Every December my motivation to train starts to dwindle…..

The temperatures outside dip and the treadmill does not seem like a necessary evil just yet.


After reading EMZ’s treadmill tips post {http://www.mile-posts.com/2013/12/10-tips-for-beating-treadmill-boredom-runemz.html} – I decided that I had to mix up my treadmill runs to make them bearable and to find my treadmill mojo again.

I wanted to try out some of the programmed workouts that are on my Landice Treadmill.

Whenever I doubt something will be hard I need to remember that I always get my a$$ handed to me. Don’t doubt a workout should be my new mantra.

I knew spin would be hard when I first tried it but I had NO idea what a crazy workout I would get from it and that in the first class I would question how I was going to make it an hour with out my legs cramping or having to stop. Same with pilates – how could simple movements make you so sore that you have a hard time walking straight for days?

Same happened with the treadmill workouts.

Each of the workouts automatically starts at 20:00 minutes and 5% max incline. You can change all the variables so I increased my top speed to 8.0 and kept the incline at 5% and bumped up the time to 30 minutes. 30 minutes seems doable considering I ran a marathon last month – right?

The fat burn workout was fun – 30 minutes seemed to fly by faster than it normally would and I liked that the slow portions were MUCH slower than I would normally go. Just when I was getting tired of running fast then it would switch to uphill and just when I was sick of uphill it would move back to a flatter level and slower pace. Each segment is 1:30 seconds long with some segments doubling up for 3 minutes. Either way – it felt like more of a workout – rather than just plodding along on the treadmill – wishing I could run in a warm sunny location.

Yesterday I decided to move up to the intermediate workout AND I nearly died – which feels like a slight exaggeration now BUT was certainly how I felt during the run. I was honestly worried I might just shoot off the back of the treadmill. At one point it had me running my top speed of 8.0 at a 5% incline. Mental games weren’t working and 3 minutes felt like an excruciatingly long time. I know I will do this workout again ONLY because I now feel like a wimp that it really hurt and I want to be able to do it and not feel that hurt.

The positives of the programmed runs were that I felt like I was getting in a decent workout/run – rather than just adding some junk miles to my week. I also wasn’t as bored as I normally am on the treadmill.

Marathon training begins in January and in the mean time I’m on the hunt for a good TV series to watch. Dexter, Weeds, True Blood, Shameless and Homeland have kept me entertained for the last few years…..and I can’t seem to find another one I like as much as those. Suggestions welcome!

Have you tried out some of the programmed workouts on a treadmill? Thoughts? What are some of your favorite ways to find your mojo on the treadmill?



  1. My hubs broke our treadmill :( We have to get the deck stabilizer (I think) replaced and we just haven’t done it yet. Running outside is definitely going to be difficult so I hope we get it fixed sooner rather than later. Once we get it fixed I’m going to have to give the programmed workouts a try!


  2. You need to watch Friday Night Lights!! The main storyline centers on Texas football, but even if you aren’t a huge football fan, you will still LOVE the show. The themes the show projects are wonderful, and I think you will especially appreciate it being a parent. Bonus: there’s 5 seasons, so there is a lot to keep you entertained!

  3. I hope to try some of them when I get back to full time running! still slowly coming back from injury but I have really wanted to try some of these workouts. My husband has done some of the pre-programmed hill workouts on the treadmill and really likes doing those!

  4. Downton Abbey is a winner! So addictive :)

  5. My treadmill is too dinky for programmed workouts, but that’s okay because I make up my own!

  6. I wish my treadmill worked like yours. My programs don’t allow overall top speed changes like yours. The top speed is 5.5mph, so, I have to manually adjust speed each segment if I want to ever run faster than 5.5 mph. The sad part is my old treadmill worked like yours and I just assumed that all treadmills worked that way. I now know to pay attention to the programs as setting a program and just letting it take control is so much nicer than constant manual adjustments.

  7. Have you tried Revenge? It’s very much an ongoing story but it starts fast so if you start at episode 1 it’s pretty easy to get into but definitely a “fun” show rather than deep material so time flies on the treadmill. I like Nashville for treadmill runs too but songs are included and I listen to country anyway 😉 Dexter and Homeland were my favorite shows so I’m not sure anything lives up to that kind of hype but also Castle and Blue Bloods. Obviously I’m a treadmill tv addict…

  8. YES! Friday Night Lights! LOVE IT!

  9. It is only on Netflix. Orange is the New Black. Jenji Kohan is the creator / director. She also created / directed Weeds. Awesome show ! Only one season is out right now.

  10. I ran 18 miles on the treadmill on Sunday and watched the first 4 episodes! It was great. I also love that it takes place in the summer and the beach scenes had me daydreaming about sunshine and the beach! :)

  11. My treadmill (at the gym) does not have programmed workouts. I try to get outside as much as possible but sometimes the treadmill is the only option. I watch TV (something on my iPad) but it has to be something new so it keeps my interest or I put together a new playlist with new songs on my iPod. Both of those help to pass the time for me :)

  12. I’m in MN, our temps have been hovering around 0 for the past few weeks. I hate when the treadmill is my only option BUT it does make me work harder since I have the time staring me in the face. I have given myself a goal to PR on my 5m noon hour run which I have done, now I’m just challenging myself to continue to cut time. I have to have a goal of some sorts or I will go insane!!

  13. I’ve been watching Breaking Bad while on the treadmill. Based on your other show choices, I think you’d like it too.

  14. Try watching Reign! I’m loving it for treadmill runs.

  15. I ran off my postpartum baby weight watching GILMORE GIRLS on my dreadmill! Dialogue is so well written and very witty…I think you will like! Otherwise Breaking Bad and Mad Men if you weren’t already hooked!

  16. You should watch Prison Break (available at the library) or Downton Abbey, which a new season starts in January! I Love Lucy is another great series if you like a little humor when you run.

  17. Yes, and my treadmill about kills me every time! I don’t know why it’s so hard. When the TM tells me I’m running a 9:30, I can barely breathe and my legs look the coyote from Road Runner. If I run a 9:30 outdoors, I’m fine. I don’t get it. However, the workouts are true butt kickers…so I’m always going back for more!

  18. Carl J Samuelson says:

    Fantastic show.

  19. Carl J Samuelson says:

    The aforementioned “Orange Is The New Black” is a fun show.

    If you didn’t see “Lost” the first time around, I triple-dog dare you to watch it.

    Same thing for “Fringe”.

  20. Ditto to Friday Night Lights; I also just watched the first two seasons of Hart of Dixie and it’s quite charming.

  21. I’ve tried the different workouts on my tread and they sure do make the time go faster. I’m learning to enjoy the treadmill more now that I’m using the workouts that came on it. I wish that some of the workouts would be more realistic though. Some are too hard and the rest are too easy. Never a happy medium – so I guess its good that you can make them harder or easier as you feel.

  22. I loved Weeds and Homeland. Tried Breaking Bad due to all the hype, but couldn’t get into it. Have you tried House of Cards (Netflix only, 1 season), Longmire (1 season on Netfix), and Sons of Anarchy?

  23. I’m new to running and found your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading several of your posts, including this one.
    I loved Dexter and Homeland too, but also loved Suits. Give a try.

  24. Hi Sheila – welcome!!! I’ll check out suits :)

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