Over the years I’ve driven various different cars, from a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera given to me by my great grandmother[who at age 101 is still alive] with a total mileage in 1998 of 10,000 to a green Jeep Grand Cherokee, that used to be my father-in-laws. To be honest I’ve never been much of a person who really cared about the type of car I drove, just that it got me from point a to point b.

My dream car was my blue Jeep Wrangler my dad bought when I was in college. I loved that car. When I’m old, retired and my kids are out of the house, you will probably find me driving from trail to trail, sweaty, in an old beat up wrangler. Until that day comes I’ve had to trade my soft top for a more sturdy vehicle, after all the safety of my kids is more important to me than feeling the wind whip through my hair on a warm sunny afternoon in early fall.

No offense to any moms or dads out there who drive mini-vans but they just aren’t for me. I’ve been in some nice ones and can I see some of the benefits, but it’s the one thing I’m not willing to compromise on when it comes to what I drive. I might even rather that old Oldsmobile than succumbing to the typical *mom* car. Thankfully car manufacturers have moms like me in mind when they design cars that are essentially minivans, only raised up and given the label of Crossover SUV’s.

This weekend we became the proud owners of a 2010 dark blue Chevy Traverse. I love this car.
The best part about the whole car though really doesn’t have much to do with it’s awesome features[onstar, xm radio, gps, captains chairs, 7 seats] it was looking down and seeing 199 on the odometer, knowing that I have run more miles in 2010 than this car has driven. I know very soon it will pass my mileage by leaps and bounds, but I’ll still remember the day that I was in 1st and he was in 2nd.
Just call me competitive.


  1. Staci Dombroski says:

    YAY for the new car :)

  2. lol I feel the same way about vans – I will forever be an SUV woman 😀

    congrats on the new car 😀

  3. Congrats! Love it!

  4. gmontalvo13 says:

    very nice!

  5. Clint Moore says:

    Yep, Chevy Traverse is one good car model for moms. It has more space than any typical SUV's with its third row seats, which is very useful for family or long trips. Great choice, Dorothy. Oh, and speaking of Jeep Wrangler… It's pretty cool a woman like you digs it.

  6. Flavia Casumpang says:

    Although it's not a minivan and it's had some mileage blues, this car is a comfortable road tripper and is lighter than all 4WD vehicles. I just have a question about the transmission: is it normal for 4WD's to have difficulties in maintaining speed manually?

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