Anyone who knows me well knows that I am the last person on earth that any of them thought would ever love running and become a runner. When I was little I much preferred sitting inside reading books than I did going outside and playing. In high school when we had to run laps around the soccer field during practice I would fake hyperventilating so I didn’t have to run. At the time I would not have told you I was faking – I think I really believed I could not run.

Happiness Quote

Late night fitness commercials have overly muscular, super tanned women claiming If I can do it anyone can. These commercials make me laugh. It occurred to me the other day that I shouldn’t be laughing, I pass out this same advice (though I hope minus the tanning lotion and giant man size muscles) – If I can do it – anyone can. Seriously!

Running is not easy.

If it were easy I’d like to think that everyone would do it. I think most things in life that are worth it are not necessarily easy.

Each week my sister who works 2034892348 hours a day comes over once or twice – She watches my children for me so I can go run. The other day she told me – I ran 2.1 miles – the most I have ever run – I know it’s not much or as far as you can go but I’m really happy. I responded by saying this – 2.1 miles is more than half the world can run and more than they will most likely ever run. 2.1 miles is amazing! Don’t compare yourself to me. At one point in my life I couldn’t run to the street sign in my neighborhood – much less 2.1 miles. It takes time and years of building up to get to the point where you can run really far distances and even for me some days 2.1 is far.

I’m so proud of my sister – she may never be a marathoner – heck she might even decide she doesn’t like running – but I’m proud of her for trying – for not being embarrassed that people might judge her – for not taking the easy route – I’m proud of her for becoming a better person.


updated: May 23, 2016


  1. I love running… now if only I could nail down a normal schedule…

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