I’ve signed up for a bunch of local races in my area but the race that has been getting me out of bed in the early morning hours this summer is Hood To Coast! {http://hoodtocoast.com/}

For the second time I get to run Hood To Coast with a team that nuun has put together!!

Hood To Coast

If you haven’t heard of nuun before – it’s an electrolyte tablet that helps you stay hydrated or get hydrated. I rely on them during the summer time to help me do double workouts or to simply fight off dehydration. My mom got me hooked on it many years ago when it first came out and I had no why I needed to worry about electrolyte – I just did what she suggested I do. Fast forward 8 years – my husband, kids, and I are all fan. Colton calls it *moon* and Chloe literally sneaks over and snags my water bottle every time I’m drinking it!


My favorite flavor is: Watermelon

This year nuun has put together a team to be competitive in the women’s division – Team Cherry Limeade.Nuun - Cherry

I am the slowest on this team. NO I’m not looking for sympathy or for someone to tell me I am fast. Compared to most of these women I am not fast. My top speed is a jog in the park to them. This makes me giddy inside – I do well with challenges. I want to show up to the start line of this race ready to give nothing less than my absolute best!

Nuun 2

Legs have been assigned and I am runner 1 in van 1. I said I was willing to run whatever leg they wanted me to but that I would LOVE leg 1. My wish became a reality and me and my legs are ready to scream down the side of MT Hood. {My foam roller and Tiger Tail will be coming with me}

Hood To Coast Legs

If you ask me about my experience during Hood To Coast in 2011 I will most likely start with it was *life altering* and it was. It was the first time I ran a sub 6 minute mile in a race situation and REALLY started to believe that the sky is the limit in running and life in general. I left that race with a new confidence in making my dreams a reality and made some great friends along the way. Fast forward 2 years and I FULLY believe, preach and practice that you have to DREAM BIG in life. You limit yourself. You decide what you want in life and it’s up to you to go after it.

Have you run Hood To Coast? Running this year? What do you think of relays? Love them as much as I do?

Nuun - I heart

Nuun I heart 2

Nuun - I heart 3

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  1. Well, you know how I feel about this…I can’t stop smiling, and after running a relay a week and half ago, I am that much more excited. Can’t wait to finally give you big hug!

  2. I’ve literally seen three of you say you are the slowest on the team, so maybe you are ALL just amazing and having a hard time recognizing that you all belong amongst equally amazing runners. Regardless of your pace, enjoy being amongst such incredible women and kick that race’s butt!

  3. Thank you Victoria!! Maybe you are right :) {though I don’t currently believe it ;)}

  4. I’m on Team Lemonade, and I couldn’t be more excited to hop in a van and get no sleep. HTC is my first relay and my only big race this summer. It’s also the reason I’m logging some early a.m. miles.

  5. How exciting!! I would love to run HTC, maybe next year I will appy!

  6. I love NUUN too and now most of my family is hooked. I really like relays especially when you have a fun team! Good luck!

  7. Krystin Castro says:

    So glad you are heading back to Oregon, in August it’s beautiful and HOOD TO COAST is my FAV! Love each time I have ran it (6 times and counting). Have a great time and enjoy the beautiful views of Leg 1- you get the moutain and my city before your 3rd leg!!! Run on girl!

  8. Excited that you will be running HTC! I look forward to meeting you there! :) This will be my first relay. I’m sure you will do great and have an awesome time with all those speedy runners.

  9. Danielle says:

    How exciting!!! I’m running Hood to Coast this year too and am excited to just be around an 8 minute pace. So I’d have to ride an electric scooter or something to keep up with you, lol. 😉 Best of luck-Hood to Coast is such an amazing experience!

  10. awesome!! I am so excited to read everyone’s recaps and it hasn’t even happened.2014 is the year of relays for me! :)

  11. I love Nuun! And am so excited to meet you again! I’m hoping that HTC is the life altering, amazing experience I’ve hoped it would be. Can’t wait!

  12. New goal in life = to own as much Nuun as you!!!

  13. I’m getting super excited about HTC too and can’t wait to meet you. If you want to feel fast, come run with me on Team Lemonade for a few miles 😉 Looking forward to this incredible experience! xo

    P.S. Love the Nuun pics :)

  14. As most of the blog world, I’m so curious to know who the other speedsters are. Can you tell us? You’ll have a great time, I’m sure! I’ve run it a couple of times.

  15. I have maybe a silly question….how do even get invited to do a relay like this? Did you apply originally or did they just contact you?
    Under 6 is AMAZING b.t.w! :)

  16. Hey Jen – I think it’s a mix of both. When I ran 2 years ago they contacted me and asked me if I wanted to apply – this year they emailed me and asked me if I wanted to run on the competitive team. They do have open applications each year and even though they asked me two years ago I still had to apply and go through the process! Hope that helps :)

  17. Almost half the girls are not bloggers – they are competitive or elite runners :) as far as bloggers go – I’m fairly certain only Emily, Katie and I have posted about it {and opened ourselves up to the GOMI bashing ;)} – I’ll let the other bloggers tell you when they want to – there are only a couple….AND I know that totally didn’t answer your question…..I’m sure they will post about it when they want to! Thank you for the well wishes. I was bummed I had to back out last year so I’m excited I get a chance to run it one more time!! :) :) :)

  18. I keep the empty tubes and use them for other things :)

  19. Smart! I got my dad into nuun (cyclist and triathlete) and was over visiting this past weekend and stole a bottle of Orange to try 😀 but I really want the grapefruit one!

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