This week is a whirlwind running week.

When people ask me what I do for a living or what I enjoy I typically say – all things running – which makes sense to me but maybe not to them. I do love all things running. There are parts I obviously love more than others but really I love it all.

Every year I am on a special committee that volunteers at the ACLI Capital Challenge race in DC. While working at Moving Comfort I had the privilege of meeting some pretty awesome men and women who have contributed to the sport of running in more ways than I could even begin to count, or relay to you. One of those people is Jeff Darman, the race director of the Capital Challenge. Jeff knows that I am one of the biggest running geeks around so a couple of years back, rather than hiring someone to pick up the special *running* guest for his race he asked me if I wanted to taxi them from the airport to their hotel. The race guest that year was Meb Keflezighi.


In subsequent years I’ve gotten to pick up Bart Yasso, Dick Beardsley and Meb and his brother again. The day I get to pick up the special guest and the following day, when I volunteer at the race, truly are two of the most fun days out of the year.

Bloggie 115

This years guest is Ryan Hall and this time not only am I picking him up and taking him to his hotel – I’m also staying at the hotel and driving him to the race tomorrow morning. For a non runner this is NO BIG DEAL, but to me it’s HUGE. Let’s pretend that runners are celebrities, because in my eyes they are. Imagine you had to pick up a singer or actor and drive them around! You would be EXCITED. Now you know how I feel right now. Nervous, excited, and praying I don’t get lost taking him to the race in the morning.

Ryan Hall

Then as if this week wasn’t already REALLY great – Saucony asked me to come lead the group run at the Fit Blog Event that Fitness Magazine is hosting on Thursday. The run says you get to run with a special Saucony athlete. I have joked that I am not special but I do consider myself an athlete. Either way I’m excited to be asked to lead the run and even more excited to meet some awesome fitness and running bloggers!

Fitness Magazine Instagram

I leave Thursday morning for NYC and will be back on Friday. Last time I was in NYC was for the Women’s Running Cover shoot. I swear I love that city! I’m praying I get to sneak in some time to see some of my friends from high school and college who live up there! {have I used enough exclamation points in this post?}

Running - Womens Running Cover No Pictures

Oh and to make the week EVEN better, I won an entry into a local 5K this weekend. So Saturday morning you can find my tired legs at a race with the best family a girl could ask for.

Got Your Back 2013

I’d say this week is going to be pretty AWESOME!!!


**If you have little kids you know it takes a village and a very patient family to make weeks like this week possible. I’m so very thankful that I am surrounded by people who believe in my dreams and help me make them come true!


Are you attending #fitblognyc – did you sign up for the Saucony run? What would you ask Ryan Hall if he was in your car today?

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  1. Sounds like an incredibly amazing weekend!! Have a great time!!

  2. Wow girl! That is an amazing week! I’m so excited for you! Have such a blast! :)


  3. says:

    I am dying for you! So jealous! Enjoy every minute, I live Ryan and Sara!

  4. I can’t wait to run with you at #fitblogNYC I’m so excited now I can’t wait till Thursday!!

  5. Congrats on all of your awesome opportunities this week! Very exciting :)

  6. I love that picture of you and Meb. It’s so comfortable, like y’all have been friends forever. You have the coolest job ever! I can’t wait to see pics of you and Ryan! I like how I think I’m on first name basis with our celebrities :-)

  7. bethp262 says:

    So cool that you get to meet and drive Ryan!!! Very exciting!!! I think I’d ask if he has a favorite race distance; what is the most important lesson he’s learned related to running/training; where he sees himself in ten years.
    Have a fun week!

  8. Wow. I am beyond jealous that you get to pick up running celebrities and drive them around!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  9. Sounds like quite a week! Hope you enjoy every second of it!

  10. That is sooo AWESOME!!! All of it :) You are so Blessed :) I love Ryan and Sara Hall, they are both inspiring in their love for the Lord and their gift of running. I would ask him what has been one of the most profound revelations He has received from the Lord while running? I find my runs is where I can hear clearly from the Lord and receive great revelation. I know its a spiritual question but I know they both are open about speaking of their faith. Have a great week!! :)

  11. Oh and one more question: When will he run Boston?

  12. SOUNDS FREAKIN FANTASTIC!!! WEEEEEEE!!! I am so excited for you!

  13. What a neat opportunity! I would love to be able to pick up an Olympian and take them to an event! I don’t even know what I would say.

  14. Oh my goodness, I think if I had to drive Ryan Hall around I’d be driving 25 the whole time and triple checking my blind spot. What a fun thing to get to do. If I were in the car with Ryan, I’d ask him how he deals with injuries and setbacks mentally and if he has any tips on how to cope with those setbacks. Have a great week!

  15. I would ask Ryan Hall about INJURIES. Specifically how he knows when to run and when not to run when something feels off, and how he feels about taking NSAIDS for pain.

  16. I am very envious of your week! I think going on a run with a group of fitness bloggers would be a lot of fun! And picking up Meb, and now Ryan! Very cool!!!

    I ran in the We’ve Got Your Back 5K two years ago. It was a great family event! I won’t be able to run it this year though. Bummer, ’cause I’d love to meet you! Enjoy!

  17. Wow! The word awesome only scratches the surface of how great your week is going to be! Can we trade weeks? :) If I had a chance to spend some time with Ryan, I’d love to hear more about how he pushes through pain and parts of his races where he feels he can’t keep going. That is not something I’ve mastered yet but I think most of it is mental. Have so much fun!!!!

  18. How AWESOME!! I hope you have a great time with Ryan– can’t wait to read about it. Wish I could go to the group run– good luck

  19. So awesome! I would be super excited/nervous. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  20. I know what you mean about being excited by running celebrities. I got very excited just being in the same race as Haile Gebrselassie, when I ran the Berlin Marathon in 2008. I didn’t see him out on the road, of course, because he finished two hours ahead of me in a world record time!

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