In two days we move. I can’t wait. Not because I am excited to be in our new house but because living out of boxes with three kids is miserable. Today they turned off the cable/internet/phone EARLY. I love it when companies that are really hard to get a hold of and basically NEVER do anything on time decide that they will do something that you don’t want them to do, before you want them to do it. Figures – right?

I’m trying to keep up my running – 54 miles last week in 5 days felt PRETTY darn good.

10 single stroller miles Monday, 5 triple stroller miles Tuesday and 5 single stroller miles today.

I’m happy BUT if you happen to catch me in the line at Starbucks the only words coming out of my mouth right now are complaints – SO BEWARE. {yes I gave up Starbucks for 21+ days but sometimes when you are stressed the only cure is a venti iced soy latte – I’ll go back to trying to kick my habit later}

I’m worn the heck out.

Non runners lately have been saying to me – well maybe it’s the running that is making you tired. Running is the only thing giving me energy right about now. If you ran – you would understand.

Today on my run I felt EXTRA bitter than I was pushing a stroller. I kept trying to focus on how much I love Colton and how much I love spending one on one time with him even when that time is spent pushing in him in the stroller and searching for birds for him to yell at, but all I could think about was how I wanted to write a RANTING post about why I run with a stroller.

If you ask me if I can get up earlier to run with out my kids I may just dream of punching you in the face. YES happy Dorothy just said that. I don’t run with my kids because I love pushing 110+ lbs of kids and stroller. I don’t run with a triple stroller to prove how strong I am – or to get a killer workout – or for any reason that anyone might come up with. I do it out of necessity because I want to run THAT bad.

My husband leaves at o-dark-thirty – if I wanted to run solo I’d be getting up in the 3’s. NOT HAPPENING.

SO my only choice is to run with the strollers or not run at all. I know myself and I know if I wait till 8 pm when they are in bed[the only other option since the treadmill is packed] – I won’t go. I’ll be too tired and I’ll reason with myself that sleep is more important than running because honestly MOST days sleep is more important than running.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be less stressed [not likely] and maybe the weather will cool down [not likely] and I’ll be a little bit happier about running with a stroller [not likely]…..

I promise I’ll be back to believing all this stuff soon……

Do you have those days when no matter how hard you try to not be stressed and be happy it actually FEELS better to just give in and be just a {tiny} bit bitter rather than be happy?


  1. I’m 100% having this day today. Tomorrow is a new day. And I had starbucks today too :-)

  2. This made me laugh – thanks for being so real :)

  3. Breath in. Breath out. Then find some bubble wrap to pop or tear up a cardboard box. It’s cathartic and a lot less destructive than anything else you might want to do :)

    Take this as a compliment: you are completely and totally normal. Moving is stressful for anyone and can test the bounds of sanity of even the most put together person.

  4. I’m sorry your feeling stressed. You complain a lot. Stroller running is hard and your not the only one who does it. Get over it. You will look back on these days where you should be enjoying your kids and have many regrets about what you say on here. No TV OR INTERNET? OMG! How about spending that time outside or in the basement with your kids? You are on the computer 24-7 according to Twitter. Spend more quality time with the fam and you will be more appreciative of what you have. You have it all and don’t even know it! Be happy again!

  5. so agree I would die without coffee!!! I am cranky because I haven’t run in a week!!! and non runners make me cranky too:)

  6. Yes hell yes I feel like that sometimes. I think its healthy to vent though. Sometimes its worse if you bottle it all up and try to brush it off. Hope your weekend is better!! Being in the new house should lift your spirits a bit 😀 till then, sending lots of love your way Dorothy!!!

  7. Wow! Just reading the comments and one made me say “wow.” I know the others were encouraging, so I hope those helped you out some – and who knows – maybe the discouraging one did, too, in some way? I read you in my email and clicked over here just to be able to comment to send you some encouragement :) I just wanted to say that – now don’t kick my teeth in like you might if this were a man saying it to you – maybe you are a bit hormonal today as well as being stressed? I just delivered baby boy yesterday (yippee!!!) and was reminded when reading your post of when I bought a punching bag on craigslist in spring 2011 when my husband was gone on a deployment and I often felt like punching someone. What’s this have to do with delivering a baby?? Being pregnant is the only time in a woman’s life when her hormones are pretty much at a constant level — constantly high, albeit, but not a rollercoaster of ups and downs. And I bet you that the running helps so much because the higher level of endorphins helps to mask changing levels of estrogen with your regular cycle. Anyway, maybe there are things that will help with that for you if that might be the case? Or maybe a punching bag. I can feel what you’re feeling as I read your post – believe, me, I KNOW moving as a military spouse, but I think it’s so different for us because we do it so often, so it’s more just a part of my everyday life to move on a regular basis. But I really can feel your frustration and stress coming through your words. If it were me, then I would self-medicate until you’re settled in your new place — self-medicate with running, starbucks for yourself whenever you need it (maybe set a goal for a time to end the treatment regimen :)), and chocolate on a case-by-case basis. As dark as it comes. Chocolate really does something for women, not sure what, but something related to our hormones :) So whenever I really am frustrated at my children, I go eat a piece of dark chocolate. Not that that’s what you’re frustrated with right now – I’m just using that as an example. I really do not envy you – having to run with a stroller so much – and I’m not going to tell you to suck it up. Sure I was a single parent each time my husband was out on deployments or just underway away from home port, but we paid the money that we could at the time to have someone live with us so I could maintain my sanity – getting to run and continue my own pursuits, probably with more freedom than if my husband had been here, because the live-in help never had to go to work 10 hours a day!! I know that is a true luxury that most people can’t afford (it was cheap for us because it was someone who needed a money-earning opportunity at the time and wanted to live in Hawaii with us) so I know that’s not the answer – but I just bring it up to make the point that what you’re doing is tough, tougher than anyone can know who’s not in your position. But, YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

  8. Yes! I try daily to contain myself but there’s days I can’t help it, I just get moody and cranky and super bitter!!! Hubby usually see’s the signs and puts me back into place. I so know where you are coming from!

  9. I know I certainly have times like this. Probably more often than I would like to admit. And to be honest, moving brings out the worst in me. I don’t know if it is my Type A personality or what but seriously, I am a force not to be bothered with when we move. And to top that off, stroller running is no joke, especially when you are already feeling overwhelmed. Cut yourself some slack, find support wherever you can, and take in as many iced soy lattes as you want because you are worth it. And, thanks for being honest on your blog! It’s refreshing :) – Lisa

  10. Dorothy! I just finished reading your post and telling my husband how you hit the nail on the head with EVERY post. Your last question: “Do you have those days when no matter how hard you try to not be stressed and be happy it actually FEELS better to just give in and be just a {tiny} bit bitter rather than be happy?”…is SO REAL! This is exactly why I love reading your blog. You are so real and share what a lot of us (others) are thinking too…but just don’t always say it. I still think you are amazing and inspiring whether you talk about good days or bad days. It makes it really easy to relate to you and want to keep reading more! Thank you for your excellent posts!…and stay strong. Good luck with the move!!!

  11. thanks for being so kick ass Dorothy! not many people are tough like that, mentally or physically…to deal with everything you have going on and physically be able to pack up a house, entertain 3 kids, and run with them. but just remember, the end of october what all of the toughness translates to :) plus the toughness is worth it…you get YOUR trail in YOUR backyard in 2 days!!

  12. Moving can be so stressful. When we moved in November it was a relief for me to go to work, even though I wanted to help oversee the moving process. I had gotten so worked up and stressed out that I physically felt ill. But thankfully, my husband rallied some friends and family and the moved happened successfully without me. (And that Type A control freak in me thought it couldn’t be done;-P). I hope that you have some good friends close by who can really help you out over the course of the next week:-) Praying peace for you and your family:-)

    PS. Ignore the negative comments. People who are not at peace with themselves can’t be at peace with others. We all have days that seem rough, when it seems like everything is against us or is going wrong. Some of us are just brave enough to be honest about it. I’m glad you’re one of them:-)

  13. Are you in my head, Dorothy?!! I don’t have kids, and I am struggling to run 10 miles a week these days (last week marked 6 months since my tendon repair surgery), let alone 54 stroller miles, but I am also having to move and have been beyond overwhelmed. I am getting kicked out of my apartment because the owners sold it, and I have been beyond bitter and frustrated with life. I have the luxury of being alone so can have a good cry, but the Starbucks helps, too. It’s good not to keep it all in. You know you have a lot to be thankful for, and tomorrow is another day. You will be in a better place soon (and I will sign my new lease tomorrow and move August 5, yeah!) . Hang in there – I also love your honesty.

  14. Amen to that!!!!

  15. Moving is never fun, hang in there! :-)

  16. Funny how all the bitchy comments are from people who aren’t linked. Funny? Pathetic might be a better word. Oh well, free speech and all.

    Dorothy it’s your blog. If you want to complain, I’d say you are not alone in feeling like you want to complain from time to time. I hope the move goes smoothly. Being in the moving process all summer I know how you feel. Only my jogger is just a single. 😉

  17. Amy, I’m sorry that you aren’t able to empathize with Dorothy. If you’re a frequent reader of mile-posts then you have read posts where she is expressly thankful for all that she has and the opportunities she has been give. We ALL have off days where we aren’t as thankful as we should be. Dorothy just happens to share both her on and off days publicly here on this blog. EVERYONE deserves grace and compassion, whether it seems like they “have it all” or if they literally have nothing. Placing conditions on your acceptance of other people is really a reflection on you and not so much on the person you are judging.

  18. Marianne says:

    My husband leaves at o-dark-thirty every morning too :) I always tell myself that should his schedule ever change and I do have the chance to get up early every morning and run alone – I will never hit snooze or complain about getting up early and will be grateful for the solo time. But for now it’s just me and the double stroller. Hang in there :)

  19. Good luck on your move, Dorothy! Hope its as relaxing and easy as it can be. I just found out I’m moving from Ohio to Nebraska in September so I’ll be doing the same thing as you. NOT looking forward to the whole moving process (and selling my house) but its what is best for me for sure. The fact that you’re able to keep up with your running while moving with a family is AMAZING. So if you are bitter at times, its all good. Soon you’ll be done with it all and relaxing in your new and awesome place. :)

  20. Sometimes, when I reeeally don’t wanna go out for a run in this super hot weather, I think about how YOU push a stroller and run! You really are inspiring. It’s cool to complain sometimes. Otherwise I would start thinking you were a robot or superwoman or something! I hope you have a lovely day today!!!

  21. Moving is such a stressful time. I hope that it all goes okay. Also, anyone who gives you a hard time for running with a stroller doesn’t deserve to have an opinion on the subject. :)

  22. 54 miles the week before moving is amazing! Totally normal to stress and much healthier to vent on your blog than to take it out on your husband or , worse, on your little ones. Keep up the great work and the Starbucks as needed!!

  23. I hate it when non-runners say, “Maybe running is making you tired.” Makes me chuckle a little bit every time. Just keep at it, we all have bad days. I promise you will get through it.

  24. I really dislike having to push the jogger. I’m tall too and it is just miserable and it never goes where I want it to go and I’m constantly readjusting. I’m hoping you have a much better once since you are pushing 3. Holy crap, that sucks. Sorry. On the postive, just think how awesome race day will be when you don’t have to push your little ones. :o)

    Grab me a Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato while you’re in line, please.

  25. I do read most of the time and find her complaining more than being happy. Of course everyone has off days. I’m not trying to be mean, but I think she needs some tough love. People all over the world actually stuggling. And shes complaining about having no internet for a few hours? And to me, she does have it all. She’s pretty, a talented runner, a husband, 3 kids, a house, love….what else do you need to make you happy?

  26. I know you hate running with the stroller, but I predict that someday you will look back on it as one of your life’s greatest accomplishments — you were an athlete and a mother, all at the same time. And even better, your kids will grow up seeing just how strong their mother is. Go strong mama!

    Good luck with the move! Moving sucks so bad. :)

  27. Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl says:

    Hang in there! We’re moving in three weeks and I feel your stress, but I don’t have three children so I’m sure your life is a bit more chaotic than mine right now. Just breathe!

  28. Just wanted to send you a word of encouragement. This too share pass 😉 The move will pass and even your stroller runs will eventually end. So glad you’re able to find your running time. Probably the only thing keeping you sane right now during a move. Hope things settle down soon for you :)

  29. Yes, it’s frustrating when non-runners tell us the RUNNING is making us tired. Not only does running give me more energy but it makes me less frustrated on crazy days and makes me handle the stress better.
    Go ahead and have your Starbucks! Anything to get your through is worth it (I have starbucks almost daily). You will make it through this crazy time, and you will be living in a beautiful house with your wonderful family before you know it.
    Oh, and of course it’s ok to have stressed/bitter days. No one is perfect or happy 100% of the time.

  30. Thank you for being so real. You are so right that at certain point, it just feels better to complain.

    I hate when non-runners tell a runner that running is the problem. No, running is the solution.

    You can do it! We are all sitting lightly on top of that stroller and cheering you on.

  31. Of course! As long as you don’t take it out on others (kids, husband) than I think having a little chip on your shoulder can actually make handling a busy time easier. Give yourself a break – moving stinks! And running in the heat of summer with little (heavy!) ones is not so fun. We are visiting my family and they live in the hilliest place ever, but my 9 mile run this morning felt like nothing just because I didn’t have the double stroller. And I think running hard is the best way to work off the angst – I always like to do mile repeats (sans stroller) when I’m feeling particularly keyed up. Good luck with the move!!

  32. Moving is the worst. We did it (cross-country) many times growing up, including from CA to RI when I was less than two weeks old in two cars with my parents, a dog, and three kids under age 6. My poor mother!

  33. Amy – thank you for your thoughts. I’m not going to argue with you about whether or not I have it all. I will say that you only see a glimpse of my life on this blog and that even though my struggles might not be as large as the struggles of many others I am still allowed to have a bad day. I was complaining about not having internet/tv/phone because the kids toys were packed – it was hot outside and we didn’t have a basement that they could go in. I still needed to get packing/cleaning finished and the tv would have been a nice to help occupy them. I’m sorry/sad that you think I complain more than I am happy – I am very grateful for what I have, but like I said – I have off days and share those days because I think it’s not a real representation of who I am if I act like I am happy all the time. I do feel that you should consider *your tough love* – I get down on myself enough that when I have others who try to push me down even more – it really doesn’t help – it actually pushes me even farther down than I already feel at times. Anyways this has gotten too long as it is….I wish you the best in life.

  34. Reading this post brought back memories from about 15 years ago… I was a new mom, just moved into the house I live in now, and all I wanted to do was run. By myself. I still have the treadmill I bought when my son was a baby. I hated those runs, with him in his car seat next to me, him crying, me pleading with him (a baby!) to let me finish my run. One time I pulled a muscle in my chest while pushing the jogger and thought I was having a heart attack. And i used to get up at 4 am to run when I had my second son, because like you, my husband leaves for work way too early. It was an adventure, both being a mom of young ones and trying to juggle running and work. Yet, we somehow manage. Now my boys are teenagers, and I can run for hours…and get home before they even wake up. It does get better. Believe it or not, you will miss these days. But feel free to vent, complaint, brag, whatever. Being a mom is tough. And we have to help each other through the tough times.

  35. Hang in there! Someday you will be able to look back and wonder how you did it all.

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. All the details are on my blog You inspire me with how you run even if you have to run with the stroller…thank you for being real–that sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do to get the things we do want.

  36. Running makes you tired. Hahaha you should meet me when I haven’t been working out. Wowzers. Tired, grouchy, short tempered and bitter. Working out is the only thing that keeps me energized and sane.
    It is ok to let your frustrations show, it lets people know you are human. Cause I have had my doubts, I was almost certain you were part super hero. 😉
    I hope you have a better week and your moving starts to go more smoothly. Hang in there.

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