One of my favorite running bloggers asked me in 2011 if I had any desire to run NYC Marathon. I told her no. Yes but no. One year I ran the last 10 miles of the course with my mom to meet my uncle at the finish, another year I ran in an old cross country teammate to the finish of her first marathon, other years I have worked the expo for both of my previous employers, and still other years I have cheered on thousands of people I didn’t know. The race looked fun but VERY VERY crowded and I said I didn’t want to run it till I didn’t have time as my main goal.

After she spectated NYC in 2011 she said she wanted to run it sooner than later….which got me thinking…..

I had so much fun with #teamwatermelon at Marine Corps Marathon a repeat performance at NYC might be fun!

On New Years Day I was looking at marathon stuff online and noticed an article on NYC and how the marathon raised their entry fees this year $60 – $255 for a US resident that is not a member of the New York Road Runners, $347 for an international runner. It was in that moment I decided I would never fork up $255 for a marathon. The marathon I am targeting this spring B & A marathon is $50 – while much smaller – it just seems insane to me to pay over $9 per mile to run NYC. [CLICK HERE to read the article]

But as I have learned many times in life BUT OFTEN FORGET – my feelings change, my thoughts change – my plans CHANGE.

That night we headed out for dinner to Chipotle – when we got there it was closed. We headed to a local pizza place, Flippin Pizza, only to find that it had closed down permanently. We drove to another pizza place called Manhattan Pizza as our last ditch effort for a meal out.

When I parked I looked at the mileage on my car [I don’t typically do this] and saw it said 20602 [26.2 in my eyes!]

When we sat down after we had placed our order Miles handed me the number you put on your table. 11. I asked Eric if he did this on purpose.

When we walked outside to get in the car – I looked at the sign Manhattan Pizza again – I snapped a pic and said to Eric I think I should run NYC.

I felt like I had just decided something BIG.

The next day while waiting in the pre-school line to pick up Miles I looked up what the guaranteed entry qualifying times were. 3:23 for my age group – nice.

Old Qualifying Times

Then I noticed a red statement that said the rules are changing for guaranteed entries in 2013.

In 2013 the marathon time I would need to run is 3:00:00 – ummmm hello?!? That’s nuts. A 23 minute drop?

Turns out that so many people are now running marathons that they predict in 5 years if they kept all the different ways to gain guaranteed entry the same – there would be no entries available via the lottery system. So they had to make dramatic changes.


This made my decision easy.

Last week I got this little gem of an email —


See you in November NYC!


  1. Congrats to you, that’s exciting! I saw that they were making a huge drop in the next year, too… I guess that makes a little more sense. Should be an awesome race!

  2. I LOVED NYC. I am totally all about seeing signs pointing me into the direction to make decisions about things I’m on the fence about. Sometimes I think my husband may think I’m nuts :) Girl, 2012 in NYC is meant to be! It is VERY crowded but it was SO much fun. People say it is better than Boston, but honestly I think it is impossible to compare the two, they are both so wonderful for their own reasons. I totally recommend the Runner’s Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral the night before the race. It doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or not, it is SUCH an amazing sermon and the Priest who gives it runs the NYC marathon every year. It will bring tears to your eyes. I wrote about it in my race recap ( You will SO love this race!!!

  3. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    YAY – thanks Molly!! I’m excited about it – pretty sure it won’t be my *target* marathon for the fall so I don’t care about the crowds just want to enjoy the race instead of stressing about a time!!! What race are you doing in the fall? xoxo p.s. my husband thinks I am nuts

  4. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Thanks!!! I’m so excited and it only made sense to run it before they dropped the times to *near impossible* 😉

  5. How exciting!! I’m in the lottery & waiting with bated breath!

  6. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    @ elle dubya:
    Good luck!! My husband is the lottery too – fingers [and shoes laces] crossed you both get in :)

  7. I love our mary, but the cost is now so much, I just don’t think I can stomach it.

  8. It sounds like something every runner might put on their “to do” list for their lifetime.

    I could see maybe getting that itch someday.

    I think those qualifying times are CRAZY. You are one of the fastest runners blogs I read and for you to think 3:00 is fast. I am just blown away how crazy that time requirement is!

  9. Congrats! That would have made me decide the same thing. On that note, I wonder when we find out if we got in through the lottery — which is how I applied! I hope I can get an email saying, “I’m in!”

  10. YAY YAAY YAAAY YAAAAY! That is so exciting, CONGRATULATIONS! I am in for the lottery (yes I know it’s only like 8% chance) and am crossing crossing my fingers! I want to do it SO bad. I’m so excited for you!

  11. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    @ Ericka @ The Sweet Life:
    I think they let you know after April 23rd :) Good luck!!!

  12. Congrats!

  13. Congrats that’s awesome! I entered the lottery for the second time this year, I’m hoping beyond hope that I get in but if not, it’s not meant to be this year. I hope you have a fabulous time with it!

  14. Dorothy…the new york marathon in the world. Hands down . I. wrote about it in november..go read the post! Trust me this race worth it. and with the fan support I bet you’ll be able to pr regardless of how crowded it is. It’s amazing! Seriously go read my post!

  15. YAY!!!! So happy for you lady – sounds like it was destined to happen 😉

  16. Congrats!!!! Enjoy!!! I don’t think I could handle the crowd. I was completely overwhelmed at the MCM, but NYC is even bigger. Good thing you are so fast, you will run away from everybody :)

  17. NYC is on my bucket list for someday. I would have signed up for 2012 if I were you too! It looks like the stars were aligned :-)

  18. That is so exciting! It’s definitely something I would recommend as a one-time thing. It takes about 5 hours pre-race just to get there. But considering you have qualified and it’s going to be even more difficult in the future, I think you are making a very smart move. I can’t wait to track you on Race day!!!!

  19. I’m just catching up on my blog reading! How exciting!! I’ll be cheering for you on the streets of Queens :)

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