Like listening to music while you run?

Multiple playlists are a good idea! On recovery runs, when runners are often tempted to run too fast, make sure your playlist includes slower tempo music and relaxing songs. Listening to songs that pump you up can lead you to running faster on your slower paced runs than you should.

Not sure what pace to run on your recovery runs? Check out McMillans Running Calculator, enter a recent race pace and a goal pace for your goal distance and calculate.

A good measure of the pace of your recovery runs is that they should feel VERY easy, almost painfully easy. Runners often fall into the trap of only running in their COMFORT ZONE. Get out of it. The only runs that should be completely in your comfort zone are easy runs.


Do you have different playlists for your runs? Do you prefer to run with or with out music?

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  1. Such a great idea. I’ve caught myself doing this with my mental playlists (I only use real music on treadmills).

    I have a few “racing” songs that I use to key in my cadence for tempo running, but now I’ll gather some recovery jogging type songs for easy days. Hello Norah Jones!

  2. I have a running playlist, race day, and speed playlist. I should probably do a recovery run playlist too.

  3. Good information. As a runner, I never gave the type of music to listen to when running a thought. I would just listen to the next song on my Ipod. Due to the information on your blog, I’m going to try to listen to the correct tempo music for the type of run I plan on .

  4. Loved this post! I always fall into the comfortable zone run. This morning I ran a speedy (for me) run outside of my comfort zone with some upbeat tunes :)

  5. I love listening to music when I train. So much so that if I forget my tunes or my battery dies on me I end having a more difficult workout. I love getting in to my own little world with the music in ears and lose my self in the run. Your advice on slower tempo music for recovery runs is well received. I am all too often guilty of training at the pace of whatever song I am listening to.

  6. I definitely agree. I have a playlist for each race distance and use them when I’m training – it’s amazing how much easier it is to pick up or slow down my pace based on what I’m listening too.

    I always think it’s weird that I struggle to run slower than my easy pace for recovery runs.. it’s nice to know I’m not alone :)

  7. I don’t run with music outside, but I usually do on the treadmill. Not sure if you’ve checked out but it’s a pretty cool website. You plug the pace you want to run in and it gives you a list of songs with beats that match that pace!

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