Protein, much like places like GNC, has always seemed like something that was for the boys. I wasn’t a body builder and I didn’t want to gain weight, so why would I go to GNC and why would I drink protein shakes?

Last month I was in a bad place mentally, had gained weight and was feeling weak – so I figured what the heck. Why not try protein? I needed to make some drastic changes to what I was doing and this seemed like something that could work.

One of the proteins I’ve been using/taking is the Vega Sport Recover Performance Protein in the Vanilla flavor. I drink it immediately after [within 15 minutes] finishing a run to aid in my recovery and to give my muscles the nutrients they need in that important yet short post workout window.

According to Vega this protein will improve strength, build and repair muscle, and reduce recovery time between training. While I usually am sceptical of such claims, I would have to agree.

One of the main problems I was having this month was feeling sore all over after only running 4 miles pushing the kids in the triple. The weight of my little people is at 109 lbs and the stroller is at least 15 – so combined it weighs  more than I do. When I would wake up the next morning my body felt stiff and sore. Muscles I didn’t even know I had felt tired and I was discouraged. Finding the will to get out of the house was hard.

If I had any hopes of wanting to push them for more than 4 miles at a time and train for a marathon this summer then recovering quickly was going to become key. I couldn’t take a day off after every stroller run.

I didn’t notice a substantial difference the first week I started drinking protein shakes but after about 7 days I quickly felt the effects of the added protein.

I happen to like the taste so I didn’t mind slurping it down post run. I recommend that you drink it with in 10 – 15 minutes of mixing or there is settling at the bottom of the cup and it doesn’t look very appetizing. I also recommend putting it in a water bottle or container and shaking to mix. If you mix it with a spoon you have to mix vigorously to get it all to mix together. I also happen to like the consistency of it, which seems to be a major complaint of protein powders.

On days that I wanted to turn this recovery drink into my breakfast I would mix it in my GNC Blender with 1 cup of vanilla soy milk, 1 cup of frozen spinach, and ice cold water. It might sound gross but I really do enjoy the way it tastes and it makes me feel like I am starting my day off on the right foot. I firmly believe that what I eat or don’t eat for breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. If I eat a well balanced, healthy breakfast with enough calories I am more likely to snack less through out the day and eat clean foods for lunch and dinner. On days I eat junk for breakfast – I almost give up. I know I should just start fresh from that moment on and eat better the rest of the day but my mind just tells me to give up on the day and eat whatever I want.

At 120 per serving I’m not ingesting extra calories by taking this protein supplement which contains 25 grams per serving. I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat yogurt, and I rarely eat meat. I do eat plenty of nuts and try to get my protein from whole foods but the truth is that I am quite certain I don’t get enough.

Drinking various different proteins has helped me recover quick enough from my am stroller runs that I can now fit in nightly double runs and not have my body feel wrecked the next day.

Yesterday’s Workouts:

My body feels good this morning! Ready for another triple stroller run……..

Verdict: Protein not just for the boys [it doesn’t bulk you up]. GNC not just for body builders [great for runners too!]

If you would like to try Vega Vanilla Recover you can find it at your local GNC or online at

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. this looks awesome and i really want to try it! especially since it is plant based. i feel like it’s hard to find good recovery protein drinks that are vegan (i always drink a soy latte, but i know it doesn’t have nearly as much protein as i probably need). my only question is when i looked it up on GNC’s site all i could find was a container that cost $69.99 … yikes. do you know if they sell smaller sizes in the store?

  2. i’m right there with you because GNC scares the daylights out of me! Maybe I need to give protein shakes another try. Thanks for the gluten free recommendation.

  3. Denise P. says:

    Sprouts and Mother’s Market – and I believe Whole Foods also carry Vega products. So you may want to check the price at one of them. I know Sprouts has individual packets of it as well so you can try and flavor before you invest a ton.

  4. I’ve always been so dubious about protein shakes making me all big and fat. Hmmm. Maybe I should give it a whirl…I’m just not sure. I agree with Heidi, the whole GNC shop terrifies me!

  5. @Jessica I’ve been eating Vegan for a little over a month now, and finding a good supplement for my Whey protein was one of my top priorities. I tried Vega and loved it (besides the price) and I am now taking Plant Fusion ( , it has 21g of protein per scoops and 8 more servings. I bought mine for only $36 compared to the crazy expensive price of Vega.

  6. GNC isn’t bad if you find an employee that knows what they’re talking about, but I’ve had huge issues with the majority of GNC’s not carrying the product I want, i.e. Both GNCs in my town don’t have Vega and the other issue that I run into is that I am usually smarter the the person behind the counter. I would check out other supplement stores that require their employees to have a nutrition certification.

  7. @Dorothy thanks for posting this. I have to put up my review of Vega soon. I really loved their product but just cant see paying $50-$60 for just 22 servings. I found Plant Fusion ( for only $36 and it has 21g of protein with 30 servings in the jar. I’m glad you like Vega, but I just can’t see myself paying almost $3 every day for one scoop of protein powder.

  8. @Alex – she obviously gets paid to write these reviews and she probably gets the product for free. If she didn’t, she would have written about the price – that price is absurd!

  9. @landon what are you comparing that price to? Other vegan proteins or whey/animal protein powders?

  10. So funny that you wrote about this, because I’ve just been experimenting with protein powders the last few weeks, too. I always assumed they were for weight lifters but I’m realizing the benefits, especially as a mostly vegetarian. And my favorites so far have been the GNC chocolate soy and the Vega vanilla as well.

  11. I’m really interested in this. I’m a sugar addict, and I was wondering if I upped my protein intake would it help me calm down my sugar cravings …

  12. Landon – I was not paid for this review. There are 24 servings in a bottle. I have a Gold Card [which I bought at my local GNC] – which makes this $55.99 during Gold Card week – $2.33 per serving. I also happen to think this stuff works [and tastes yummy] – so when the bottle I was given for review purposes runs out – I will be driving to GNC to buy more :)

  13. I have been drinking this stuff every morning after my run, I live by this protein powder, it does help me big time for recovery!!! This is the best powder I have ever tried, I have tried so many due to being a vegan. LOVE IT.

  14. I use Vega products as well and order thru

  15. agreed I use my vega after all my workouts in a yummy green smoothie…and while I’m not pushing a 109lb stroller I think I still need it 😉

  16. I started drinking protein every morning and it helps me to feel full longer and aso I recove faster. I haven’t gained any weight since I start using it.

    In regards to commenting: the last few weeks it asked me to log in, but I didn’t had an account and had to create one. Now it;s easier with just entering email.

  17. Have you tried the powder alone mixed in milk/soymilk or water, and if so, did it dissolve okay, and how was the taste and texture? I have some hemp protein that I’ll occasionally use and the gritty texture always bothers me, even in smoothies. I’m wondering if the Vega protein would be any better.

  18. To watch your protein intake is really great advice. I’m in training for a 10k and have been feeling really burned out after my workouts. I too needed a day or more recovery. I eat a vegan diet and when I think about it, I have been a little sluggish with my protein recently. It’s surprising I didn’t think of that as a reason for my sore muscles.

    Other than that I just wanted to let you know, that everytime I really don’t feel like going for a run but kind of ”have to”, I go to your blog for motivation. Works every single time. You make the whole running thing sound super amazing!

  19. I think this is a great option for getting more protein in my diet. I am vegetarian, so am aware of getting enough protein in and I like to start my day with a protein shake after my run. I have been using the Chocolate Vega and will have to mix the Vanilla into the morning rotation!

  20. This looks really awesome one and I think a lot of people should be aware with this kind of information.. Anyway, thanks and I hope you can post more too..

  21. I had been thinking about adding protein recovery drinks as I’ve been feeling sluggish too – but I’m still trying to lose the last bit of baby weight so didn’t want to add any more calories. Thanks for your insight! I also don’t have any idea how you do it – I push a double stroller with a car seat and I cringe every time I see a hill or know I need to pick up the pace. Good for you!

  22. love Vega! we love making a “sludge” out of it. we have showed it many times on the blog, but we mix one scoop with very little water to make a think consistency.

  23. candice says:

    I just bought this in store at vitamin world. It was $51.00. Pricey but I am hoping it helps get me to the next level with my running.

  24. Let me know how you like it Candice!!

  25. What do you use this *sludge* for? Or do you just drink it thick? Send me your blog link :) if you get a chance!!

  26. We use the sludge the same way you do with your shake, just instead of adding a lot of water, we add just a little. So it is more like pudding, we enjoy after we workout or as a snack. We got a new blog –, but our old blog was
    Hope this helps!

  27. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely adore Vega products. I’m a vegan and I’ve been making protein smoothies every morning with the chocolate flavor for the last month and I can definitely tell a difference. My recovery time is faster and I just feel better overall. I know it’s pricey but I feel like its worth every penny. I’m so glad you reviewed this product :)

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