92. I just started drinking Nuun this year! I get my strength from God. When I have nothing left, He is enough. I get my hydration on with water and hot tea.

  93. I’m currently drinking Strawberry Lemonade Nuun.. it’s my favorite!!! Plus.. this giveaway ends the day before my birthday, so I think I have to win! 😉

  94. I just tweeted about it.

  95. I also follow you on twitter.

  96. I also follow nuunhydration on Twitter.

  97. WOuld love to find my strong by trying nuun…all the great blogging runners use it and I am dying to try! And now I am following your twitter updates!

  98. I find my strong by following a lifting regimen and watching my numbers increase! I have a hard time staying hydrated and I’d love to win.

  99. Also just started following you on Twitter!

  100. I just started using nuun and I think it helps me staying hydrated really good. I ordered an 8 pack of tri-berry, which I didn’t like much in the beginning, but I start to like the taste. Still, I would love trying out another flavor!

    I find my strong when going outsite to run even when the weather is not perfect! It costs me quite an effort sometimes, but after the run I feel great and strong!

  101. I carry Gatorade on any run longer than 5 miles. In all honesty, I have yet to try Nuun. I keep hearing wonderful things about and always mean to try it, but haven’t for whatever reason. Good luck me.

  102. I pink puffy heart nuun! Strawberry lemonade is my favorite flavor and I buy it by the BOX because I drink so much. I have an electrolyte related heart condition in addition to training for my first half marathon, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I drink my nuun. Loves it.

  103. Denise P. says:

    Find your strong is my current running mantra and I repeat it to myself when I’m feeling weak or tired and I even have it engraved on my Road ID if I need a reminder.

    I am still working on how to properly hydrate, I get indigestion towards the end of my runs, so I’ve been ruling out gels, blocks, drinks, etc to try and find the culprit.

    I’ve got a Ragnar relay coming up in less than 2 weeks, so not much time to experiment now, but I’m pretty sure Nuun is a safe bet, so I’m planning to pick some up tonight when I take a class at REI.

  104. At the end of a race or long run when you can’t imagine going any farther or pushing yourself any harder – that’s when I find my strong.

  105. I follow Nuun Hydration on twitter – and YUM strawberry lemonade!!

  106. I follow Saucony on twitter – and love their campaign :)

  107. I follow Mile Posts on twitter and read your blog all the time. So inspiring!

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  109. I follow your blog!

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  113. I am drinking nuun right now to help recover from my 800m repeat workout tonight! I love it! Tonight, finding my strong was taking it one repeat at a time.

  114. I became a nuun convert this year too. And this is my favorite flavor so thanks for the opportunity to win some. :)

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  118. I haven’t tried Nunn before. To be honest, I never heard of such drink until now and it definitely amused me! I used to drink stuff such as Gatorade, Pocari Sweat (my favorite), and other energy/electrolyte drink. Now, it makes me wonder how come I never came across of such drink, or perhaps it slipped my eyes.

    Thank you for this post – I’ll definitely try Nunn. I love the jacket by the way. Where did you get it customized? or did you make it yourself?

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  121. I like your FB page from mine Eat Run Sail

  122. I find my strong by looking at my 7-year-old daughter – even if I were to come in last place, she’ll always cheer for me. As for hydration, every morning begins with a glass of chia seeds + water.

  123. I find my strong by staying focused on my life goals.

  124. I find my STRONG by reminding myself that I’m running my OWN race and it’s up to ME to win it. I only hydrate with water but want to try and start drinking Nuun.

  125. I find my strong by incorporating strength training and cardio workouts into my weekly routine! And I rehydrate with Nuun, it’s my favorite post-workout drink. I’d lovelovelove to try this flavor!

  126. I follow you on twitter

  127. I already follow @nuunhydration on twitter :)

  128. I find my strong when I take that first step out of bed in the predawn hours to get my workout or run in, and I only hydrate with Nuun!!

  129. Christina B says:

    I find my strong by dedicating some runs to just running for fun, and not focusing on paces/distances/workouts. I hydrate with Nuun and also Crystal Light (the “natural” kind- it’s sooooo sweet but keeps me from feeling fainty).

  130. I find my strong by reflecting upon all of those who don’t have the opportunity to run, it motivates me to use the blessings I have been given and not take a single day or run for granted. Running fills me with such joy and freedom, and empowers me so that I can be strong in every other aspect of my life!

  131. I find my STRONG when I remind myself that I’m running my OWN race and it’s only up to ME to win. I hydrate by drinking water but would love to try Nuun.

  132. I find my STRONG by reminding myself I’m running my OWN race. It’s ONLY up to ME to win it. I hydrate with just water want would LOVE to try Nuun during my marathon training.

  133. Apparently I’m a bad runner/blog follower because I’ve never tried Nuun – but would LOVE the chance to! I usually stay hydrated with tons of water (with lemon!), coffee, and coconut water!

  134. I love nuun after runs! So yummy! I will have to try the strawberry lemonade flavor next.

  135. I find my strong through you and when pushing the running stroller with my 1 year old at 23 weeks pregnant! I think I need to try this Nuun stuff that all you bloggers rave about :-)

  136. I’ve actually never tried nuun, but have been dying to! With summer in New Orleans ahead of me, I need some serious hydration to get through those hot and humid long runs.

  137. I find my strong one step at a time. Sometimes those steps are easy and I am encouraged. And sometimes, it feels like lead. Either way, I keep coming back for more because the escape from the bleakness and feeling of being overwhelmed that accompany depression makes me strong! And I hydrate with plain ole water. Yeah, I’m a little old school that way =)

  138. I stick with water and Gatorade but I’m beginning I should try out some nuun

  139. I find my strong when I push through the first five to ten minutes of my run. As a beginner runner, it has been challenging at times to stay motivated; however, I enjoy the personal time and the way I feel after each run which in turn helps me stay committed.

  140. I always use Nuun as well! I’ve found my strong through running. I’m a weight loss success story (110 lb loss), and I’m currently training for my first marathon that is 24 days away!

  141. MaryBeth says:

    I find my strong by setting challenging goals for myself and doing anything and everything to achieve it! It is so empowering to feel STRONG and PROUD! I’ve been hearing so much about nuun lately and would love to try it!

  142. I want to try it!!! My friend loves the grape flavor. How do I find my strong? Never giving up, even when the conditions are less than ideal.

  143. I find my strong every time I wake up to go out for a run. I stay at home with my 2 kids, I homeschool them and work as a freelancers. Most of the time I feel pretty broke down…but in the morning, when it is quiet and I can lace up and get out…strength is what I gain to take me through the rest of the day.

  144. I hydrate with plain water, but you’ve been making me want to try nuun! :)

  145. I find my strong by practicing yoga: I always surprise myself on my mat!

  146. Already following you on Twitter (@poiseinparma)

  147. Already following @nuunhydraton on Twitter (@poiseinparma)

  148. I now follow @irunthisbody on Twitter (@poiseinparma)

  149. …and I now follow @saucony on Twitter! (@poiseinparma)

  150. I find my strong by running my own race in life and running, I also find strength in loving others, everyone has something special about them, I try to listen, quiet my mind of judgement and see the beauty in everyone.

  151. I have a hydration belt, haven’t tried Nuun yet though!

  152. Nuun is definitely part of my hydrating plan. Strawberry lemonade is actually my favorite flavor. I’d like to try some other ones, but I’m comfortable with the strawberry. I do feel like drinking Nuun keeps me running stronger and longer. I look forward to drinking it. I’d drink it all the time if I could, but I don’t.

  153. I love Nuun. I find my strong and hydrate on with mostly water but I have started to use Nuun.

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  158. I find my strong and hydrate with water and nuun! I usually drink water during long runs but always drink nuun as part of my recovery.

  159. I follow @mileposts (and strawberry lemonade is my favorite flavor of nuun so far!)

  160. I follow @nuunhydration

  161. I follow @mileposts

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  164. I like your facebook page

  165. I can’t wait to try nuun– right now i just use plain water or water with lemon and honey.

  166. I find my strong on my runs by staying committed to my original goal for the run. i.e. if I was scheduled for 1 hour , 30 minutes of running, I will complete that, even if it means I end up going at a slower pace than anticipated. When the going gets tough, I remind myself that I never know what I may be facing on race day, so I need to train for all conditions, both weather and mental.

    I hydrate on by keeping hydrated all the time, and especially before and after my runs. In the summertime, I hydrate during my runs. Currently my post-run hydration is chocolate milk and water, but I am really intrigued by nuun and all of the flavors that it has to offer. It also looks super-convenient, which is always a plus!! :)

  167. I started drinking Nuun after reading about it on your blog last year around the time of the Hood to Coast, grape and strawberry lemonade are my favorites! Fun contest

  168. I just followed @mileposts on Twitter…

  169. I just discovered nuun and am looking forward to using it to help me find that strong and carry on! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  170. I also follow @nuunhydration on Twitter…

  171. Jennifer Hansen says:

    I hydrate with Nuun too because I feel it’s the best compared to other sports drinks that are loaded with sugar and various other grotesque substances.

  172. I actually just recently tried Nuun for the first time this month and LOVE it!! :)

  173. I follow you on twitter :)

  174. I follow Nuun on twitter! :)

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  176. I follow Saucony on twitter too :)

  177. I tweeted :)

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  179. I followed you on twitter

  180. the link to follow nuun went to sparkly soul… but I already follow the nuun nation on twitter… love that stuff

  181. following irunthisbody on twitter

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  183. I am following 1080 on facebook :-)

  184. eevi aura says:

    I find my strong when I get up early in the morning and run as the sunrises. I find my strong as I attack hills while rain is pouring down around me. I’m running my first marathon in June and just ordered a pack of nuun to try out for the rest of my training.

  185. Scott N. says:

    I already mentioned on the headband giveaway thread that I find my strong by running for my family. With respect to hydration, I find my strong/hydrate on by drinking Gatorade and water beforehand. During long runs, I’ve recently carried a water bottle with Nuun in it and then refill it with water after it’s gone. I’d only done the Fruit Punch Nuun until Monday, when I bought some of the strawberry lemonade flavor. I hear the lemon lime is really good too.


  186. I Find my strong by getting out there. Still working on hydration. I hate Gatorade, so I usually use water. I’ll have to try nuun. Btw, how do you pronounce that?

  187. Stephanie says:

    I just used nuun today for the first time. I live in Florida and it is pretty dang hot already. I ran a 5k this morning and felt completely dehydrated and exhausted afterwards. I popped some nuun in my water bottle afterward and felt amazing after about 15 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so refreshed and energized..especially after running in the heat! Thank you so much for recommending this product. I would have never tried it if you hadn’t written about it. I’m going to try it before the race next time :)

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