It’s raining today, which makes me happy. Who on earth likes rain? ME.

When it rains, it slows things down, and I’m not just talking about the traffic. I don’t feel bad if I have a to-do list a mile long and only a quarter of it gets accomplished. I snuggle my kids more and worry less {we do a lot of snuggling in this house in case you can’t tell}.

I’m not feeling particularly deep today so I won’t yammer on about water, rain and the like, but I will say that I imagine it washing away the bad/old and letting the new parts grow. When it rains I feel like part of me is being restored or cleansed or something of the sort.

It was REALLY pouring this morning so I decided to make my way back to spin class {it’s been awhile}, even though I kept feeling a pull to run to outside. I’m going to attempt a long run this weekend and knew if I went outside I would want to run a double digit run. I don’t think at this point my legs can handle a long run plus a double digit run right next to each other. I’m either being a wimp or realistic – jury is still out on which.

I couldn’t place the spin instructor for a bit this morning but realized once she lead us through a very soothing warm up that it was the yoga teacher I like. The class was good – I’m not complaining BUT I need LOUD music in spin {the kind I know all the words too} – I need something to distract me from the pain – I need motivation to push myself to that deep place inside. Her class was good but not my cup of tea for what I want to accomplish right now. So far the only teacher at LA Fitness that I really LIKE is Tyrone. Blog 9-25-3

Last summer I ran 1 20 miler before Marine Corps – 1 {it’s almost embarrassing to admit this} – 1 and ended up 2 minutes off of my PR when I legitimately thought I would be lucky to go sub 3:30. My dream HUGE goal for that race was to PR the course – I had a friend who popped in and ran some miles with me {when racing I don’t like people running with me} and I think the fact that I was so relaxed and having fun with him by my side, just made everything click. I did a bunch of analyzing post race and decided that spin, pilates and boot camp classes got me in crazy shape and I didn’t even know it. Spin with Tyrone is like speed work – my breathing is beyond labored and I look at the clock every 5 minutes wondering how I’m going to make it through an hour. I can run an hour any day of the week and it’s no big deal. Spin takes me out of my comfort zone.

80 minutes of spin {got there early to warm up and not a soul was in there – score – not a fan of gym selfies but no one was there and I was happy} followed by 2 miles on the treadmill – 7:15 average. I don’t like the treadmills at my gym – I’m not a fan of the tv on the treadmill thing – It makes me dizzy to watch it while running – I liked it way back when gyms had the TV’s on the wall and you had to tune your radio to the right station to hear what they were saying.

Colton had a great day at pre-school {he always does} and now he is up with his grandparents in Maryland, spending the night alone for the first time. I’m happy to only have two other little people in the house {less fighting, less to do} but at the same time, I already freaking miss him. YEP I’m that mom – not sure when it happened but it did. He really has me wrapped around his little tiny finger. I put him in skinny jeans today – he calls them his tight pants – I think I’m going to refer to jeans as tight pants from now on – cause really – that’s what they are. Colton is like the kid from Jerry Maguire – momma did you know that dirt is called soil? AHHHH I love him.

Blog 9-25-1

I’m crushing on purple lipstick right now – NYX – Power Puissance is my color of the day. I look half asleep in this picture and it’s likely due to the fact that I wish I was asleep right now, or curled up on the couch drinking tea watching a movie. Oh and you see that in the background, that’s the bike trail I LIVE ON. I literally live on a trail – it’s a dream that came true and it makes me happy every day whether I go running on it or not.

Blog 9-25-6

Lunch was salmon, pumpkin seed oil {first time trying it and HOLY yum – a little goes a long way}, and kabocha squash {which I may have burnt just a tad – oops}.

Blog 9-25-5

Miles baseball was cancelled – don’t tell him but I’m secretly happy I don’t have to drive all around because Eric is working late – so far Chloe’s soccer practice is still on…..I love running around with 8 year olds, but today I really wouldn’t mind if that was cancelled too. Oh and I feel happy today – I mean really though – how could you not be happy when you are wearing flower Dr. Martens? It’s the little things in life….right? BUT really – I feel drastically better than yesterday. Yesterday I was on the verge of tears all day, so much so that I had a glass of wine at 3pm.

Blog 9-25-7

I snuck a pic on my way out of the gym. This will NEVER get old to me. Thankful for all my running friends at Saucony & Competitor. Pic is blurry because I literally was like – hello this is cool – lets take a picture in a millisecond or less because I don’t want anyone seeing me do this. :)

Blog 9-25-4

Those are my random ramblings for the day. I hope you had a wonderful day!

xoxo Dorothy


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