2014 has been a year of learning for me. I’ve learned that there are times that I need to speed up and others that I need to slow down.

I’ve been practicing patience.  “patience is a virtue I don’t have

One way in which I have made a conscious effort to slow down is with my children. Earlier this summer I learned what it feels like to not see my little people every day {thankfully I am back with them.every.single.day}. They say out of pain comes growth and I can attest to that.

Today Colton and I stopped at a local run specialty store {Potomac River Running} to grab some Body Glide. They were working on the road near the store so we had to walk a bit farther than normal. This walk took us past all the “digger trucks” that were working on whatever was being done. He wanted to stop and watch the men work. I said okay, but grew impatient after a minute or two.

Me:  Okay you ready to go?

C: No momma I want to watch them lift the soil

A minute or two passed and I ask again. Ready to go?

C: No momma I like watching them dig

The me, from earlier in the year would have been slightly annoyed and would have pushed him to leave sooner than he wanted because I am SOOO busy – I have things to do. The me I am today knows this is life, this is what makes each day special. I’m only as busy as I make myself, and letting my son enjoy 10 extra minutes watching a truck dig some dirt is more important than whatever I think{or know} I’m so busy doing. Watching trucks is what he loves. Running is what I love. I don’t like being rushed while running, so I shouldn’t rush him. We all get a choice how we spend our time, we make time for what matters. If we don’t make time for something, then maybe it doesn’t matter. Colton matters to me.

Blog - Colton Digger Truck

For the past 5 years I’ve lived my life out on this blog. I’ve been embarrassed more times than I can count by past posts, at times choosing not to write because I don’t want to be judged on my journey of life. It’s silly really.

These are lyrics from a song I’m loving lately and it sort of sums up how I feel about myself at this moment in time…..


I ain’t tryna do what everybody else doing
Just cause everybody doing what they all do
If one thing I know, I’ll fall but I’ll grow
I’m walking down this road of mine, this road that I call home


10 easy pace miles this morning: 1:19:41 (7:57 avg)

  • mile 1: 8:06
  • mile 2: 7:57
  • mile 3: 7:54
  • mile 4: 8:06
  • mile 5: 8:12
  • mile 6: 7:53
  • mile 7: 7:33
  • mile 8: 7:39
  • mile 9: 8:15
  • mile 10: 7:45

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