Capital Area Runners will host the first inaugural Crime Solvers 5k this Sunday, August 4th at the Fairfax Corner Shopping Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

Race time is 8am.

Course is certified and includes a FREE kids fun run at 8:45am!!

For more information visit the Crime Solvers 5K website —

 Crime Solvers 5K

About Capital Area Runners:

Capital Area  Runners (CAR) is a DC metropolitan area club that was founded to provide group training opportunities for highly motivated and competitive minded runners of  all ability levels. They meet for organized workouts 6 days per week with the Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday sessions open to all comers, and the Tuesday,    Thursday and Friday sessions open to registrants in the CAR Distance Training Program. They have a current membership of 150+ runners, most of whom are training for distances ranging from 5k through the marathon. For more information on CAR, visit their website.

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  1. My husband and I were just looking for an area 5k to run this weekend. I wish we were close enough to go and run this but that is QUITE a drive :)

  2. I have never run one of these ‘specialty’ events before, but I love how they get people out there, having fun and getting moving. Some people put them down, but anything getting bodies in motion is GREAT IMO.

  3. This is just a regular old 5K :)

  4. Ah, I misread it as a ‘fun run’ crime themed thing … oh well, in our area the involvement of local organizations brings out folks who might not really even ‘run’ just to support the effort. Whatever works, eh?

  5. Are you running it? My husband is running this one, and I’m watching the kids. I’m doing South Lakes in a few weeks. :) A good friend of ours is on the Crime Solvers board, and, of course happy to support CAR!!

  6. I love 5k runs. I started at 3k and then did a few 5k’s already. Hope there are plenty more of this activity. I’m trying to pursue the 15k soon. :)

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