After I wrote my running goals post for 2013 I really started to analyze my goals and why they were what they were. I think introspection on multiple levels is what I REALLY need in 2013.

Here are my thoughts. random. raw.

Other than my 10 mile time my goals remained the same for 2013 as they were for 2012.

In 2012 I took my marathon PR from a 3:13 to a 3:11. While I love having a time that is two minutes faster it still isn’t the sub 3:10 I had wanted.

I didn’t race any half marathons so my PR remained the same. Not sure why I set it as a goal if I didn’t even bother signing up for one half marathon.

My 10K and 5K goals were after thoughts – I believed that if I PR’ed at the marathon the 10K and 5K would just follow. Problem was that I raced those distances when I wasn’t in peak shape – so they too remained unchanged from 2011.

The 10 mile distance was the only race that I had what I would consider a significant break through – taking my time from a 1:12 to a 1:06. Again – it wasn’t a focus – it happened as a result of being in shape for Marine Corps Marathon.

I know in 2013 I won’t focus on the 5K or the 10K. I don’t love either distance and while YES I do like racing them – I’m not going to train for them specifically so why am I writing them down as one of my BIG goals for 2013?

I do like 10 milers and half marathons but I should keep them as my goals only if I plan on training for them and signing up for them.

My marathon goal is close enough to my 3:11 that I think I can achieve it with decent training. What I keep asking myself is – will I be any happier with a 3:0X PR than I am with a 3:11 PR? Maybe – but it won’t be as a result of the time on the clock. If I am happier it will be because of the journey, because of the obstacles I will have to overcome to get there or because of the friends I make along the way.

So why does all this number talk matter?

It matters because I want to run the extra .2 this year. I don’t just want to be one of those runners that is so wrapped up in myself that I only care about achieving PR’s. This year I want to do more when it comes to running and I don’t just want that MORE to be MORE miles. I want it to be something that makes a difference in my life but also the lives of others.

The .2 signifies giving my all when I think I have nothing left. It is the .2 left after running 26 miles.

I’m starting to believe that when I am weak then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:10 – Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

I’m really weak right now. Maybe this means I’m strong? Or maybe it means that being strong or FINDING YOUR STRONG isn’t something that happens once – maybe it’s something that has to happen daily [thanks Tess].

So my goals have changed. It might take me a couple of posts to work through all the goals I have and I know it’s going to take me longer to figure out how to achieve them or maybe even do them period – BUT – I will figure it out. Step by step. Day by day. I will get there.

Here are a few of my revised 2013 goals:

  • I want to use all the strength I’ve gained stroller running, for good. I want to push a child who can not run in a race. My dream would be to push them for a marathon. I often see this during marathons and each and every time it brings me to tears.
  • I want to run a race for charity. I’ve never fund raised for a race before. I’ve always asked myself – why would I? Why would anyone donate to my cause? Having run 23 marathons it is not like I’m doing something out of my comfort zone by running a marathon. I always saw it as just asking people for money. I don’t like asking people for anything – much less money. I want to find a cause that means something to me and I want to find a running goal that takes me out of my comfort zone and combine the two by racing for a charity.
  • I want to pace someone in a race and help them achieve their DREAM BIG goal – whether this is running a marathon with a friend or showing up and buddy running with a girl at a Girls On The Run race – I don’t know yet. I only know that I want to be a part of helping someone get to the finish line.
  • I want to help two of my coaching clients BQ. Boston Marathon isn’t about the race. It isn’t about the bragging rights. It’s about something much much deeper. It’s about setting a goal for yourself and working towards it. It’s about picking yourself up and trying again, and again and again until you get that goal. I want to do everything in my power to help these girls get there.
  • I want to make a difference in the life of someone I do not know. I’m not sure now how or when, but I want to embrace the unknown in 2013.

I want to live by the words on this picture.

 At the end of the day – having a lower marathon PR does nothing to leave something behind. In 2013 I want to make a difference even if it’s a small tiny spec in the scheme of things.

Do I still want a sub 3:10 marathon? Of course. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. But I only want it if it comes as a result of making a difference and not as a result of an obsession with a time on a clock.

  • Jan 1: 6.2 miles
  • Jan 2: 6.2 miles
  • Jan 3: 4.2 miles

I will go the extra .2

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  1. I love all of the thought behind your revised goals. I’m glad you’re still putting a time goal at the marathon as one of your goals too. I will definitely donate when you run for a cause, and I would one day like to run for a cause or run with Girls on the Run too.

  2. WHO IS THE 2nd PERSON!?!?! :)

    Also, Love the Revised Goals.

  3. Krystin C. says:

    Great thoughts.. your goals are awesome! One thing we are doing around our house this year is to fill a jar up with good things from around the year then reading them on New Years Eve 2013, its little but it will help us remember all the good throughout the year! I have a feeling you could reach your PR for the marathon by running in the Eugene, OR marathon. Its flat and a beautiful course! ! I signed up for it this year, it will be my second marathon and am excited about the journey!

  4. This sounds like my friend Dorothy. Goals are a living, breathing part of you and they should change as you do – that’s the beautiful thing about them. And you’re welcome, always. xo

  5. totally inspiring… thank you.

  6. I love this! Marathoning took on a whole different meaning when I ran Boston. It took me so many tries to qualify and I wanted my Boston to be extra special. I lost my father to cancer so I linked up with the American Cancer Society’s Team Determination and raised money for the fight versus cancer during my entire Boston training cycle. On race day I carried a piece of paper with me, numbered 1 through 26.2. Each mile I dedicated to someone’s memory or in honor of someone still fighting that horrible disease. Each mile I looked at that paper, thought about that specific person for each mile and said a prayer for they person and their family during their mile. It was the best way I could ever imagine running a race, for something far bigger than myself and a number on a clock. I was able to wear an ACS singlet in the race and I will never forget a woman, bald and wheelchair bound sitting along the course who saw me and my team logo and who mustered all the strength she had to ring her cowbell and shout words of gratitude to me, as the cancer society helped her so much in her fight. I will never forget that moment for as long as I live. I hope you find your way and what you are looking for to make your 2013 sweet, but don’t dismiss the power of your presence on this blog, and the impact you can have on others. I bet you inspire more people than you can imagine!

  7. love you xoxo

  8. I like that idea! I thought about doing a gratitude journal but I always end up forgetting to write stuff and then cramming it in. Maybe there is an iphone app or something I could use 😉 Good luck in Eugene – it’s on my bucket list for sure!

  9. She isn’t a blogger :) I’ll email you xoxo

  10. Thanks Meghan that means a lot!!

  11. [x] The Extra .2, can apply to anything and everything!

    Keep up the inspiration!

  12. Those are some really inspirational goals. I think it’s great that you’re not just focusing on you with your goals but focusing on others.

  13. Beautiful post Dorothy! You’re so wise, giving is the greatest path to happiness. I am confident that you will achieve your goals and approach them just as you do everything else… with strength, courage and grace. Happy New Year! xoxo

  14. you’re a freaking badass. thanks for the inspiration. love that so many of your goals aren’t just about you. you rock.

  15. What a great post. Very thought provoking. It makes me wonder if you can’t be a runner who is wrapped up in chasing a pr while doing good with running, making a difference, inspiring people along the way – I know you have done it big time with your blog – you have inspired me in many ways. I know I am selfishly a runner who is wrapped up in chasing the pr. Running is mine and I will always run for me. I will chase the pr because it shows me that I am stronger than I think, that I can rise to the challenge and that I am capable of more than I think I am and in that challenge, I hope to inspire, to spur people on in some good way and to make some good difference because I believe everyone has more in them than they give themselves credit for. I want to be a running coach for just that reason. I want people to feel as good as I do when I run. I love that you have this ebb and flow with your goals – what a great process that is – while being true to who you are. Thank you so much for your thoughts, they really got me thinking, and once again inspired:)

  16. Natalia aka Talka says:

    Love!!!!! I love your revised goals!! Go Darcy!!!

  17. This are wonderful goals, Dorothy! You’ve inspired me to put together some goals of this type for 2013 also. :)

  18. Very thought-provoking Dorothy – thank you!

  19. Great blog post!
    You are on the right track to having a stellar year!

  20. I love that you really went back and thought about this. Life and running is about so much more than our PR. What an inspiring post. It’s making me think this morning :-)

  21. I love that you really went back and thought about this. Life and running is about so much more than our PR. What an inspiring post. It’s making me think this morning

  22. Great thoughts! Love the Corinthians Scripture. It is sustaining me these days.

    You like know I ran my only marathon to trample on child sex trafficking. I raised just over $3600. It was the only thing that got my through. For the kids!

  23. Great post! I am currently running two races with Team In Training. The fundraising is a bit nerve-wrecking my heart bursts everytime I get a donation.

    You can do it!

  24. This is such a great post! I love the thought behind the revised resolutions. I also want to run for a charity that means a lot to me and probably will in the near future. You inspire more people than you know.

  25. What lovely goals you’ve set. Best of luck to you in achieving them in 2013.

  26. These are fantastic, Dorothy! A great organization you could look into is Achilles International, at This could help you use your stroller-running-super powers use! Best of luck this year :)

  27. Lovely post! My dad has MS so it’s easy for me to pick a charity to raise funds more, and it’s always been a really powerful experience. I am blown away by people’s generosity. You’re so right that the new pr won’t make us happier, but there is so much satisfaction in setting and meeting goals, especially when impacting others along the way. Best wishes for 2013!

  28. You are so awesome! What great goals. I know I was more proud of raising money for Aids Clinic in DC that finishing my 1st marathon. Good luck with 2013!

  29. Love these revised goals, Dorothy – so much more outward rather than inward focused! Your other goals were great too, but I love that you left them up there and then revised them to turn outward – very inspiring to me as it’s so easy to get caught up in ourselves and our own lives. Thanks for an honest and thoughtful post. Cheers to 2013!

  30. Cathryn Ramsden says:

    I think this might be my Favourite post of yours. It’s challenged me to look again at my resolutions and see what I can do for that extra .1 (I do half marathons). I got chills at the thought of you pushing a wheelchair in a race, and if you wanted to pace me for a 1.50 half marathon, I would happily let you 😉

    This is a wonderful post. Thanks for making me think harder.

  31. This is so wonderful! I have been praying about how to use running to ultimately glorify God instead of myself, and I feel like this post is an answer to prayer! You are an inspiration. I love the girls on the run idea someone else suggested too.

  32. Come to NYC and coach me to a sub 2 13.1 at the 13.1 NYC! ;-D Love your new goals, they’re awesome. Be strong AND courageous!!!

  33. Oh, I love this post for so many reasons! Pushing someone in a race because they can’t run – yep, that got me! Running for charity – you got me again!

    I hope you will go to the above link and read about what I am doing. It is definitely something I never dreamed I would do. The training is rough. My body hurts. But I am running for my sweet daughter!

    Would you consider running for Rett Syndrome next year?

  34. You are always motivating and your new goals are great. Let’s sign up for a Northern Virginia race and you can pace me… I love running but anything over the 5k, I completely turn in on myself and ‘get tired’ and stop trusting my training.

  35. I would gladly pace you in a race up here!! PRR has a ton of them that are local to me. Pick one :)

  36. Great post! I ran NYC for charity in 2011 (and it was my first) and it was an amazing journey. It was tough at times, both running and fundraising, but so rewarding at the end.
    I love the concept of running the extra .2 in your training runs to symbolize the last .2 after 26 miles. I think I may start doing this! I will be running my second marathon in nov. NYC again!
    Good luck!

  37. I really loved reading this post, and I think your new goals are awesome. Especially the first one. I’m sure you saw like I did during Marine Corps the people pushing young kids during the race. It made me say to myself: quit your bitching and keep going. I just finished reading the book Run Less. Run Faster. and the introduction talks about making sure every workout and goal has a purpose. Your post made me think about that. Why are we really doing what we’re doing? And can we really expect so many races to end happily ever after with all the varying conditions, etc.? I love, love your goals and I can’t wait to read along as you accomplish them. P.S. I’ve run two marathons for charity and it was such a great experience. It makes it so much more meaningful. I ran in honor of people who had had cancer and I carried a list of survivors or those who had passed away with me on my run — one for every mile. During that mile I thought about them every step.Running for someone/something else makes giving it all you’ve got that much more important. Happy 2013. xo

  38. I adore your posts. I love how you speak from your heart.
    I admire your running and as someone who has sights on my third marathon this year, you are inspiring.
    I know you will find your strong again. :)

  39. The goal of pushing someone unable to run a marathon is so amazing. You seem like such a genuine, caring person. I wish you all the best with your goals this year. God bless and happy running!

  40. LOVE THIS!!! My best race experience where the ones I paced somebody to a PR or ran a 5k with GOTR, soo inspiring and better than any PR i ran.

  41. A while back I ran a race through one of South Africa’s poorest townships. What I saw there touched my heart in so many ways that suddenly running for a big, shiny medal or a PR seemed so… well, empty. ( That race made me feel exactly the way you feel in this post – it made me want to give my running more meaning. So I’m also aiming to go the extra .2 in 2013. And beyond. :)

  42. I love these goals. I love how they extend beyond and in a different direction than your original ones. And I love the idea of going the extra .2:) What a great post to remind me to have perspective, that it’s not always about the numbers:)

  43. Great post, Dorothy. I love the verse from Corinthians, and I think that your friend Tess is right – finding strength is something that needs to happen on a daily basis. I think we so often achieve one of our goals (running, spiritual, emotional, whatever), and assume that the feeling of strength will last, only to find that we are faced with new challenges. There are inevitable peaks and valleys, and the opportunity to continually make choices. It is challenging and empowering to know that God offers us His strength each day – we can’t do it on our own!

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