It’s a minor pet peeve of mine when bloggers apologize for not writing. The world does not skip a beat if I don’t write a post – life goes on. I believe that no words are often better than too many words. I do however find myself in the situation where I own you an apology.

I want to say sorry to those of you who visited my blog in the past two weeks and noticed that it was down, or not working properly – I know it is annoying when a website you want to look at isn’t working properly. To make a VERY long story short I had a nightmare week last week {my blog going down was only a tenth of the issues} and was told after 2 hours on the phone with my hosting company that all of my files were corrupted as well as any backups. The man on the phone said – we have tried everything and I hate to be the person who has to say this to you but IT’S ALL GONE.

I didn’t know whether to cry or breathe a sigh of relief and take it as a sign that I should move on to something else much larger in my life…..then reality really hit and I was sad that I lost 5+ years of ramblings {yes I realize I could have searched websites that crawl and keep records, but NO WAY was I finding 5+years of posts and reposting them}. I felt deeply that I would REALLY miss my little corner of the internet. About an hour after the guy told me that it was all gone for good, he got my blog up and runing again minus a months worth of posts and changes. I guess he hadn’t really tried everything.

The whole situation was frustrating, more than frustrating, and honestly is still getting on my last nerve now. I also apologize if I assaulted your inbox with past posts – the first day it was back up and running – it started sending out emails from posts I wrote months ago. The emails reminded me how a. embarrasing blogging about your life can be and b. how much stuff changes.

That being said I am bummed that I haven’t been able to write {hard to write when your blog apparently no longer exists} much because I actually feel like I have something to say. Now that I’m back training {and have a plan – woah – haven’t had one of those in awhile} I actually have lots o’ running to talk about. I decided if there was any way I was going to make it through 4 marathons this fall I better make a plan and not just squeeze it in whenever {more on this later}.


Once a week or so I try to run directly from Colton’s school after drop off, this way I’m wasting less time by not driving anywhere. I’m really lucky that there are so many wonderful places to run in Leesburg, and Old Waterford Road is one of those places. Up until recently it was a gravel road and not very wide. It is paved and feels a tiny bit wider now, but still has remained just as picturesque and hilly. The one and only time I can remember getting lost on a run was on this road – I ended up doing something like 17 miles when I wanted to run 6/7. I completely got lost becuase I was stuck in the moment – thinking about how pretty everything was and how much I loved running – made one wrong turn and didn’t realize it until I was miles deep into that wrong turn.

Old Waterford 1

Yesterdays run was 10 miles – my last 10 before Rock N Roll Denver with Mazda and my last mid week double digit run before Marine Corps Marathon. YES – I’m running MCM – going to use it as a LONG – SLOW run. :)

Old Waterford 3

The miles in the 9’s – I could barely breathe I was pushing so hard, the miles in the 7’s were easy as cake because they were downhill and the miles in the 8’s well those were uphill and down hill – so I basically would die up the hill, recover down the hill and then do it again and end up with an 8:xx something average. 811 ft gain in 10 miles. This is NOTHING for people who runs hills or trail run, but for this pavement loving girl, it felt like a ton.

Old Waterford 2

I REALLY love running on this road  – makes me feel alive in so many ways.

And here are my splits for the numbers type.

If you don’t have a gps watch or can’t afford one I HIGHLY recommend downloading the free Map My Run app.

I uploaded more photos to the Mile Posts facebook page – you can find them here —

10 Miler - 10-14


  1. That is an absolutely beautiful run you got to take! Sorry you lost some post but I’m glad you got your archives back :)

  2. That looks like a beautiful run!!

  3. Ahh – soooo strange that you posted this! I literally just ran Old Waterford Rd this past weekend as my last LR for MCM. Ran from Waterford (my family lives there) to Leesburg (I live in Lansdowne). Point-to-point runs are the BEST (agree with you!). :)

  4. Krystin C. says:

    Like I said on FB I want to run where you run!!! One day I will get to your neck of the woods! :) Ok and what 4 marathons this fall.. what other ones besides Vegas and MCM??? Have fun my friend!

  5. SO happy your blog is back up! I’ll be at MCM! We should meet up! I’d love to meet the one blogger I’ve kept up with for years! I have a hip injury so I’ll be making the marathon a long and slow run, too :)

  6. Looks like SUCH a gorgeous running route! I’m sorry to hear of your recent stresses…. but thank goodness you have running to whisk it away! 😉

  7. That road! I have a love affair with rural roads, they feed my soul. So glad you’re back up and running and didn’t lose the last five years of “ramblings” those ramblings mean something to a lot of people:) Thanks for continuing to share your journey:)

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