There is no shortage of wipes in our house so I questioned why I would even need to use Shower Pill wipes. How were they any different than regular baby wipes or even other body wipes I have tried?

I first noticed when I pulled the wipe out of the box that the package was much thicker than other body wipes I’ve tried. When I opened the package this was confirmed. Rather than a thin baby wipe feel this was thick and felt like I could use it on my whole body with out it tearing in the middle.

I often do not have time to shower in the morning between getting kid one off to school and having to take kid two to pre-school or run errands before I have to pick kid two up. If I was feeling extra lazy the night before I might even have smeared eye make up still caked on.

I used the Shower Pill body wipe after two days of no showering. GROSS I know but I really wanted to see if this little wipe could remove the smell and make me feel fresh for the day.

I used it to remove my eye make up, which didn’t sting and actually removed all traces of make up. I used it to wipe down my body as I would if I was drying my body after a shower.

I was shocked that it actually worked. I felt fresh and clean.

I don’t know that I will be buying Shower Pill Wipes for weekly use but I certainly might keep a box handy for those days when I really have no time to shower or freshen up and I really need to get somewhere and look presentable. I also plan on bringing some with me when I run Hood To Coast with Team Nuun! If I still worked in an office I’m betting these would be perfect for post lunch runs.

According to Shower Pill these are the features:

  • Large, premium 9×8 inch moistened body wipes
  • Antibacterial and kills 99.99% of common germs
  • Alcohol free and infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Cool and discreet to go with your active lifestyle
  • Sold in box of 10 individually wrapped wipes

If you want to learn more about Shower Pill, a company that was created by three college teammates then visit their about page HERE.

Verdict: If you need a body wipe I would recommend this brand over other brands I’ve tried. I would also recommend this wipe over baby wipes any day.

Shower Pill is giving away one box of Shower Pill Athletic Body Wipes to one reader of Mile Posts.

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You can buy Shower Pill wipes on Amazon – coupon code RUNNERS2 gets you 10% off Shower Pill till 5/17/12

Disclaimer and Rules: I was not paid for this review. I was given a box of Shower Pill Athletic Body Wipes to test out. Sweepstakes is open to US residents only. One winner will be chosen at random. Sweepstakes ends at Friday 5/18/12 at midnight EST. Winner will be notified via blog post shortly after and has one week to claim their prize before a back up winner is chosen. For more information read the Mile Posts disclaimer page.


  1. This product sounds right up my alley – I love the idea of wiping off after a run or ride, so you can go out with friends without being so smelly! I followed @showerpill & tweeted, I already follow you. :)

  2. Seen these mentioned around online but havent had a chance to try them yet, would love the chance. I already follow you on twitter and I know follow shower pill (and I let them know you sent me). Thanks for the review and chance!!

  3. These sound great! I hate the feeling of dried sweat after a run and am often too lazy to shower right away, so these would be perfect! I follow you on Twitter and started following Shower Pill and told them you sent me. Thanks for telling me about these!

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  23. i would love a sample of these I work in downtown and there is a gym in the high rise but the shower never seems sufficient, and on long run days I sometimes do the birdie bath! I followed you both on twitter!

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