You know those days that you feel low? Lower than low?

Yesterday was one of those days.

When I opened my email later in the day and saw one had come from Saucony I’ll admit it made me smile. Saucony isn’t just a company that makes running shoes. They feel like an extended part of my family. Having been on the other side of a two running companies, I know what it is like to work on a product and then see it go to market. I know many of the people who work at Saucony and when I see new products they have worked on it makes me happy inside, proud in some strange way.

Opening the email blast and seeing that my Marathon Life Lessons Blog post was front and center gave me a little lift.

I needed a lift.

Lifting up others is very important in life. When you lift up others, others are there to lift you up when you need it.

Marathon Life Lessons

Thank you for all your help yesterday in the comments. I went to the DR today more prepared and armed with well researched questions.

My experience there was not unlike my experiences I have at most DR’s.

They ask me about my running, they ask me about my kids and then proceed to essentially blame how I feel on being a mother who runs. I’m talking about my intestinal issues, unexplained weight gain, extreme fatigue, sinusitis, swelling of my face, unexplained mood swings and a myriad of other problems and the Dr asks me if I have ever had plantar fasciitis before? Am I wearing good running shoes? Do I push my kids on runs because that can make a person very tired.

What really got me today and brought me to tears hours later was a simple question about my arms.

I have Keratosis Pilaris and have had it for as long as I can remember. It’s basically little bumps that develop around the hair follicles caused by excess keratin my body makes. In high school it was mortifying. I used to wear three quarter length sleeve shirts in summer to hide it. I did everything I could to help prevent it or clear it up. Prescribed topical meds, exfoliating, sun, lots of lotion – nothing helped it. It is often called chicken skin, a term that I find offensive.

It is something I have learned to live with and be thankful for. I don’t have acne, and have been blessed with clear skin on my face for most of my life.

I have been thankful because I’d rather that my skin issues were on my arms and not my face. It took years however not to be embarrassed by it and to finally realize – who cares – my arms are bumpy – really bumpy and I have scars – lots of scars from picking.{thank you OCD}

The problem is that it’s gotten worse lately. It’s on my legs and I’ve been noticing it other places too.

I simply asked the DR if maybe the fact that it’s getting worse with age and not better, had something to do with something I’m eating, or something going on in my body.

She looked at me in all seriousness and said if the worst genetic problem with you is bumps on your arms you should be very thankful. There are many people in this world who have much bigger problems than you do.

It stung. I wasn’t asking for vanity reasons. I was asking because I am trying to see if there are signs my body is giving me that something is off. Maybe the worsening of the bumps has nothing to do with anything. BUT maybe it does?

YES there are millions, billions of people who have bigger problems than me. Does that mean I can’t care about mine, or want to figure out what is going on? Maybe that makes me selfish…..caring about how I feel….but what it doesn’t mean is that I don’t care about others simply because I want to figure out what is going on with me. Do I need to explain to you all the SH*T I’ve dealt with in my life to make it okay for me to care about how I feel?

Maybe we should all be just a little bit more understanding and compassionate of each other. We can never walk or run a mile in someone else’s shoes and WE ALL have a silent crosses to bear. Just because someone appears on the outside to live a charmed life doesn’t necessarily mean they do. Just because I appear to be a fit runner and you think I don’t have problems or issues doesn’t mean I don’t or that I am any less deserving of a DR’s help.

I’ll be happy when I get the blood test results back next week.

I learned a valuable lesson while at the Doctor. ALWAYS ask for a copy of your results. I’m going to see the ear, nose and throat Doctor later in the week so I needed a copy of the XRAY and CT Scan. Yes it said I didn’t have a fracture BUT what they didn’t tell me is that the swelling of my cheek months later where Colton accidentally hit me is a result a new bone piece growing where he hit. It also said that I have a possible deviated septum and that there is a marked narrowing of my maxillary sinus ostium as well as a host of other things going on with my nose and sinus’s. It is now clear why they wanted me to make an appointment with the ENT that day, wish they had explained why instead of just saying my bone wasn’t fractured.



Have you had a bad experience with a doctor? Unexplained health issues?


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  1. I’ve heard that keratosis pilaris can be related to gluten intolerance. Not sure if you’re already gluten free but thought I’d mention it just in case?

  2. Back in high school I started getting really dizzy and shaky constantly and starting passing out. I went to the doctor to try to figure out why this was happening all of a sudden and she asked if I was physically abused by my boyfriend (who literally had to carry me into the doctor’s office). When I said no she asked him to leave the room so I could answer honestly. I still said no because that was not the issue but she refused to think that there could have been something else going on. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with lupus ad neurocardiogenic hypotension, put on medicine, and got better quickly. As much as I hate to say it, some doctors can be terrible

  3. I go to the doctor very little. I had so many Dr. tell me when I was struggling with anorexia and bulimia that I would always struggle, that there was very little I could do about it etc. etc. I started to hate Dr.s because they had no hope and no answers and they were no help at all. I still don’t go to a regular MD. I sought alternative care for my two pregnancies: I gave birth with a midwife in a birthing center. If you’re comfortable I’d seek out some alternative medicine or keep asking around until you get a good referral for a Dr. who isn’t going to use your running and mothering as an excuse not to do a little leg work of there own and actually BE helpful. I also have keratosis pilaris on my arms, it was really bad in HS. So embarassing. I’ve found that scrubbing with loofa and then using Bath and Body Works Body Cream (has to be the body cream not the lotion or body butters) lessens and smooths it. My sister has it too and she does the same thing (uses B&BW body cream) and it has helped her’s too. If I switch to another lotion or run out of the body cream it comes right back (like I just started to use a coconut body butter and it came back so I’m back using the Cream). I hope you find answers soon:)

  4. Yikes, don’t go back to that doctor. I can’t believe she belittled you like that. Everyone is different and even though KP might be “minor” compared to other ailments it could be a symptom of a much bigger problem. I would recommend finding a naturopath in your area. I saw one a year ago for some problems I was having and she took the time to listen and troubleshoot. I liked her because it wasn’t a you have X so I am going to write you a Rx for such and such, but instead she said let’s figure out why your body is reacting this way and figure out how we can heal it. I wouldn’t be surprised if KP is a reaction to some kind of food or environmental allergy. Oh and a lot of states don’t recognize naturopaths as doctors so your insurance might not cover it. In my state they don’t but it was worth every penny to go see her–and we were on a tight budget at the time.

    I hope you get some answers! With all your symptoms, I wouldn’t just chalk it up to being a running mom. It sounds like there is more going on.

  5. Find a new doctor! I can’t believe she brushed off your concerns so quickly. My doc listens to me and takes me seriously. There is no reason to put up with that.

    Good luck getting some answers. Its no fun to not feel like yourself.

  6. She was a new dr because the last one I saw didn’t really listen to me either!!! I have been searching for someone with no luck. Wish there was a better review system or that good doctors were easier to find – it can’t be this hard right?!?!

  7. How did you find your naturopath? I have been searching with no luck… does not seem to be my friend this week. I’m willing to spend the money {even though I think it’s so annoying that insurance doesn’t cover something that will make you healthier}….just need to find one!!

  8. Is there a certain type of loofa you use? I seriously have tried so many things its nuts….it does get a little better in the summer but then again it’s never been this worse in the winter before! I thought it was going to be a good apt because it was an am one so I felt like they wouldn’t rush me out like other dr’s do. She didn’t rush me but I didn’t feel like she listened – though she did order most of the blood tests I asked for. So I should be thankful I guess.

  9. Reason #5000 that dr’s make me crazy. I’m sure there are good ones but why are they so hard to find?? I can not believe she didn’t listen to you – at the very least she could explore other options to make sure her silly first guess was wrong…..So sorry you had to go through that!!!!

  10. That is what I was thinking! The problem is that I have been trying to eliminate all gluten so I feel pretty confident that the blood test she gave me for celiacs is going to come back negative. Had a realized this I would have kept eating it but at this point I don’t want to go through the stomach pain of adding it back in to try and see if I get a positive result :(

  11. I found her through on the forum for Raleigh. A lot of people highly recommended her and she also works within a doctors office so if you do need a Rx the doctor can write it. Her name is Maggie Thibodeau and her practice website is It might not hurt to give her a call and see if she recommends anyone in your area. I think you’re in DC right? She might have a referral or a list of naturopaths or something that might be helpful.

  12. Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl says:

    Sounds like maybe a second opinion is in order. While most doctors are helpful, they are just like the rest of us and sometimes have a hard time reserving their opinions about lifestyle and such for themselves.

  13. A few years ago, I was experiencing some swelling and redness on both my eyelids. When my eye doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong (we tried a round of antibiotics, and then a topical steroid, but the symptoms kept recurring), she recommended I see a dermatologist. The first appointment I could get was with the physician assistant, who listened to everything, wrote a scrip for a stronger steroid, and sent me on my way. After a few months of continuing to have symptoms, I made a second appointment at the same practice, this time seeing the doctor himself. I even brought in all my skin/hair/makeup products as well as a list of all the detergents and cleaning agents I use, thinking maybe I was having a reaction to something. When I finally saw the doctor, he looked at my eyelids, my file, and said he was writing me the same scrip and left. I never figured out what was causing all my issues (fortunately I’ve been symptom free for a few years).

  14. Could be it’ll take awhile for your skin to clear up, but hopefully the longer you eat gluten free the more obvious it will be whether or not it will also help with your skin.
    BTW, I’m SO sorry about your hurt face. Hoping you feel better soon

  15. I can’t believe that doctor said that to you! As an NP, I see a lot of teenagers with KP and it is very distressing to them. A lot of people think KP is on the eczema spectrum and if your immune system is down, it could explain why you’re having a flare. Chronic sinusitis can also be the result of an immune deficiency. I find that most doctors, including my physician partners, don’t understand athletes. I’ve been told by my own doctors that I run too much! Hang in there, I hope you heal fast!

  16. I feel you. I have a mild version of keratosis pilaris on my arms (Vitamin E sometimes helps, sometimes doesn’t), also eczema on my hand that developed in college and comes and goes as it pleases, and I’ve always had dermatographism; though a condition where my marks appear then leave withint 15-20 minutes, it causes a DAILY conversation because it looks like I’ve been hit/whipped/assaulted. I’ve been to several doctors, determined I have a gluten allergy or a slow thyroid (Like my mom, and it’s genetic…), and NOTHING. Endocrinologist, NOTHING. I eat as clean as possible, drink water, and hope for the best. I find it frustrating for you that this doctor was insensitive, I hope that you find SOMETHING that can explain what’s been going on.

  17. Its usually dermatitis herpetiformis that is associated with celiac disease, but there may be new information that KP is, too. Check out KP Duty (they sell it at Sephora) — my brother has really bad KP on his arms and uses it!

  18. I think your doctor’s response means he’s not doing his job. Anything your body does that is abnormal for you is an indication of SOMETHING going on inside, and it’s his job to help you figure it out, whether it’s “big” or “small.” I have Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms, too, and I know how embarrassing it can be. It is certainly a concerning (if medically harmless) condition in itself, and If it’s spreading to other areas, I’d definitely want to know why, and what you can do about it.

    I’ve read a lot about keratosis pilaris as a vitamin-A deficiency, so that might be worth looking into with your doctor. I’ve started taking a fermented cod liver oil supplement for the vitamin A to see how it helps the bumpiness and redness.

  19. I also had a hand eczema that developed in late adolescence (HS or college–I forget) along with the mild arm KP. Eliminating gluten from my diet made the hand eczema DISAPPEAR. I mean, completely, gone. Now it only flares up when I eat wheat. We may have very different cases, but it may be worth trying if nothing else has worked. I know how itchy and embarrassing the red hands can be, too.

  20. Ugh everything you just described is why I hate traditional doctors. Have you tried seeing a Naturopath or holistic doctor? I’ve had much better luck with them and find that they actually want to listen to what you have to say and are more interested in the whole picture of your life rather than just they symptoms.

  21. Dorothy, I’m so sorry you had that experience at the doctor! I agree with what everyone else has said. It’s absolutely not selfish to want to take care of yourself– especially when you’re responsible for three littles! Praying for you!

  22. theresa says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience at the dr’s and i truly hope that things will start to look up for you soon. You are such a strong person and you will come out even stronger. Happy thoughts being sent your way:)

  23. Dorothy;
    I absolutely LOVE your blog and follow your running as you are such an inspiration to me. I joke to my friends that you make me feel normal because I am just as OCD and driven as you when it comes to running. I am so sorry that you had such a negative experience at your doctors’ office today and am horrified by others’ comments of similar experiences. I think it is time to change doctors, but also to write a letter and explain to that doctor why you are leaving their office. More people need to fire their doctors before we get some good customer service from these people. I have had to fire a doctor before for being inappropriate to me and another for just being an idiot….Good luck to you! Keep pushing and stand up for yourself! XXOO

  24. Don’t tell me… this same doctor wants to put you on antidepressants?That’s what they all say when they themselves don’t have the resources or the desire to get to the bottom of this. This is what’s wrong with health care, they want to treat symptoms instead of finding out the root of the problem and addressing prevention. Don’t let how that doctor treated you stay in your head, just move on and find someone who will care for you. It’s just like the people who try to bring you down with regard to your running and blog… don’t let them live in your head, don’t give them that power. I have the name of someone in Arlington, I think that’s a bit of drive for you, but if you get desperate let me know, I heard she’s good.

  25. I have the genetic blessing of chronic hypertension. It started when I was pregnant with my daughter 11 years ago. I ended up having preeclampsia and my blood pressure never returned to normal. I was also overweight. I lost 99 pounds and it still never dropped. My mom has it, my dad had it, my aunts and uncles many of them have it, and my maternal grandmother lived until 100 with it. All of them take medication. Being an RN of many years and having knowledge of and access to research I looked into the best way to treat high blood pressure in endurance athletes, amazing how many of them have this issue. Then I walked into my new cardiologists office with my plan in hand. I had heard this particular cardiologist was the best in my town, but also very arrogant. So I wanted to stand up for myself and tell him my thoughts. He looked at me and smiled, then said I was the most disciplined patient he had. Together we came up with a plan that works for me and a medication I can take that does not bother me while I run.

    I often tell my patients that when you go to the doctor remember that you are in charge of your body and your care. Do not let a doctor be rude to you. Have a list of questions written down before you walk in and have an idea of what kind of plan you may like. Then ask away and if unsure of something they may be saying make sure to tell them. Remember you are “paying” for their time via your insurance or other form of payment. I am sorry that doctor was rude to you. I am also sorry you are going through all of this. Definitely stand up for yourself and I recommend wearing your “I Run This Body” tee to all of your doctor appointments, so they remember who is in charge of your body.;)

  26. Please, please consider finding another doctor. Find one who values running like you do – not just for fitness but for survival. Find one who looks at nutrition as the CAUSE of problems as well as the SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS rather than just to pharmaceuticals. I just wanted to scream reading about your experience.

  27. Hi Dorothy,

    I absolutely love reading your blog because of how honest and inspiring you are! I’m so sorry you are having such a difficult time with your doctors and aren’t getting real answers. I have keratosis pilaris too on my arms and its also spreading onto my legs too. I saw someone else mention in the comments the lotion KP duty made by dermadoctor, I have used it on my arms and it is the only thing that has ever worked. I still have the scars and it never goes away completely but it helped me so much. I have had similar problems with my doctors too, it’s so frustrating. I feel like if you “look healthy” they don’t believe you. Keep fighting for answers, I hope you start feeling better soon.

  28. I have had terrible experiences with doctors. I have this condition where I pass out easily and then convulse and it sounds terrible, but it’s really not a big deal. I’ve been to tons of specialists and feel pretty ok about this. But, because it often happens when my heartrate has been really high and is coming back down, I’ve had all kinds of crazy doctors who refused to listen and wanted me to never do any activity or scolded me for riding a bike or threatened to take away my license. Just crazy stuff. I pretty much avoid doctors now.

    And, I hate the argument that some people have a problem that is worse than your’s because that’s going to be true for almost everyone anywhere. It doesn’t make your problem less of a problem.

  29. Also sounds to me like (another, ugh) new doc might be the order of the week (month?). Maybe ask around the local running community for a referral to a doctor who is an endurance athlete – this is *always* my preference, for any kind of health care. Often, other athletes understand things (like, that you know the difference between “tired from training” and “extremely fatigued all the time”) that non-athlete-doctors don’t. Also, if you have a doctor you like (not a GP), s/he might be able to refer you to someone who’ll mesh well with you and help you meet your needs.

    Don’t give up. You know your body better than anyone else – so if you think something is wrong, keep looking for answers (and for people who can help you find them). Don’t lose heart – there IS someone out there who wants to get to the bottom of this with you! Good luck.

  30. Melanie says:

    Dorothy, my family goes to a naturopath and she has treated most of my siblings for ailments, ranging from eczema and shoulder pain to extreme fatigue and mental health issues. I have not gone to her myself, but my mom and siblings like how she looks for and reads the signs their bodies are sending. It’s really been amazing to have her interpret the physical signals their bodies show. She treats with natural supplements and holistic methods. I plan on going to her should the need arise because I have had similarly disheartening experiences with ‘regular’ doctors. Her name is Belinda Kelly and her number is 410-729-4321. Her website: She has free clinics on Tuesdays so you could get a feel for her and her practice before you make an appointment. It might be a little bit of a hike, but it could be worth a shot.

    Also, there is an interesting documentary on US health care called “Escape Fire.” It could just fuel your frustration, but if nothing else it will give you a “lift” as you will likely be reminded that you are doing so many good things for your body by choosing the lifestyle that you have. When I hear of doctors like you describe, I feel sorry for them because their training has somehow failed them, or perhaps they are jaded from dealing with so much un-health.

    Anyway, best of luck and I hope you find answers soon. We all deserve 100% of our health.

  31. I have terrible luck with most dr also. Most seem to want to give you the strongest antibiotic to kill everything so you won’t return anytime soon. There is one thing all athletes know and that is nothing happens alone. We don’t get PR’s, injuries, etc in our running careers without a whole lot of little things that come together to make a big difference. It seems clear to me that is EXACTLY how our bodies work. The problem is when we don’t know how things fit together. In all my years of struggling and I still am with digestive issues, I try to not lose sight of the fact that as long as I am TRYING to make something better, I am moving ahead. It seems to be a trial and error game that we get easily discouraged with but every battle comes more knowledge and a stronger you! Keep searching for answers. I will be thinking about you Dorothy.

  32. After seeing “traditional” doctors and being faithful to yearly complete blood panels I realized that served nothing. :( I finally found an amazing clinic with a holistic approach. At my first visit and after some blood work I found out that my thyroid was off, my DHEA and Pregnenolone hormones were low, I was allergic to gluten and I have a MTHFR defect. All of this is overwhelming but my doctor has been a Godsend! Traditional doctors don’t do in depth blood tests and have always told me everything was good which was very frustrating when I knew things weren’t quite right. I hope you can find an integrative/holistic/naturopath doctor. Wishing you a sunshiny day tomorrow! PS…..LOVE my “I Run This Body” t-shirt!

  33. Maybe more protein in your diet will help you feel less fatigued? Maybe more rest-not necessarily less running but keeping a less busy schedule. Is keratosis pilaris stress related?

  34. Carrisa says:

    Hi Dorothy!

    I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this! I saw so many different doctors prior to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was literally sick for a year, my body wasn’t absorbing vitamins and doctors kept telling me I must be running too much. Running is what kept me going during that tough year. Finally after basically doing every blood test possible, they discovered that I have selective IgA deficiency, which basically means I have no protectant against sinus infections/chest infections and that that blocks celiac disease from showing up in blood work. I ended up having an upper endoscopy with biopsies about 6 months later, but had already been gluten free so it was more to make sure things were healing. I guess my point here, even if the blood work comes back negative, don’t give up a gluten free lifestyle, because it could still be a factor whether it’s just a gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

    We know our own bodies better than anyone. I think especially as marathons, where we’ve felt our bodies on the brink of breaking, we become very in tune with things that might be wrong. I hope they figure out what’s going on soon! And I’m so sorry about your face! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  35. Johanna says:

    That doctor needs to work on bedside manner. I’ve had similar situations and am also looking for a new doctor myself.

    Your overall health issues remind me of another blog I read. This woman also had numerous symptoms and finally found relief. She actually stopped blogging for a year to try and get her health and life under control. She is now a vegan life coach. Her symptoms are not exactly the same as yours but maybe you will be comforted by her triumph over poor overall health.

    Thanks for writing about Keratosis Pilaris. BOTH of my teenage daughter have it. I just diagnosed them after reading your post. I didn’t know the name of this but it is only on the upper arms and it does get slightly better in the summer and it sounds like exactly the same thing.

    Take it easy.

  36. I have very bad and pronounced spider and varicose veins on my calves that I’ve had for over 20 years. People ask if the compression sleeves I wear on my legs help with running. I have no clue, but they stop people from staring at my legs all the time!

    If you don’t find the answers you want, you might consider seeing a naturopath or an osteopath. They can test for food sensitivities and other issues that might be causing what you are dealing with.

  37. Ugg Doctors can be so outta touch.
    I’m dealing with some weird health issues lately and when I went to the doctor they looked at me like I had two heads when I said “I know something is off with me even though I can’t put my finger on it.”
    It’s a weird mishmash of symptoms that come and go.
    I wish our bodies had a check engine light like our cars 😉
    I hope you get some answers soon! Hang in there.

  38. Yes, there are lots of people with worse problems, but you are not selfish to want to know what’s happening to you. Even if you choose to take care of all of the sick people in the world, you cannot do it if you are too sick yourself. When something changes with your body, you need to ask your doctor. Sometimes seemingly inconsequential changes are signs of something significant. You are right to ask! Bounce that doc and find one who cares about their patients. If you were in the San Jose area I would recommend mine because he acts as if there is nothing too trivial to discuss. You need this kind of care as well!

  39. Gluten free is big factor. Your fitness regime is good.Have you considered taking lukewarm showers instead of hot?

  40. Hi, Dorothy. My father in law is a doctor and we often talk about how more doctors need emotional intelligence. He talks about listening to his patient’ s needs and goals and would say a patient like you is a joy because you are so motivated to help yourself. You deserve a doctor who is a better fit for you.

  41. 1. Find a new doctor.
    2. Perhaps also find a naturopath or someone who understands both western med and naturopathic med.
    3. Ask for a complete analysis of your hormones (whatever that means)… not uncommon to develop thyroid issues for us runners, us mamas, us women… can also be related to estrogen, etc etc.
    4. In the ultrarunning world, there have been quite a few people go down recently with “over training” syndrome… which is kind of a junk term, but where when you add up training, racing, stress, life, kids, work, fam, etc, the body exists in this hyped up level and isn’t truly recovering. cortisol, adrenal glands, thyroid, GI, etc etc etc can all be involved… again… blood test, hormone tests, etc. Check out Geoff Roes blog…
    5. Never let a medial professional (or anyone else) tell you how you feel. that’s your job–to tell them how you feel. trust your body. trust your instincts. if an extra bone is growing on your cheek, then you did have a fracture… even if it was just the periosteum that was damaged… your body interpreted it as such and it’s growing bone.
    6. Be gentle with yourself. Yes, you’re a runner, a prolific racer, a super mom… a super woman… but sometimes superpeople need some rest and recovery time, too… rarely does it happen at an opportune time (i.e. at the beginning of spring/summer/fall marathon season)… but if you let your body get things figured out, your body will give and give back to you again!

    hang in there!!!!! trust yourself! trust your body… you run your body, but your body is communicating with you now in a different way… be gentle… you’ll rise again!

  42. I have suffered with KP all my life too! I use Dove body wash. That has been the best at keeping it down so to speak for me. It was embarrassing when I was younger but like you I’ve learned to accept is as I grew older. I’m almost 30.

    I hope that you find answers for all your issues. Sending you love and prayers!

  43. I have had KP on my arms since I was in high school and it was always super embarrassing. After I had my baby 7 months ago it got even worse and spread to my legs, thighs and hips. I read that it happens to a lot of moms (especially breastfeeding ones) and can be hormone related. I am going to see a dermatologist soon but I don’t have much hope in them helping me. I’m learning to just live with it, but it bothers me a lot and makes me super self conscious.

  44. I have had KP for as long as I can remember. My mom has it also, its weird when I was growing up I knew that my skin was different but I never really was embarrassed about it every now and then people would make a comment about it but for some reason it never bothered me. Weirdly enough mine was on my forearms and my elbows and not on my upper arms like most peoples. I saw was because it cleared up after I got pregnant and I expected it to come back but now I have a 13 month old and I have some tiny tiny bumps randomly on my arms but nothing like it was. I have no idea what happened but I am certainly not complaining. Its still pretty prominent on my quads but no one ever notices that. Its still weird to look at or feel my arms and them to be smooth.

  45. I literally just got off the phone with my dad who is trying to convince me to go see a doctor again. A little upsetting to tell you the truth because at least for me, GI doctors are no help at all. They tell me it’s nothing and I find out I have food allergies. My allergist says that I can still probably eat some of the food that I’m allergic to and I can barely eat anything without getting sick. Period. Whether I’m allergic to it or not. Basically all of the symptoms you mentioned I can relate to too. I can’t even post any of my own recipes on my blog anymore because they are literally all soup. :) Every recipe I post is just something that I made for someone else. Lol.

    Totally subscribing to your blog now just so I can see any progress you make with all of this. Best of luck!

  46. I know keratosis pilaris can be a symptom of an autoimmune disorder. Have you ever been tested for hypothyroidism or Hashimotos? Definitely worth ruling out….good luck! stay positive!

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  49. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry for the experience you had with your doctor. That is awful! Most skin conditions are symptoms of autoimmune diseases. I can’t eat gluten or dairy, and when I do, I get awful outbreaks of eczema, psoriasis, and KP! The KP takes forever to go away.

    For any skin issues, most doctors will just prescribe a steroid and tell you to switch out your detergent or stop wearing perfume. This is very frustrating! Many people with gluten intolerance/Celiac’s have KP as a symptom.

    I found my current doctor through the Paleo’s Physician Network. Paleo-friendly doctors are well-versed in autoimmune disease and take a more holistic approach to health and medicine. One of my worst experiences was with an endocrinologist who said, “I don’t think you’re dying” in response to my symptoms and walked out of the room!

    Thanks for sharing your story!


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    […] me up with a plan that works for me and a medication I can take that does not bo […]…

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    Keratosis Pilaris: Feeling Low

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