Today I am 30.

Today I am {still} a little kid.

I love birthday’s.

In celebration of my birthday I wanted to do something BIG.

Saucony agreed to help me celebrate by giving YOU the chance to win a FREE pair of running shoes.

Tis better to give than recieve.

As I say those words I hear in my head – words from one of my kids favorite movies – it says – we give not because it makes us happy but because we ARE HAPPY.

I am happy {and it makes me happy too}

Watch this video and tell me why YOU want to try the NEW Guide 5’s:



That’s all you have to do to enter.

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You can tweet: I just entered @MilePosts giveaway for @saucony Running Shoes – you should too! #findyourstrong

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* Please leave a seperate comment for each entry – makes my life a little easier! Thank you!



To learn more about the Geometry Of Strong – watch this video!

*Winner will be chosen randomly on 4/20 and notified via blog post. Winner has 1 week to claim their prize before a back up winner is chosen. Giveaway ends 4/19/12 at midnight EST.

If you haven’t yet watched the Find Your Strong Project Introduction video – you should!!


  1. I want to try the new guides because Saucony were my first ‘real’ running shoes and I was sad that the Ride 4’s were so different than the 3’s.

  2. i followed i run this body!

  3. I love the color! I’ve also never run in Saucony’s before and would love to try them out!

  4. i followed saucony!

  5. i tweeted about the giveaway!

  6. I follow @mileposts on twitter!

  7. I follow @irunthisbody on twitter!

  8. I follow @saucony on twitter!

  9. I like Mile Posts on Facebook!

  10. and ive sadly never tried running in sauconys…atleast not in the last few years since ive fallen in love with the sport! would love to give some of those bright colors a whirl :)

  11. …and I subscibed to Saucony on YouTube!

  12. I tweeted your giveaway!

  13. Laurel C says:

    I’d love to try the Saucony 5’s because I think the lightweight stability would be perfect for me and I’m interested to see how the 8mm offset makes a difference in the shoe! I love my Saucony’s, and can only imagine how amazing these shoes are!

  14. I follow @mileposts on twitter!

  15. Laurel C says:

    I like your Facebook page!

  16. Laurel C says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  17. Laurel C says:

    I follow Saucony on twitter!

  18. I follow @irunthisbody on twitter!

  19. I like Saucony shoes but have not had a pair for awhile and would like to try the Guides!

  20. I would LOVE to try these shoes because I need more support in the midfoot area and on top of that…I love how they look :) Best of both worlds!

  21. I follow @saucony on twitter!

  22. I like Mile Posts on FB!

  23. I follow you on twitter! @bessharrington

  24. Laurel C says:
  25. I followed @irunthisbody!

  26. I would love to #findmystrong in saucony shoes because (gasp!) I’ve never tried them!!!

  27. Laurel C says:

    I follow irunthisbody on twitter!

  28. I followed Saucony!

  29. I would LOVE to win these shoes! Everthing he said in the video I was like “that’s me!” – mild over pronator and a heel striker. I just started running about a year ago and haven’t tried Saucony shoes yet!

  30. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  31. I want to win the Guide 5s! For many reasons but one of them being that the guy in the video said all kinds of cool technical stuff that sound really smart and good for running.

  32. I would love to have my husband try the guide 5s. He runs in Saucony and loves them and I think this shoe would be perfect for him. I am always looking for ways to get him into running more, since he only runs about 2x per week. I think this shoe would help him to love running even more!

  33. I like you on Facebook :)

  34. Also I follow Mile Posts on Twitter!

  35. I’ve never run in sauconys before, and my budget is too tight to try a new shoe not knowing if it’ll work for me. I’d love a free shot at a new shoe!

  36. and I follow irunthisbody on the twitters

  37. I like Mile Posts on facebook!

  38. and I also follow saucony on twitter

  39. and I tweeted!

  40. It’s my bday too ;). Happy bday again!!! :) I am training for a middle distance physical test and doing a lot of hill workouts and mile to 2 mile repeats in different terrain, my current mizunos are good but seem a bit too heavy at times, I’d love to try something that gives me more flexibility, and is lighter to help me get faster and steadier

  41. And finally, I like Mile Posts on FB! Yay!

  42. I’m dying to try the new Pro Guide 5- I loved my 4’s and can’t wait to see what the 5’s are like!

  43. I also follow @mileposts on twitter!

  44. Happy Birthday!

    I’d like to try the Guide 5’s because I love, love, love running in my Saucony’s… just bought myself a pair of the Grid Cohesion 5’s, and I’m wildly curious what the major differences are between the two!

  45. and I follow @irunthisbody.


  46. I have never run in Saucony, but have heard great things about their shoes. Why not give them a try especially if they’re free!

  47. I like Mile Posts on fb.

  48. I would love to try the Guides because I’ve heard amazing things about Saucony but have never run in their shoes!

  49. I follow @Saucony on Twitter.

  50. I am following Mile Posts on Twitter!

  51. I follow Mile Posts on Twitter!

  52. Happy Birthday again! I would love to win these shoes for my little sister. (The Guide isn’t right for my subinating foot.) Anyway, my little sis is training for her first 5K right now and we are planning to run her first half together in January. She just graduated, has no cash and could really use these.

  53. I follow MilePost on Twitter

  54. I follow Saucony on Twitter.

  55. Tweeted!

  56. I like Mile Posts on Facebook!

  57. These sound like great shoes! I need a little support in my shoes but like the idea of the 8mm drop.

  58. I’m following saucony on twitter

  59. I’m following irunthis body on twitter

  60. I follow you on twitter too!
    Also: Happy happy birthday!!!

  61. Heather McAllister says:

    I followed @irunthisbody on Twitter – @hrmcallister

  62. adria biasi says:

    I would love to try this shoe because I am in the middle of changing my form to midfoot and it seems to be a good transition shoe with the rebound rubber, flexibility, and lightness :)

  63. Followed irunthisbody

  64. i like mileposts on fb

  65. I’m following mileposts on twitter

  66. First and most important HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I LOVE Saucony. I ran my last marathon in Kinvaras, though, and I think my performance was affected because my feet were killing me by the end. I am definitely looking for a good shoe that isn’t too heavy, but will also protect my feet a bit more for the long haul!

  67. I follow @mileposts on twitter (I’m @grumpylibrarian)

  68. I tweeted about the giveaway

  69. I’d love to try these because I need new shoes anyways, and Saucony is my favorite brand after wearing down 2 pairs of my beloved Kinvaras already.

  70. I follow you on Twitter!

  71. I follow @irunthisbody on Twitter!

  72. I follow mileposts on twitter!

  73. Heather McAllister says:

    I liked Mile Posts on Facebook

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  75. I follow @saucony on Twitter

  76. I follow saucony on twitter!

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  78. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  79. Heather McAllister says:

    I follow Saucony on Twitter

  80. I like your Facebook page!

  81. I need to find myself some new shoes that I can stick with as I find my strong. My little baby is now one month old and it’s about time to begin again :)

    Hooray for april birthdays! Happy birthday! Mine is next week.

  82. I would love to try these shoes as I’m currently dealing with shin splints — perhaps new shoes will help!

  83. I liked your facebook page!

  84. I tweeted!

  85. I’d love to try the Saucony Guide 5’s to try the lower heel drop!

  86. I like Mile Posts on Facebook :)

  87. Amanda C. says:

    I would love to try the Guides! They look awesome!

  88. And I follow @mileposts on twitter

  89. I would love to try the new Guide 5 because I’m desperate to experiment with my shoe choice. I’ve been running in the same style of shoe for two years and it’s just not true love.

  90. I like Mile Posts on FB

  91. First I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your 30s!

    I would love to try the guide 5’s because I have been a saucony girl since I started running.

    My Hurricane 10s (multiple pairs) took me from not really running at all to my first half marathon, and my guide 3s (multiple pairs) got me through my first full marathon. My most recent pair of shoes is looking worse for wear and I would love to try the new version.

    Sacuony help me find my strong.

    I also follow you and Saucony on Twitter.

  92. I like the Mile Posts Facebook page!

  93. I follow @Saucony on Twitter

  94. Heather McAllister says:

    I just tweeted “I just entered @MilePosts giveaway for @saucony Running Shoes – you should too! #findyourstrong

  95. I subscribe to Saucony on YouTube!

  96. I want to win this shoe because it’s lightweight and I like the 8 mm heel drop…..and I like the colors :)

  97. I follow Mile Posts on Twitter!

  98. Would love to try those just because they look awesome!! Happy birthday!!

  99. I follow I Run This Body on Twitter!

  100. I follow Saucony on Twitter!

  101. I tweeted the giveaway!

  102. I want to try the Guide 5 because it sounds like it has the stability I need as a mild pronator and I’m interested in the 8mm drop.

  103. I like Mile Posts on FB!

  104. And I subscribed to Saucony on You Tube…hope I win!

  105. Follow you on twitter

  106. Follow saucony on twitter

  107. I follow mileposts on Twitter

  108. Like your page on FB!

  109. I want to win the Guide 5’s because I have (gasp) never tried any Saucony shoes! I would love to see if I love them as much as so many other runners!

  110. I follow irunthisbody on Twitter

  111. I love Saucony! I’m currently running in my second pair of Kinvaras and can’t get enough Saucony. :)

  112. Also, happy happy birthday! :)

  113. I want to win the Guide 5’s because I (gasp) have never run in Saucony and I want to see if I love them as much as so many other runners!

  114. I want to try the new Guide’s because I’m pregnant and can’t wait to get back into training after this baby!!!!!

  115. Happy 30th Birthday!!! I’ve just started wearing some of Saucony’s running apparel and would LOVE to try out their shoes!

  116. Happy 30th Birthday!! I just started wearing Saucony and LOVE it. I’d LOVE to try their running shoes too!

  117. I’d love to win them because I’ve been dying to try Saucony’s shoes! I’m a Mizuno girl and wonder if it’s time to switch!

  118. I follow @mileposts on twitter!

  119. I own many pairs of Saucony running shoes because they are light, confortable and well cushioned against shocks. The new Guide 5′s are awesome looking and have some new improvements which I would like to test out to see if it will be my next favorite beater for long distance runs.

  120. I follow @irunthisbody on twitter!

  121. I follow @saucony on twitter!

  122. I like Mile Posts on Facebook!

  123. I like Saucony on Twitter!


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