…that I used to laugh at.

My friend Claire and I tell this story to each other over and over again – we also like to tell others but I don’t think they find it as funny as we do. When I first met Claire – she was one of my moms friends – they worked at a running store together. I thought this was hilarious because who on earth would just want to run? Running to me was always something you did(or didn’t do) in another sport. A punishment if you were late or didn’t do the drill correctly etc. I didn’t understand why there were people on this earth that for their own “pleasure” would choose to run.

One day my mom had a party at our house for said runners and I happened to be there with some of my NON runner friends. I sat at the wet bar in our basement – not drinking – but listening – eavesdropping on all these running conversations. I could not help but laugh to myself and eventually out loud. Why were these people talking about miles, about races, about how they felt on a workout? This could not possibly be interesting to anyone! So in typical teenage immature fashion I labeled these people geeks – losers. Claire was one of these geeks. She lead the stories. Made everyone laugh.

Over seven years later Claire is one of my best friends and I have become THAT girl that loves talking about running. What’s second best to running Boston? Getting to talk about it all week – emailing friends and family who were cheering for you during the race at their computers – calling people – inviting them over to give them your race account – explaining to them in wayyyy too much detail what each and every mile was like – what happened at the start – how I felt – what other runners I saw, etc.

I’m not ashamed I am this person now – maybe I’m a little ashamed that I was so naive when I was younger – that I laughed at runners instead of becoming one. I’m happy and grateful that I now have such a great group of friends – most of whom also happen to be runners (which means they don’t mind listening to all my stories!!).

“Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.”
Jesse Owens


  1. Karen and Kevin says:

    There totally is a runner’s lingo! I want to hear about Boston when I get home! Glad you finally posted though, I was looking for “The Boston Post” Talk soon!

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