It’s months away but I am already excited, something I try not to do. [get excited about far off things in case they don’t actually happen]

Hubby booked a beach house at the Outer Banks of North Carolina!! It will be our 2nd family trip to the Outer Banks and I am REALLY looking forward to making this a yearly tradition.

Looking at the pictures from last year is making me wish I was there already…..

Do you have a yearly family tradition? What type of memories do you think are important to give your children?
  • 5 1/2 more weeks till B & A Marathon and 11 1/2 till Boston Marathon – I have a feeling 2012 is going to be even better than 2011 was.


  1. My family and I have been going to Panama City Beach, FL every summer since I was a baby. The family from Alabama would also meet us down there. We always had such a great time seeing each other, having fun and enjoying the beach. I definitely treasure that time with everyone and look forward to it every year. I know just how you feel about getting excited months in advance!

  2. I LOVE the Outer Banks! One of the professors in my department owns a beach house there and he lets us grad students rent it really cheap when his family isn’t using it.

  3. I LOVE the OBX. I did a half iron in Nags Head last year and I can’t wait to go back. This year the race is in September, so we’re heading that way.

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah I am so jealous!!!! You have a countdown going, don’t you?? 😉 That sunlight looks so amazing… *sigh*

  5. have so much fun this summer in OBX. I am slightly jealous. OBX is my all time favorite vaca spot.

  6. Yay! You will have a blast. I wish we could fast forward time. :)

    We have pretty much gone to Williamsburg,VA every year for the past 20. There are times where I opted out but my family is so small that it’s really important to spend time together. Yes, there are times when we are completely at each other’s throats but hey, no family is perfect, right?

    I don’t have any kids but when I do, I know it’ll be important to remind them that family time is worth cherishing. I would also want to take them on hikes, have fun playing in streams and to love the outdoors as much as I do.

  7. We go to Virginia Beach every year. My parent’s have a vacation home there that they rent out, so we go one week in the summer. Since our family has gotten so big (I have 5 siblings, 5 of us are married, 12 grandkids…) each family with kids rotates a year. So we go every year since we’re sans kids except a puppy 😉 It’s the best. We love it. Our important memories with the nieces and nephews is taking walks on the beach, playing in the ocean and the pool, and reading books. It’s my time to really be with my nieces and nephews, and I really try to connect with them. ALSO, I RUN A TON!!! Beach running is so hard! NO trees for shade, hot and humid!!! Your pictures are great!

  8. You guys look so happy in those pictures, I’m sure you will have a great time again this year!

  9. We head to the beach (California) ever year for about a week and I love it! We have made so many good memories there with the kids and I look forward to many more.

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    Thanks Christine!! I can’t wait :)

  11. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    So fun – I used to go to VA Beach when I was little. I need to add that to the list of where to take my kids. From your blog it looks like you are an awesome aunt :)

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    **Sun** ahhhhhh

  13. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Mine too 😉

  14. YAYYY! Such a fun vacation, can’t wait to see the pictures from 2012 trip. Event though it’s still a few months out, you have something really awesome to look forward to :)

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    I will drink a margarita in your honor when I am there :) xoxo

  16. How exciting!

    I am trying to build family traditions in what we do. One that seems to have established itself is an annual trip to Oahu for a race. It used to be the Race for the Cure 5K but now it is the Wahine Half Marathon. I also try to do regular slumber party nights with my darling daughter where we sleep on the pull out bed in the living room instead of our bedrooms. It doesn’t cost anything but she gets super excited about it and tonight is the night! Plus, I make her an annual year book of photos with Snapfish and she is old enough now that she is beginning to be part of the process. I hope future years her involvement will continue to increase.

  17. we also go to the Outer Banks every summer! My parents took us there every year and now i”m continuing the tradition with my kids. We love it!!! :)

  18. I will be going to Raleigh, NC in March or April, not sure how far away Outerbanks is from there but I’d like to go and see the beach :)

    I just tagged you in my 11 Random things on my blog. You don’t have to do it if you don’t have time to but, if you do, enjoy :)

  19. OBX marathon in November is my favorite so far but I haven’t done Marine Corps yet. There is so much to do there and they go all out to let you know they are glad you came. Best prayers I have ever heard before a race.

    I haven’t been there when it is packed out during the summer, we usually go to Ocean Isle, NC…love, love, love beach vacations with kids, still enjoy them with my grown-up daughter.

    I’m glad you have this vacation to look foward to during these cold days of winter.

    Hope you’re feeling 100% real soon1

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    Thanks Paula – I’m feeling MUCH better!

  21. I cant wait!!

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    @ Amanda:
    Me too! I’m already planning in my head what I want to bring :) I think we should bring crafty stuff this time and make things at night :) What do you think? xoxo

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