I find it hard to write a blog entry after I’ve taken a little break from writing out my thoughts online.

So much to say – I don’t know where to begin or if what I have to say even really matters in the scheme of things.

I’m not sure if it is because it’s the beginning of the year or if it’s just how I feel right now but it seems as if hundreds of thoughts are swirling around in my head every day. It’s been hard to focus on some things in my life and oddly easier to focus on others.

I like to analyze my life, some would say overanalyze. {OK YES I over analyze} At one point in my life I wanted to stop THINKING so much – I’m now embracing that this is who I am, it’s how I have always been and it’s unlikely to significantly change in the future. I’m learning to like ME for me.

In analyzing I realized that in 2013 I spent more time talking about running than I actually spent running.

Trail Jan 2014

Blah blah blah right?

We each get 24 hours in a day and it’s our choice how we use those hours. I’ve decided right now that I want to “talk” a little less about running and focus more on the actual running.

Though I love blogging I often find myself tired of talking about myself. I’m not perfect – I am not the best runner out there – I do not have the most interesting life and I have fallen off the healthy wagon more times than I care to count or admit. When I’m high on life I love helping others by giving advice, but some days giving advice feels like the last thing I want to do or should do. I guess in a way I am finding myself not only in my actual life but also figuring out where I fit in my online life. I think {right now anyways} my strong desire to share my thoughts on the internet with people I don’t know is because I want to connect. I want to share my experiences in the hope that maybe my highs and lows in some way encourage someone else in their running or health journey.

I love learning and I love sharing and that is why I come back to this corner of the internet month after month, year after year. Simply put I want others to find their passion, like I have found mine.


Last week was my first 70 mile week in I don’t know how long and I’m pretty proud of it. Today I’m focused on feeling good and being happy. Running 70 miles accomplished both of those things.

This morning I ran another 10 miles on the treadmill. After 2 weeks of double digit weekday runs I’ve decided I feel better and am more productive when I run longer.


Less than 100 days till Boston Marathon. That simple fact makes me smile. I love the marathon distance – it’s like no other to me.

I like to play would you rather games with myself to pass the time.

Would you rather run a faster marathon and run less or would you rather run more and run slower. The answer for me is always more – I love the marathon too much to only want to run 1 or 2 a year. I already have 5 marathons picked out this year that I want to run. Just like running 70 miles made me happy – so does the thought of running 5 marathons.

Which would you rather when it comes to racing? Quantity or quality OR do you think you can have both?


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  1. I think that you CAN have both quantity and quality if you are careful. The easy days HAVE TO BE EASY. You also can’t go in too fast and it is a build up. I got myself injured for not listening to my very own advice – was excited to see a post from you today :)

  2. Right now I have to choose quality over quantity, because of many different typical life factors – namely: Races are expensive, I have 3 young kids, a wonderfully supportive but busy husband, I work full time and want to make sure I can balance my life, take care of everything/everyone, and still take care of myself. That being said, after a year of serious running (preceded by a year or so of casual running) I have only run two half marathons and would eventually (soon?) like to run a full mary. This year I am focusing on getting faster, stronger and doing a couple (few?) more half marathons. Still not sure when I’ll do the full but only time will tell. Definitely by the time I’m 40, which is.. not too far away. Eep.

  3. I love to read your posts. I run, it’s not always easy, sometimes life, sometimes excuses get in the way. I would like to run all my life. For now I would love to be able to have both. Quality and quantity. Keep on writing about yourself, because I need the inspiration and the example.

  4. When it comes to racing, I think we can both have quality and quantity. I myself also do run because it makes me fit and healthy. It is so nice to know that there are still people who loves running.

  5. I think quality for sure, but I also believe it’s a personal thing.

    I like doing all things slow, but I also recognize that sometimes we don’t have a choice.

    You mentioned overthinking and not wanting to do that. I have this problem too. A lot of worry and anxiety over what is objectively not such a big deal. On most days, I’m on top of it, but some days…

    When my own thoughts start becoming a pain in the butt for me, I use spokentext.net to create a sound file for myself. The sound file itself is usually a mantra that gets repeated over and over. For example, I’ll open a text document and write “stop overthinking”. Then copy and paste it 1000 times. Then spokentext.net coverts it an MP3 file for me. You can even choose different voices. It’s free by the way. Then I listen to the file while I’m doing stuff around the house. Whenever I want to have negative thoughts, my mantra interrupts the thought pattern.

    When I go out, I play it using an audio player and Bluetooth headphones (shameless pitch as I work for a headphone company).

    Sometimes I’ll choose the JD Salinger / Franny and Zooey mantra even though I’m not particularly religious, other times I’ll go with a Buddhist mantra, or simply create my own. Like “breathe, relax, radiate love, repeat.”

    This way, I slowly throughout the course of the day, restore my sanity.

  6. Since I’m just starting out at the marathon, and will only be doing probably one this year (although I was really hoping two) I guess I’ll choose quality. Time restraints and other commitments are currently restricting me from being able to do as many races as I’d actually like to do. Hopefully next year, I can choose quantity, though!

  7. Good to see you back on here but I know what you mean. There have been times in the past I felt like I “should” blog more but I came to the conclusion that I will never be one of those bloggers. It is not a priority. And yes, I would rather be running than just writing about running!

    In answer to your question- it’s tough! I like quality and quantity. I guess quality is a little higher on the totem pole. If I can work in a race in my training that is ideal so I get a little of both.

  8. I’m a very competitive person so I would choose faster over more often and it’s generally how I approach racing. I race far less than many other bloggers and pick maybe 2-3 races a year that I’d like to perform optimally in and train with those in mind all year. I would love to race more but I’d be mediocre for my own standards and I would hate that, after all I get just as much pleasure from a run on my own as I do from a big race.

  9. I’d like to think I have a happy balance on running fast but also running more. While I don’t do 5-10 marathons a year. I had 3 AWESOME marathons last year with 2 of them 8 weeks apart (and both were PR’s). I think that it’s possible to have quality and quantity if you do it smart and do what works for YOU and not other people. I’ve never been a high mileage runner, its something I am going to work on trying this year once I get my base back from a few weeks off.

  10. All miles are quality miles (kinda). I’d rather run more and run slower. My ultimate goal, if my knee ever lets me run regularly again, is to run a race that will qualify me to get in the lottery for a chance to get into Western States. Even if my knee said, yup, you can start running, I’d be starting over, but it’d be worth it.

    Right now, I’d take 1 mile at 13 minutes over the 1/4 with pain that makes me stop that I had a lot of since September (the knee was surgically repaired already, but the permanent structural damage was already done).

  11. Ultimately you have to do what makes you happy. I’ll race a fair amount this year, at least two 50kilometer races and then plenty of races ranging from 10k-half marathon, maybe another road marathon. The truth of the matter is that physiologically your bodies goal is to keep you alive and if it feels threatened, you don’t rest enough, your body will shut down systems/limit you by messing with your metabolic processes. You can race five marathons, just be careful (and happy!). With the race calendar as it is you could race year around, you know when your body needs breaks, and it’s important you take those.

  12. Quality or quantity…good question – I think it depends on the day for me!

  13. I completely understand that running, over writing about running, has to be a priority. But I will say, just in case you’re not sure, that you are *definitely* succeeding in your goal to inspire some of us with your posts – I come to your blog regularly to feel motivated, excited, to learn more about running – your ramblings have kept me going when I hit a slump, have been a wonderful haven for me when I just want to nerd out about running but am surrounded by non-athletes (the kind who think that runners are “crazy”), and have generally been inspiring for my longterm running plans. I haven’t done a marathon yet, but reading your posts makes me feel brave enough to dream for one. You are definitely helping me find my passion — your little corner of the internet is definitely very motivating. Of course you need to do you, and you should only write when writing feels valuable and helpful and reflective for you – but I just want you to know that your posts do matter and do make a difference, in case you’re ever in doubt : )

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