One of the benefits of larger races versus smaller ones, are the expos. The latest and greatest gadgets that haven’t showed up at your local running store are on display, as well as your tried and true favorites. The expo is always an experience in and of itself. They are fun to attend whether you are running the specific race or not.Denver Insta 1

The last two 1/2 marathons I have participated in have been the Rock N Roll Chicago 1/2 and the Rock N Roll Denver 1/2. As a city, I love Chicago but the Denver on course race views are unmatched. I shared some of my pictures of the race on my instagram page but will include more in my race recap!!


The expo itself was a blast – I really enjoy talking to other runners and hearing their stories. I felt grateful that I had the opportunity to meet other runners who visited the Mazda booth. It’s interesting to me to learn what got people in to the sport of running and what keeps them motivated to keep on going. IMG_1381 IMG_1384


One of the many cool things in the Mazda booth {besides the free popcorn, cucumber water, and wind machine} was the wall of inspiration. Throughout the expo runners write on stickers what makes them a #gamechanger, why they are running, or how running has been the game changer in their life. The wall gets taken apart at the end of the expo and brought to the finish line, where they put it back together at the free t-shirt station. It’s neat seeing runners come up and find their stickers post race, especially if the race was their first half marathon.

Denver 2

Mazda recently launched the Game Changer website which allows runners to virtually tell their story, much like the expo wall of inspiration. 5

I honestly have no clue how many half marathons I’ve run {one of the many things I wish I had kept track of from day 1} but I do remember my first half well. I had never run the 1/2 distance before, so completing 13.1 miles and finishing faster than my family thought I could was a huge accomplishment. I can’t tell you how many runners told me they were JUST running the half. There is nothing JUST about a half, I think it’s a long way to go and anyone who completes that distance should be proud of themselves!Denver Insta 2


I had a short live tv interview with a local tv station. It’s hilarious to even type that. Me, the girl who couldn’t walk up in front of her class without literally dripping with sweat and shaking from being so nervous, on tv – live. Running has empowered me in so many ways, I hope it does the same for you. xoxo Dorothy

If you are running any of the Rock N Roll races in Vegas next month come say hi at the Mazda booth – I’d love to meet you!!!

Denver 6



  1. I thought this was going to be a real post. Its just a commercial. Boo.

  2. Very cool! I love Denver, but I’ve never raced there.

  3. Not a commercial Angela :) I worked in the Mazda booth so it’s an accurate post about what it was like. I’m sorry you felt otherwise. Have a good night!

  4. I had never been before!! Well I had flown through the airport before – but that doesn’t count. I’m obsessed with the pictures I took on course – so beautiful and peaceful out there!

  5. Sounds like a fun time for you! I ran the Denver RnR Marathon a couple of years ago. At the expo, I found a new light gadget to wear on my arm or leg when I run in the dark on the streets.

  6. looks like fun I always love the expos. Are you running DC this year?

  7. The expo and race in Denver was awesome! I’m ready to go back next year :)

  8. Fun! I love how different all the expos are. I would LOVE to run a race in Denver!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Angela you are a dumb ass if you thought this post was a commercial.

  10. I would LOVE to run a RNR 1/2 somewhere espeically a place like Vegas or Denver but it’s doubtful traveling to those places is in my future :) Maybe one day you can do the RNR in Nashville! That I could travel to!!!!! :)

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