Chloe had her last regular season soccer game this morning! It was chilly outside but our heart were certainly warm. I had no idea when the coach asked me earlier this fall, if I wanted to be an assistant, that the experience would be life changing.

Chloe Soccer 2

Each and every practice we started with a run. In the beginning all I heard was whining and complaining from the girls. Some of the girls couldn’t even run a full lap around the soccer field {not judging since I was once one of those girls}, but by the end of the season each and every single one of them could run at the very least one lap with out stopping. On our last day of practice this week I heard not one complaint, and I was one of the last to finish our run. The girls bounded and leaped past me with excitement – maybe it was because it was the last practice or maybe just maybe there is a little tiny part of them that now likes running.

We aren’t the best team in the world but we did manage to finish the season undefeated. When the girls were struggling in a game, I would remind them that even if the girls they were playing against had more skills, or were taller and bigger, we could still win because we can outrun any team and it was the truth.

I really had no clue entering the season that I would grow so attached to these little 8 years olds, for over two months I have seen these girls three times a week. I loved giving them hugs after games or pep talks when they had tears on the sidelines. I’m happy some of the girls are also in Chloe’s school so I will get to see them over the years grow up.

For the last practice I gave them a homework assignment – each girl was to think of one thing nice to say about each of their teammates. One girl even wrote them all down and came prepared with her paper of positive statements!! I believe that in order to make changes for the future of our world we must first start with our children. Let’s teach them to build others up instead of tear them down.

I completely “get” why people become teachers and why it’s so hard at the end of the year each year to say goodbye to your “kids.”

I come from a family of teachers and child educators and this is the first year of my life that I have really realized what a special thing it is to be able to help a child in such a profound way. I am beyond thankful for all of you who choose to teach and coach!!

Chloe Soccer 1


  1. Another incredible season of sport in the books … hope next year goes well for you as well!

  2. I don’t know what’s wrong with me – this made me all teary-eyed! What a great thing for you and Chloe to share together. :) xo

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